1st Semi-Final, Marsa, Oct 20 2019, Valletta Cup
(15.5/20 ov, target 205)122
Czech Rep. won by 82 runs
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Scorecard summary
Czech Republic204/4(20 overs)
Malta122/10(15.5 overs)
Match details
Marsa Sports Club
TossCzech Republic, elected to bat first
SeriesValletta Cup
Series resultCzech Republic advanced
Match numberT20I no. 945
Hours of play (local time)start 8.00, First Session 8.00-9.20, Interval 9.20-9.40, Second Session 9.40-11.00
Match days20 October 2019 - day (20-over match)
T20I debut
Suhrid Roy
Suhrid Roy
T20 debut
Suhrid Roy
Suhrid Roy
Malta Image
Les White
Canada Image
Ruban Sivanadian