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22nd Match (N), The Oval, August 08, 2021, The Hundred Men's Competition
(65/65 balls) 125/6
(65/65 balls, T:126) 116/8

Invincibles won by 9 runs

Player Of The Match
Jason Roy, OI-M
56* (29)
Oval Invincibles (Men) INNINGS (65 ball maximum)
Jason Roy not out 56294844193.10
Will Jacks c Malan b van der Gugten1391511144.44
Sunil Narine c & b Carter1340033.33
Colin Ingram c Gregory b Patel94501225.00
Sam Billings (c)†st †Moores b Patel64710150.00
Alex Blake  b Rashid Khan991101100.00
Tom Curran c Carter b Cook84701200.00
Laurie Evans not out 93601300.00
Extras(b 4, lb 4, w 6)14
TOTAL65 balls (RPB: 1.92)125/6
Fall of wickets: 1-39 (Will Jacks, 18b), 2-45 (Sunil Narine, 22b), 3-61 (Colin Ingram, 29b), 4-68 (Sam Billings, 36b), 5-96 (Alex Blake, 52b), 6-106 (Tom Curran, 58b)
Samit Patel1572121.400110
29b to CA Ingram, rifled over cover... no, Gregory intercepts it! Stunning catch! Smashed right out of the middle but Gregory went with it, scrambling across to his right before plucking it one-handed! Brilliant stuff from the Rockets captain. 61/3
36b to SW Billings, tossed up, beats the bat, Moores pulls off the leg-side stumping! Smart work behind the stumps, Billings was only out of his ground for a moment or two. Patel enticed the attempt to come out and slog down the ground, Moores did the rest. 68/4
Rashid Khan1562811.861300
52b to AJ Blake, castled! Blake has his stumps rearranged! Fast, flat legbreak and Blake was aiming a slog-sweep but before he knew it the death rattle came from behind him. Rashid's arms are spread, he claims his first victim of the night. 96/5
Sam Cook1041011.001000
58b to TK Curran, well bowled and well caught! Back-of-the-hand slower ball, I think, and Curran miscues his hack across the line, a top edge sails just over the ring, but Carter does really well running across from short third to then get his lanky frame coordinated for a sliding take. 106/6
Timm van der Gugten1022912.903210
18b to WG Jacks, skied to long-off, this one is taken! Goes back in the crease and attempts to flog it off a length, pretty much a top edge - if you discount the fact it nearly carried all the way for six. Malan holds on without drama to (briefly) silence the crowd. 39/1
Matthew Carter1552911.931300
22b to SP Narine, top-edged pull back to the bowler! Narine's been bounced out by the offie! Carter's a tall man and he just fired this into the surface at 60mph, got big very quickly on Narine, who's not massively keen on the short stuff (though this isn't normally what that proposition entails). Lobbed off the splice for a simple caught-and-bowled. 45/2
Trent Rockets (Men) INNINGS (Target: 126 runs from 65 balls)
D'Arcy Short c Mahmood b Narine03-000.00
Alex Hales  b Narine2515-31166.66
Dawid Malan c Blake b Curran67-1085.71
Tom Moores c Evans b Narine14-0025.00
Samit Patel c Curran b Shamsi157-30214.28
Steven Mullaney c Blake b Shamsi109-20111.11
Lewis Gregory (c)not out 2812-41233.33
Rashid Khan c Evans b Curran166-02266.66
Matthew Carter run out (sub [JM Cox]/†Billings)11-00100.00
Timm van der Gugten not out 11-00100.00
Extras(b 5, lb 5, w 3)13
TOTAL65 balls (RPB: 1.78)116/8
Did not bat: Sam Cook 
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (D'Arcy Short, 3b), 2-27 (Dawid Malan, 19b), 3-41 (Alex Hales, 28b), 4-42 (Tom Moores, 30b), 5-65 (Samit Patel, 41b), 6-80 (Steven Mullaney, 50b), 7-109 (Rashid Khan, 61b), 8-111 (Matthew Carter, 63b)
Sunil Narine1061131.102000
3b to DJM Short, scoops this straight to short fine leg! Short was under pressure immediately and tried to improvise shuffling well across his stumps, he picked the right ball to try to sweep/scoop this over fine leg as Narine bowled this on the legs but Short couldn't get the elevation and picks out Mahmood at chest height on the ring.. 0/1
28b to AD Hales, instead of shuffling across his stumps, this time Hales backs away to expose them and pays the price. Narine pitched this on a good length on middle, Hales premeditated a cut through point but the ball skids a touch low and goes underneath the shot to light up middle stump.. 41/3
30b to TJ Moores, full on middle, Moores tries to slog this over long-on but instead skies it straight up behind Narine. Laurie Evans circles across from long-off and takes the catch on his knees on the nailed in advertising logos behind the bowler.. 42/4
Saqib Mahmood1563002.005110
Reece Topley1022102.104000
Tom Curran1552121.401120
19b to DJ Malan, full pace length ball at 81 mph hustles Malan trying to pull this. The constant changes of pace didn't allow Malan to get into rhythm and he pulls this off the splice to Blake jogging in from deep midwicket before taking the catch crouching on his knees 20 yards inside the rope.. 27/2
61b to Rashid Khan, starts with a slower ball full on fifth stump at 69 mph, Rashid tries to heave this down the ground but skies this over mid-off. Easy catch for Laurie Evans on the ring. He was there instead of being on the rope to tempt Rashid into the shot, mission accomplished.. 109/7
Tabraiz Shamsi1562321.531200
41b to SR Patel, sliced to backward point! Shamsi's spikes comes off and he's dialing up another wicket! Samit tried to lean back and go over that favored backward point region but didn't get the elevation to this short and wide ball. Simple catch on the ring.. 65/5
50b to SJ Mullaney, full on middle, skips down the track and tries to heave this over cow corner but gets this more off the bottom of the bat than the middle, easy chance floats to the fielder coming in 10 yards off the rope for an easy catch at chest height.. 80/6
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Kennington Oval, London
TossTrent Rockets (Men), elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Jason Roy
Match days8 August 2021 - night (100-ball match)
Nick Cook
Nigel Llong
TV Umpire
Martin Saggers
Reserve Umpire
Rob Bailey
Balls per over5
Match Referee
Stuart Cummings
PointsOval Invincibles (Men) 2, Trent Rockets (Men) 0
  • Oval Invincibles (Men) innings
  • Wet Ground: Oval Invincibles (Men) - 0/0
  • Powerplay 1: Balls 1 - 16 (Mandatory - 38 runs, 0 wicket)
  • Oval Invincibles (Men): 50 runs in 24 balls, Extras 8
  • Oval Invincibles (Men): 100 runs in 53 balls, Extras 13
  • JJ Roy: 50 off 27 balls (3 x 4, 4 x 6)
  • Innings Break: Oval Invincibles (Men) - 125/6 in 65 balls (JJ Roy 56, LJ Evans 9)
  • Trent Rockets (Men) innings
  • Powerplay 1: Balls 1 - 16 (Mandatory - 26 runs, 1 wicket)
  • Trent Rockets (Men): 50 runs in 32 balls, Extras 9
  • Trent Rockets (Men): 100 runs in 57 balls, Extras 13
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