10th Match (N), Southampton, August 12, 2022, The Hundred Men's Competition
(100 balls, T:148) 138/7

Spirit won by 9 runs

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46 (33)
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after 100 balls9 runs • 1 wicket
SB-M: 138/7
Chris Jordan7 (4b 1x4)
Rehan Ahmed1 (1b)
Jordan Thompson 2/32 (20)

That's all folks. Thanks for tuning in throughout the afternoon and we'll be back for some double-double-header action over the weekend. Cheers!

James Vince is next up. "Ross played really well. 148 was probably about par. I thought we bowled reasonably well, kept Polly quiet which is a tough ask. Lost myself and Quinny early and the guys at the back end gave us a bit of hope but we couldn't quite get over the line. [Own dismissal?] I was surprised I got bowled by an offspinner on the outside. Rosso said he wasn't sure, but I was just surprised. Not the ideal start. Through injuries, our bowling line-up has changed a little bit. Hoges took over Tymal's role. The core of the group is similar. It's just about trying to get the team together. [Rattled?] There's plenty of experience with the bat so I don't think it's that. Quinny hasn't quite got going but in this format, that can happen. [Injuries - Mills?] Tymal had surgery today on his toe and Craig Overton, we lost him to the Lions. He was due to be back with us on Sunday but he's picked up an injury today. CJ had a knock on the finger... we'll see how the troops are tomorrow. We're in the same position as last year. It's pretty much must-win games."

Eoin Morgan is with Sky. "Really proud. We got an under-par score, by a long way. Daniel Bell-Drummond played outstandingly well, built good partnerships. Our bowlers were absolutely outstanding. It's about winning, and that's where experience comes in. Our spinners bowled well, our seamers fought really hard - potentially I got the toss wrong, but you make it work. [Bat first?] Chasing for us last year was an absolute disaster. We needed to change something. We've recruited really well and we want something to call our strength. It's been our batting but it's great to see our bowling show up for all 100 balls. [Hampshire boys?] They push the boundaries out here, they play on used wickets and take pace off. They've been really busy, setting targets or chasing them down. [Bayliss?] We get on like a house on fire. We don't really do small talk. We love golf, we don't like meetings. When we're away from the ground, we try and switch off. [Commentary vs playing?] I've loved every bit of it. It's a different time in my career and my life but I'm very chilled. It's a fantastic tournament and it's great to see the girls back. It's a great celebration of cricket. [3 from 3] We're going to ride this for as long as we can. Confidence is hard to come by. Hopefully it takes us to where we want to be."

Daniel Bell-Drummond is the Match Hero. "It was good to get a game. I enjoyed my debut. Once I got going, I felt good out there. It was a little bit two-paced and cutters were gripping. It was a little difficult to start. They bowled well at me at the start but I was able to get myself in. It's early days but it's a great start, three from three. Really happy with the win."

9.23pm: Spirit go three from three and Brave are hanging by a thread! That's their first-ever home defeat in the Hundred - men's or women's - and they can hardly afford to lose another game in the competition after back-to-back defeats in the past couple of days. Spirit only managed one win in the whole of last season, but have a 100% record after three games this year, with three bat-first wins. Brave kept scrapping through Davies and Whiteley but were always struggling after losing Vince and de Kock for two runs between them.

Alan: "Wily old experience of Morgan, brilliant!"

Thompson to Jordan, 1 run

on a length, swung out to deep midwicket

Game, set and match. 11 required off 1 ball. Thompson just needs to keep his foot behind the line.

Thompson to Ahmed, 1 run

wide outside off, slashed out to point

Rehan Ahmed, make yourself a hero.

Thompson to Fuller, OUT

wide blockhole, sliced down to deep backward point... Crawley takes the catch! Another slash from Fuller, plenty of air on it, but Morgan had changed the field and Crawley barely had to move

James Fuller c Crawley b Thompson 18 (14b 1x4 0x6 ) SR: 128.57

Still a seriously tough ask. 12 off 3. What's Fuller got in the locker?

Thompson to Fuller, 2 runs

on a length outside off stump, Fuller shuffles across and punches down to Maxwell at long-on. They take on his arm, he throws to the keeper's end... Fuller makes it!

14 off 4. Morgan tweaks the field. Another boundary will make things tense.

Thompson to Fuller, FOUR runs

wide outside off, 86mph, Fuller throws everything at it and gets a thick outside edge, past short third and away for four!

Thompson to Fuller, 1 wide

wide outside off, Fuller looks to swing over cover but can't get bat on ball... too wide!

after 95 balls8 runs
SB-M: 129/6Need 19 from 5 balls
Chris Jordan6 (3b 1x4)
James Fuller12 (11b)
Nathan Ellis 0/30 (20)

Superb from Ellis. Brave need 19 off the last 5 balls

Ellis to Jordan, 1 run

low full toss, slapped out to deep cover

Ellis to Jordan, FOUR runs

slower ball, slashed over short third and races away! Thick outside edge, Crane was running back but couldn't catch up with it

Ellis to Fuller, 1 run

slot outside off, slapped out to deep cover

Ellis to Jordan, 1 run

on a length outside off, inside-edged into the leg side for a single

Ellis to Fuller, 1 run

slower ball, wide outside off. Toe-ended down to long-off

after 90 balls6 runs • 1 wicket
SB-M: 121/6Need 27 from 10 balls
James Fuller10 (9b)
Jordan Thompson 1/23 (15)
Thompson to Whiteley, OUT

cleans him up with a perfect yorker! Huge moment. That could be the game. Crashed into the base of middle-and-off and Whiteley looks to go again over the leg side, and Brave will need 27 off the final 10 balls

Ross Whiteley b Thompson 52 (33b 5x4 1x6 ) SR: 157.57
Thompson to Whiteley, FOUR runs

slot, whipped into the leg side and picks up the first of those boundaries! Reaches a 32-ball half-century in the process which he sheepishly acknowledges. Freebie on the pads, dug out through midwicket

31 off 12. Probably means five boundaries.

Whiteley has damaged his bat. Looks like there's a split in the toe, so he calls on a replacement. Nope, he reckons he can get away with just some tape.

Thompson to Fuller, 1 run

hard length, swung into the deep on the leg side. Fuller tumbles while looking to come back for two, as Pollard runs in off the rope.

Thompson to Whiteley, 1 run

yorker on the pads, clipped out to deep square leg

Thompson to Whiteley, no run

good length, angled across him. Whiteley swings hard but can't get bat on ball

9.16pm local time is the cut-off. So Spirit should be fine. Thompson returns.

after 85 balls11 runs
SB-M: 115/5Need 33 from 15 balls
Ross Whiteley47 (29b 4x4 1x6)
James Fuller9 (8b)
Nathan Ellis 0/22 (15)
Ellis to Whiteley, 2 runs

slower ball, full outside off stump, lofted inside-out into the covers for a couple more

Ellis to Whiteley, SIX runs

slower ball, on a length, and a hint of width outside off stump. Whiteley's eyes light up, and he clubs Ellis into the stands, over wide long-on!

Ellis to Fuller, 1 run

hard length, not much room, punched down to long-off. Ellis keeping Brave to singles

Ellis to Whiteley, 1 run

skidding through from a good length, worked down to long-on

Ellis to Fuller, 1 run

hard length, swung out to deep midwicket. Maxwell races in off the rope to prevent the second

That was the set that Brave needed. 44 off 20 suddenly looks like they have a fighting chance. Morgan takes the timeout.

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