Final, Bengaluru, Oct 25 2019, Vijay Hazare Trophy
(23/23 ov, target 87)146/1
Karnataka won by 60 runs (VJD)
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Scorer: @Thilak_Rama
Commentator: Hemant Brar (@Cricquest)
Scorecard summary
Tamil Nadu252/10(49.5 overs)
Karnataka146/1(23 overs)

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Ananya: "Winning all the matches and losing the final has become a trend..... CPL and now Vijay Hazare....!!! How unique is that...!!!!"

3.55pm Not really a close game we all were expecting but without doubt, two of the best teams of the tournament. Both lost one match but for Tamil Nadu, it happened to be the final. And that's their first loss in a Vijay Hazare Trophy final. Karnataka have always ended up winning the title every time they have reached the final.

Manish Pandey: Very happy with the results. The mindset of the boys is they want to win every match they play. Hopefully we will continue doing well.

Dinesh Karthik: I think we played terrific cricket, one bad day doesn't make a bad team. This should give confidence going into the T20s and the Ranji Trophy.

And the game has been called off. Karnataka are the winners of the 2019-20 Vijay Hazare Trophy. They won the final by 60 runs (VJD method).

"The crowd is singing 'Happy birthday to you' for Abhimanyu Mithun, who is on the outfield with the rest of the Karnataka team," Saurabh says.

Mit Chowdhury: "I hope we have a full match, and not use the very ill "whoever won more in group stage" rule, again. " -- 20 overs have already been bowled. So we will have a result. And also, the teams would have shared the trophy in case of a washout.

Saurabh has got more info: "It looks like the match is done, because they're bringing out the backdrop they use for the post-match presentation."

3.40pm It has stopped raining now. The covers are coming off slowly. By the way, Karnataka are already ahead of the 35-over par score which is 141.

Avinash: "Just curious, what would have been the DLS target?" -- The DLS target would have been 77 at this stage.

Mind you, the Chinnaswamy Stadium has got subsurface aeration system. So once the rain stops, it shouldn't take long for play to resume.

Kiran B: "What's VJD method here..?? " -- V Jayadevan method. India don't use DLS for domestic cricket. Here's the man himself explaining why it's better than DLS.

Saurabh from the venue informs: "Covers coming on the ground - no rain yet, but as a precautionary measure with dark clouds overhead." And as I was typing this there is another update from him: "It has started raining as well. Great thinking to get the covers in place just before it did."

3.05pm And it has become quite dark out there. The umpires have called for light metres. The players have already started walking back. The VJD target at the end of 23 overs, for the loss of one wicket, is 87, so Karnataka are well ahead.

end of over 2314 runs
KNTKA: 146/1CRR: 6.34 RRR: 3.96 • Need 107 from 27 overs
KL Rahul52 (72)
Mayank Agarwal69 (55)
M Mohammed4-0-22-0
Murugan Ashwin6-0-34-0
Mohammed to Rahul, 1 run

length ball outside off, pushes it into covers for one

Mohammed to Rahul, FOUR runs

too full, too straight and Rahul just punches it past the non-striker for four more, gets to his fifty in 71 balls

Mohammed to Agarwal, 1 run

length ball outside off, drops it towards point

Mohammed to Agarwal, FOUR runs

fuller on the pads and flicked away through midwicket, and he timed it so well that it kept racing away, there was a fielder at deep midwicket but he too cannot stop it

Mohammed to Rahul, 3 runs

length ball on the pads and tucked away towards deep square for three, 100 of the stand also comes up

Mohammed to Agarwal, 1 run

length outside off, cuts it towards deep point

end of over 2210 runs
KNTKA: 132/1CRR: 6.00 RRR: 4.32 • Need 121 from 28 overs
KL Rahul44 (69)
Mayank Agarwal63 (52)
Murugan Ashwin6-0-34-0
M Mohammed3-0-8-0
Ashwin to Rahul, no run

fuller around off, comes forward and pushes it back

Ashwin to Agarwal, 1 run

length ball on the stumps, flicked it towards deep midwicket

Ashwin to Rahul, 1 run

punched off the back foot towards sweeper cover

Ashwin to Rahul, no run

beauty! pitching on middle and leg, Rahul comes forward to defend but the ball dips and turns to beat the outside edge

The physio is out tending to the bowler. And it has gone a bit cloudy out there as well

Ashwin to Agarwal, 1 run

flatter outside off, looks to smash down the ground but cannot middle it, Ashwin looks to stop it but the ball grazes his index finger and goes towards long-off

Free hit

Ashwin to Agarwal, (no ball) SIX runs

another brilliant hit by Agarwal. Goes back, bends his back knee and lofts it over deep square leg. Moreover, it's a no-ball. So free hit coming up

Ashwin to Agarwal, no run

fuller on the stumps, smashed absolutely but straight towards the bowler, bounces in front him, and is deflected off his hand to the stumps. Rahul dragged his bat in but not sure if in time. They are checking upstairs, a close one. You need an in between frame to be fully sure. And the umpire rules it in the favour of the batsman

Thanks, Sreshth

end of over 213 runs
KNTKA: 122/1CRR: 5.80 RRR: 4.52 • Need 131 from 29 overs
Mayank Agarwal55 (48)
KL Rahul43 (66)
M Mohammed3-0-8-0
Murugan Ashwin5-0-24-0

Suky: "Why R Ashwin is being held back by Karthik? This game is drifting away from TN.. TN need to break this partnership if they want to have a real chance.." -- No one knows.

Mohammed to Agarwal, 1 run

length ball, outside off, and cut to deep point

Mohammed to Rahul, 1 run

full, outside off, and guided to third man for a jogging single

Mohammed to Rahul, no run

back of a length, outside off, and punched to cover

Mohammed to Rahul, no run
Mohammed to Rahul, no run

full, outside off, and defended away

Arun: "If Rahul plays like this then no place for him in Karnataka team too. Don't waste too many deliveries and add pressure on other batsmen. -- Why? Team is cruising. Rahul's played nearly every game and Karnataka have won all but one match. When Mayank is going at a strike-rate of 120+, it definitely makes sense for someone to take Rahul's approach.

Mohammed to Agarwal, 1 run

full, on off stump. Defended back to the bowler

end of over 203 runs
KNTKA: 119/1CRR: 5.95 RRR: 4.47 • Need 134 from 30 overs
Mayank Agarwal53 (46)
KL Rahul42 (62)
Murugan Ashwin5-0-24-0
M Mohammed2-0-5-0
Ashwin to Agarwal, 1 run

length ball, outside off, and flat-batted to long on

Match details
M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru
TossKarnataka, elected to field first
SeriesVijay Hazare Trophy
Player Of The Series
Abhimanyu Mithun
Abhimanyu Mithun
Series resultKarnataka won the 2019/20 Vijay Hazare Trophy
Match days25 October 2019 - day(50-over match)
List A debut
Prateek Jain
Prateek Jain
India Image
Chettithody Shamshuddin
India Image
KN Ananthapadmanabhan
TV Umpire
India Image
Abhijit Deshmukh
Match Referee
India Image
Chinmay Sharma