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29th Match (N), Nottingham, August 15, 2021, The Hundred Men's Competition
(95/100 balls, T:136) 136/3

Rockets won by 7 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)

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after 95 balls12 runs
TR-M: 136/3
D'Arcy Short4 (1b 1x4)
Samit Patel35 (23b 2x4 2x6)
Tom Hartley 0/22 (15)

Had to come back for those of you still here to say that West Indies have won by 1 wicket against Pakistan in one of the great Test matches. Hop on over to soak it all in.

10.30 pm: That brings us to the end of this weekend's Hundred games. It's always great to see one of the greats of T20 cricket do his thing, and we got that with Rashid Khan today. "For him to do what he's doing with what's going on back home is pretty special," says Rockets captain Lewis Gregory, which about sums it up. Says the boys are behind Rashid too. That's goodbye from us, this is Saurabh Somani signing off on behalf of Ranjith and Raghav too.

Dezz: "From what I can make out TB have qualified now, not just in the running??"

- You're right Dezz. They have qualified.

Decent knock by Malan with a fifty, but I'm zapped that anyone other than Rashid Khan could be the player of the match. He was game-breaking, game-changing and unplayable with the ball, also took two outstanding catches.

Dawid Malan is the Match Hero: Good to get the win. Obviously disappointing not to be there at the end, especially slowing down a bit at the end so disappointing not to finish it off. We were behind the 8-ball but then Rashid came on and changed it for us. Samit's experience at the end was valuable. It's nice to contribute, to get wins. Ego aside, it's just nice to win games of cricket. We've got a great team spirit. With the crowd here behind us everytime is awesome.

While we're waiting for the presenations, you might want to keep a tab open for a thrilling West Indies v Pakistan denouement. One wicket to get, 9 runs to get.

10.20 pm: Rockets firmly in the running to make the playoffs. Fairly clinical chase, but they could afford to pace it to their liking thanks to that magician, Rashid Khan. He came on after a rapid start and completely turned the match around, bamboozling the Originals. And he did it when he must be under personal turmoil with what's happening in Afghanistan.

Hartley to Short, FOUR runs

full toss high outside off, and he latches on to that, cuts it fiercely through point to raise victory for Rockets.

Hartley to Patel, 1 run

fuller into him, driven to long-off

Hartley to Patel, 1 wide

was charging down the track, the bowler spotted and bowled it wide to have him stumped, but Samit is balanced now and goes back quickly. The ball was wide enough to be called a 'wide'

Hartley to Patel, no run

big heave and misses the ball entirely. Shorter spinning into him, wanted to slug it baseball style into the crowd, no connection.

Hartley to Patel, SIX runs

Biffed over wide long-on. Makes room again but not coming down the crease this time, gets it in the slot, swings for the fences and connects, sending it over the ropes

Hartley to Patel, no run

almost stumped. Samit stepping down the track while making a LOT of room, overbalanced with the ball bowled wide of off trying to reach it, but just got back in time.

12 needed from 10, and D'Arcy Short is finally out.

after 90 balls9 runs • 1 wicket
TR-M: 124/3Need 12 from 10 balls
Samit Patel28 (19b 2x4 1x6)
Fred Klaassen 1/26 (15)
Klaassen to Malan, OUT

straight up in the air and caught at mid-off. Not short enough to pull, he goes for it by going deep in his crease, back of a length ball outside off, he can't get hold of it, top edge balloons up and is gobbled up by Brathwaite.

Dawid Malan c Brathwaite b Klaassen 52 (72m 46b 7x4 0x6) SR: 113.04
Klaassen to Patel, 1 run

backing away again, the bowler follows and Samit mis-times his pull to long-on

Klaassen to Patel, no run

bouncer on the stumps, he's backing away and tries to slash it through point but can't connect, good height on that

Klaassen to Patel, SIX runs

boom. Samit has had enough of ones and twos. Makes room and lofts this over extra cover with an inside out drive

Klaassen to Patel, 2 runs

down the track, drills it straight past the bowler. Long-on collects to his left, but they have enough time for two

21 needed off 15, but the two main threats - Lockie and Parkinson - have finished their quotas.

after 85 balls3 runs
TR-M: 115/2Need 21 from 15 balls
Dawid Malan52 (45b 7x4)
Samit Patel19 (15b 2x4)
Lockie Ferguson 0/21 (20)
Ferguson to Malan, 1 run

short, rising to chest height, slower bouncer at 68 mph, he swivels and keeps his pull down, to deep square leg

Ferguson to Patel, 1 run

length on off, 88 mph, Samit making room, gets a toe-end of his swing and the ball bounces down to long-on

Ferguson to Malan, 1 run

length on off, 88 mph, punched through cover

Ferguson to Malan, no run

digs it in short on a fifth stump line, pacy one at 92 mph, no wonder Malan is late on the attempted ramp, even though he's well set.

Ferguson to Malan, no run

yorker length outside off, driven to cover

Craig: "Absolute cruise for the Rockets..... Parkinson the only Originals player to emerge with any credit from a dismal performance"

- You're being harsh on Munro, Craig! He batted wonderfully.

after 80 balls6 runs
TR-M: 112/2Need 24 from 20 balls
Dawid Malan50 (41b 7x4)
Samit Patel18 (14b 2x4)
Matt Parkinson 2/21 (20)
Parkinson to Malan, 1 run

length ball on off, punched to long-off to raise fifty for Malan.

Parkinson to Malan, FOUR runs

too short, and he rocks on the back foot to punch this powefully through cover. Ackermann at deep cover slides and stops. But he's made contact with the ropes so it's a boundary.

Parkinson to Malan, no run

fuller, reverse swept nicely, but straight to point

Parkinson to Patel, 1 run

down the track and mistimes his mow, goes towards long-on

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