22nd Match (N), The Oval, Aug 8 2021, The Hundred Men's Competition
(65/65 balls)125/6
(65/65 balls, target 126)116/8
Invincibles won by 9 runs
Player Of The Match
56* (29)
after 65 balls7 runs • 2 wickets
TR-M: 116/8
Lewis Gregory28 (12)
Timm van der Gugten1 (1)
Tom Curran 2/21 (15)

10:27 pm Invincibles hold on in this rain-shortened match and now move up into a tie for second place.

Shreyas HM: ""They can't be penalized any more than they have so no issues taking their sweet time." --- to prevent this, they should be made to bring in more fielders for every X minutes after the cut-off." The TV commentators have said precisely that. Something for rules makers to consider for the future.

Match Hero is Jason Roy: "We had a lot to prove tonight. We've come off the back of some disappointing performances so to right some wrongs tonight was pleasing. The bowlers had it quite tough tonight with wet runups. We were impressive tonight with bat and ball."

That's it from a long long day at The Oval. Thanks for sticking with us. Come back tomorrow for another doubleheader from the Hundred. Take care!

Tom Curran to Gregory, FOUR runs

bouncer on fifth stump, top edges a hook that lands safely at deep fine leg before dribbling into the rope.

So the Invincibles won't wind up paying a big price for the slow over rate in the end.

Tom Curran to van der Gugten, 1 run

slower length ball pulled to midwicket for one.

Tom Curran to Gregory, 1 run, OUT

short on fifth stump, slaps a pull to midwicket, they want to come back for two but Gregory falls down at the non-striker's end trying to do so and Carter is hung out to dry. The relay to Billings at the striker's end was actually quite poor, took him 5 yards away from the stumps, but he still had time to run and take the bails off before Carter could get back in.

Matthew Carter run out (sub [JM Cox]/†Billings) 1 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100
Tom Curran to Carter, 1 run

length ball on fifth stump at 76 mph, Carter tries to slap this over mid-off ala Rashid, but a toe edge skittles to short third man.

Carter arrives.

Tom Curran to Rashid Khan, OUT

starts with a slower ball full on fifth stump at 69 mph, Rashid tries to heave this down the ground but skies this over mid-off. Easy catch for Laurie Evans on the ring. He was there instead of being on the rope to tempt Rashid into the shot, mission accomplished.

Rashid Khan c Evans b Curran 16 (6b 0x4 2x6) SR: 266.66

Tom Curran will bowl the final five balls. We're already 11 minutes past the official cutoff time....

after 60 balls17 runs
TR-M: 109/6Need 18 from 5 balls
Lewis Gregory23 (10)
Rashid Khan16 (5)
Saqib Mahmood 0/30 (15)

A shocked hush comes across the ground now as a strategic timeout is called. Can the Invincibles really blow this? 17 runs off five balls to win now for the Rockets. In case you're just joining us, the Invincibles are paying for a slow over rate and have had to field with an extra fielder inside the ring since there were 11 balls left in the chase.

Alex: "So much faffing around. Some of us have last trains to catch!"

Mahmood to Gregory, FOUR runs

another length ball on sixth stump, another heave down the ground, another thick edge flies high over Narine on the third man ring, this time going to the rope without a misfield.

Mahmood to Gregory, FOUR runs

full toss at knee height on seventh stump, Gregory tries to heave this over the leg side but a thick edge goes straight to Narine at short third man on the ring... but a horrendously sloppy effort sees it go through him to turn at worst a single into a boundary.

Mahmood to Rashid Khan, 1 run

good length ball wide on sixth stump, Rashid helicopter slices this through cover for a long single.

Another lengthy delay here as there's a discussion in the field where to reset the field....

Mahmood to Rashid Khan, SIX runs

No mercy from Rashid! Length ball on fifth stump, annihilated over cow corner 15 rows back.

Mahmood to Rashid Khan, 1 wide

short and wide slower ball attempted, too wide again outside off. Wide called.

Mahmood to Gregory, 1 bye

length ball outside off, goes to slap this and misses as they scamper a bye.

Saqib Mahmood to bowl his third set of five now. Gregory on strike. Invincibles taking an eternity to set the field. They can't be penalized any more than they have so no issues taking their sweet time.

after 55 balls12 runs
TR-M: 92/6Need 35 from 10 balls
Lewis Gregory15 (7)
Rashid Khan9 (3)
Tom Curran 1/14 (10)

34 runs off 10 balls needed, but Invincibles will have to defend it with an extra fielder forced inside the ring due to a slow over rate.

Tom Curran to Gregory, no run

length ball on sixth stump, Rashid swings for the moon and misses.

Nigel Llong has told Sam Billings that they've missed the cutoff. So an extra fielder has to come inside the ring for the final 11 legal balls.

Tom Curran to Gregory, 1 wide

another full and wide ball goes well outside the guidelines. Wide called.

Tom Curran to Gregory, 1 wide

slower ball lands almost off the pitch, wide called.

Tom Curran to Rashid Khan, 1 run

slower ball lands short and wide as Rashid keeps his hands back to this 69 mph delivery to cut it for one to the sweeper.

Tom Curran to Rashid Khan, 2 runs

length ball on fourth stump, this time slams it flat toward long-on, Roy slips charging in from the rope and the ball bounces over him to go for a pair.

Tom Curran to Rashid Khan, SIX runs

hello Rashid! Goodbye over point! Short and wide, the Afghan plays a helicopter twirl of a cut with a flourish over the off side and it sails into the stands.

Tom Curran to Gregory, 1 run

good length ball on fifth stump, slapped off the toe to long-on.

Tom Curran back for his second set of five.