2nd Match (D/N), Dambulla, Aug 13 2010, Sri Lanka Triangular Series
(40.5/50 ov, target 193)195/7
Sri Lanka won by 3 wickets (with 55 balls remaining)
player of the match
Upul Tharanga
Sri Lanka

Some drama in the end as Sri Lanka lost a few wickets, going for the bonus point but Samaraweera steered them home. Please do hang on for quotes from the post-match ceremony

Taylor: "We were outplayed in all facets. We picked up three or four wickets when they went for bonus which made it appear lot closer than it was. Watling played well. When you are facing Malinga for the first time, it can't get easy."

Sanga: "Our bowlers started really well and our spinners also came into the game mid-way through. We wanted the first 10-15 overs to go well. Then spinners came on. We wanted that bonus point. In Dumbulla you never know. But it was not to be. I am pretty happy with the win."

Man of the Match is Upul Tharanga: "After the 35th over, we thought we will go for the bonus point but we couldn't get it. I played well but I have to make sure that I stay till the end."

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Mills to Thilan, FOUR runs

Niyamai Niyamai! Samaraweera backs away to force it through covers. Slap! SL win by 3 wickets.

Mills to Thilan, no run

straightens around off stump, stabbed towards covers

Mills to Kapugedera, 1 run

slower one, full, driven to mid-off for a single. There is a direct hit at the non-striker's end but the batsman was home

Mills to Thilan, 1 run

full delivery on the middle, flicked past square-leg

Mills to Kapugedera, 1 run

slower one, fullish, driven to long-on

end of over 403 runs
SL: 188/7CRR: 4.70 • RRR: 0.50 • Need 5 runs from 60b
Thilan Samaraweera31 (35)
Chamara Kapugedera7 (7)
Tim Southee6-0-41-1
Kyle Mills9-1-34-4
Southee to Thilan, no run

And it's a dot ball. It was short and outside off, Samaraweere tried to steer it through the vacant slip region and makes no contact

Five runs from one delivery for that bonus. Hmmm

Southee to Kapugedera, 1 run

short in length around off, tapped to the off for a single

6 from 2

Southee to Thilan, 1 run

shuffles across yet again and plays one more of his clip shots past square-leg

7 from 3 for Bonus point ie

Southee to Kapugedera, 1 run

shortish delivery, pulled away for a single

Samaraweera has a chat.

Southee to Kapugedera, no run

short in length, kicks up as it comes in, Kapu tries to work it to the on side for a single but misses. And the ball rolls of the pads.

For Bonus point they need 8 from 5

Southee to Kapugedera, no run

the bouncer around the off stump, Kapu allows it pass through to the keeper

end of over 397 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 185/7CRR: 4.74 • RRR: 0.73 • Need 8 runs from 11 overs
Chamara Kapugedera5 (3)
Thilan Samaraweera30 (33)
Kyle Mills9-1-34-4
Tim Southee5-0-38-1
Mills to Kapugedera, 1 run

fullish, eased gently towards long-on for a single

Mills to Kapugedera, FOUR runs

Shot Machang! It was the short-of-length delivery outside off stump and Kapu cuts it through point. Three men in pursuit of it but its the ball boy who gets it

Mills to Kapugedera, no run

leans forward to defend to the off side

And Kapu walks out. Finally.

Mills to Herath, OUT

Hello! Hello! What is happening out there? They took the Batting Powerplay to go for the Bonus point but have lost wickets in a heap here. Herath tries to flick the off cutter to the on side but gets a leading edge and Taylor holds on to a dolly at short cover

Rangana Herath c Taylor b Mills 2 (5m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.67
Mills to Thilan, 1 run

works this behind square-leg for a single

Mills to Herath, 1 run

Drama First almost caught. Then almost run out. In the end, a single results. Rangana checked his defensive push and the ball lobbed close on the on side and Taylor from short midwicket got pretty close to it. He then flicked the ball to the non striker's end where a run out seemed a possibility but Rangana makes a tumbling entry to his crease