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4th Match, ICCA 2 Dubai, January 16, 2016, Tri-Nation Under-19s Tournament in United Arab Emirates
(40.4/50 ov, T:312) 202

Pakistan U19 won by 109 runs

Pakistan Under-19s INNINGS (50 overs maximum)
Zeeshan Malik  b Nair1927-3070.37
Gauhar Hafeez (c)c Cormack b Hatcher3633-70109.09
Mohammad Umar c Agar b Gardiner6685-8177.64
Umair Masood  b Cormack3239-4082.05
Saif Badar c Jewell b Gardiner5361-5086.88
Hassan Khan c Page b Hatcher2219-11115.78
Hasan Mohsin c Agar b Nair3419-23178.94
Shadab Khan c Gardiner b Hatcher1512-02125.00
Sameen Gul c Agar b Nair34-0075.00
Arsal Sheikh not out 00-00-
Arfan Liaqat lbw b Hatcher01-000.00
Extras(lb 5, nb 6, w 20)31
TOTAL49.4 Ov (RR: 6.26)311
Fall of wickets: 1-63 (Zeeshan Malik, 8.4 ov), 2-77 (Gauhar Hafeez, 11.2 ov), 3-139 (Umair Masood, 24.6 ov), 4-227 (Mohammad Umar, 39.6 ov), 5-243 (Saif Badar, 41.3 ov), 6-293 (Hasan Mohsin, 46.4 ov), 7-293 (Hassan Khan, 47.1 ov), 8-304 (Sameen Gul, 48.5 ov), 9-311 (Shadab Khan, 49.3 ov), 10-311 (Arfan Liaqat, 49.4 ov)
Wes Agar604507.50218030
David Grant906206.88304260
Liam Hatcher8.406747.73288152
11.2 to Gauhar Hafeez, length ball, tries to go through the line, connect alright, good diving catch by Cormack at covers. 77/2
47.1 to Hassan Khan, short and wide, cuts it straight to Page at backward. 293/7
49.3 to Shadab Khan, back of the hand, extra bouce, gets it high on the bat, easy catch for Gardiner. 311/9
49.4 to Arfan Liaqat, pitchingin line, hitting in line, loud shout, umpire raises his finger. 311/10
Arjun Nair1004834.80341310
8.4 to Zeeshan Malik, flatter through the air, tries to go through the line, misses a straight one. 63/1
46.4 to Hasan Mohsin, tries to repeat the hoick over long on, doesnt connect, straight to Agar at long on. 293/6
48.5 to Sameen Gul, tries to go over long on, gets the toe end of the bat, easy catch for Agar at long on. 304/8
Kyle Gardiner905025.55276010
39.6 to Mohammad Umar, flighted delivery, steps down the track, tries to go over long off, right down Agar's throat. 227/4
41.3 to Saif Badar, tries to go over midwicket, doesnt reach to the pitch of the ball, gets the inside half of the bat, good diving catch by Jewel at midwicket. 243/5
Michael Cormack703414.85233100
24.6 to Umair Masood, tries to sweep it from middle leg, completely misses it, stumps rattled, good breakthrough. 139/3
Australia Under-19s INNINGS (Target: 312 runs from 50 overs)
Arjun Nair c & b Arsal Sheikh10689-133119.10
Caleb Jewell c †Umair Masood b Sameen Gul1222-1054.54
Sam Harper (c)†c †Umair Masood b Hasan Mohsin310-0030.00
Patrick Page  b Shadab Khan2949-3259.18
Clint Hinchliffe  b Shadab Khan823-0034.78
Jason Sangha st †Umair Masood b Shadab Khan12-0050.00
Michael Cormack  b Arsal Sheikh1517-2088.23
Liam Hatcher c †Umair Masood b Arsal Sheikh17-0014.28
David Grant c †Umair Masood b Arsal Sheikh01-000.00
Wes Agar st †Umair Masood b Saif Badar1418-2077.77
Kyle Gardiner not out 76-10116.66
Extras(b 1, lb 2, w 3)6
TOTAL40.4 Ov (RR: 4.96)202
Fall of wickets: 1-33 (Caleb Jewell, 6.3 ov), 2-40 (Sam Harper, 9.3 ov), 3-122 (Patrick Page, 24.1 ov), 4-154 (Clint Hinchliffe, 30.1 ov), 5-160 (Jason Sangha, 30.5 ov), 6-170 (Arjun Nair, 33.6 ov), 7-171 (Liam Hatcher, 35.1 ov), 8-171 (David Grant, 35.2 ov), 9-184 (Michael Cormack, 37.5 ov), 10-202 (Wes Agar, 40.4 ov)
Sameen Gul611412.33281020
6.3 to CP Jewell, good length deliver, just outside offstump, tries to cut it, gets an outside edgr, stunning catch by the keeper. 33/1
Hasan Mohsin803914.87335110
9.3 to SB Harper, length ball seaming away, gets an outside edge, good low catch by Umair. 40/2
Hassan Khan511803.60230200
Arfan Liaqat4043010.75116200
Shadab Khan903433.77303000
24.1 to PC Page, tossed up delivery, enticing Page into a driven, beaten through the gate. 122/3
30.1 to CD Hinchliffe, quicker and flatter, tries to cut it, misses it, offstump rattled. 154/4
30.5 to JJS Sangha, flighted delivery, Sangha steps down but unable to connect, good stumping by Umair. 160/5
Arsal Sheikh805046.25217000
33.6 to AJ Nair, comes down the track and smashes it flat to long oon, Malik hesitates to come forward, puts in a last ditch dive and takes a superb low catch. 170/6
35.1 to LC Hatcher, flatter through the air, goes straight, thin outside edge, good take by the keeper. 171/7
35.2 to DMK Grant, flat outside offstump, thin edge again, keeper fumbles it but gets hold of it. 171/8
37.5 to MJA Cormack, bowls slightly fuller this time, gets an inside edge onto the stumps. 184/9
Saif Badar0.40111.5030000
40.4 to WA Agar, slowerthrough the air, tries to go big over long off, misses it, easy stumping. 202/10
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ICC Academy Ground No 2, Dubai
TossPakistan Under-19s, elected to bat first
Match numberYODI no. 1043
Hours of play (local time)11.00 start, First Session 11.00-14.30 Interval 14.30-15.15, Second Session 15.15-18.45
Match days16 January 2016 - day (50-over match)
YODI debut
Arsal Sheikh
Arsal Sheikh
Rashid Riaz
Shozab Raza
Reserve Umpire
Sachin Solanki
Match Referee
PointsPakistan Under-19s 2, Australia Under-19s 0
Aust U19 Innings
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Tri-Nation Under-19s Tournament in United Arab Emirates