5th ODI, Leeds, May 19 2019, Pakistan tour of England
(46.5/50 ov, target 352)297
England won by 54 runs
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
277 runs

7pm: That's a wrap, ladies and gents. Danyal Rasool has twinkled up a report and there will be more post-series reaction and mop-up - such as George's England final cut piece - on the site soon. England's one-day juggernaut roles on, with the main event now just a few days away; but this has been a lot of fun regardless, so thanks for tuning in and getting involved. From myself, Miller, Valkerie and Danyal, it's good night and good luck. We'll be back very soon for the start of a World Cup and Ashes Summerslam. Bye!

6.40pm: Here we go then with the presentations... Chris Woakes is named Man of the Match: [Satisfying finish?] "Definitely, been a really good series, with bat and ball. Winning 4-0 against a strong Pakistan is good going into the World Cup. Great few weeks but some really important cricket coming up as well. Confidence is high across the squad, competition for place is there and everyone pushes each other. We never settle, always trying to improve and that's a great place to be. We stay true to congratulating each other and wishing each other all the best, great to get a pat on the back from the fellow bowlers. My turn today but we share them around. [Big totals?] Your mindset has to change, look for aggressive tone and take wickets, but at the same time you realise par scores have changed. You sometimes have to reassess and so going at six an over is a good job for the team. Constantly going for 300 is the par, so you have to get your head around it. [World Cup...] We've been building towards it for a while, important we hit form, still rotating players and across the board everyone has done well, and we'll feel confident moving forward."

Jason Roy is Man of the Series, though he is not at the ground after being allowed time off to spend with his daughter, who was hospitalised the other day - Morgan collects the award in his absence.

Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed: "Not ideal for the World Cup, but I am confident my team's batsman are ready. Bowling and fielding has not been up to the mark. We have been positive about scoring but have to sort out the fielding. [Shadab Khan fitness] Shadab is very important, he is flying tomorrow, and hopefully [Mohammad] Amir also. Congrats to England, my message to the Pakistan fans is 'support us,' whenever Pakistan come to England they support the team."

England captain Eoin Morgan: [Seen Roy play better?] "Not sure I have, he's been in absolutely outstanding form, his confidence is high and the way he plays at the top with Jonny Bairstow is very powerful for us, he's a key part of our team moving forward. [Series win] As good as we could have hoped for, Pakistan are a strong side and played some competitive cricket. We've chopped and changed but the performance has never been compromised, emphasises how strong the squad is. [Final WC 15?] Every one of these guys should be proud of what we've achieved, the continuous improvement of performances throughout makes selection meetings difficult. But every single member of the 17-man squad here will play some role, due to injuries and call-ups."

6.30pm: So England secure a 54-run win, and take the series 4-0. There have been contributions from all quarters - Joe Root and Chris Woakes the men to shine today - and that will send them into the World Cup in fine fettle. Pakistan, meanwhile, have suffered a 10th consecutive ODI defeat, and there may be a few difficult conversations among the selection panel before Thursday's final squad deadline. From a base of 6 for 3, Pakistan actually did well to get to almost 300, and perhaps that spunky 97 from Sarfaraz Ahmed batting at No. 5 is one of the most instructive lessons from the day for the touring side; however, there was to be no eighth successive 340-plus score, as England kept their heads and let the scoreboard pressure tell. And now, it's over to Ed Smith...

Anyway, while we await the post-match procedural, here's a gallery.

"I know scoreline looks 4-0 but there are lot of positives for Pakistan plus with Shadab coming in things would lot simpler and better." Nothing to see here, says Faizan Fayaz, waving everyone away

Amanullah vreen: "England is the first team to score four times consecutive 300 plus and win all. Pakistan is the first team to score three time consecutive 300 plus and lose all." Huge, if true

"England's fielding won them the series!" declares M. "Seems like batting friendly pitches favour the best fielding sides."

Rashid to Mohammad Hasnain, OUT

flight and spin, beats the advancing No. 11 this time - Buttler completes the job! Rashid does finish things, as Hasnain's flirty maiden innings as a professional comes to an end with a stumping. Fitting, really

Mohammad Hasnain st †Buttler b Rashid 28 (28m 17b 4x4 1x6) SR: 164.7
Rashid to Mohammad Hasnain, no run

pushed through quicker and Hasnain defends

Rashid to Mohammad Hasnain, FOUR runs

makes an early move down, comes out as a full toss... and Hasnain slugs it over mid-on for four more!

Rashid to Shaheen Shah Afridi, 1 run

floated up and worked away with the spin leg side

Rashid to Shaheen Shah Afridi, no run

tossed up, googly outside leg and it hits him on the thigh

Four overs left, England still need to scratch their itch. Adil Rashid on to try and wrap things up

end of over 469 runs
PAK: 292/9CRR: 6.34 RRR: 15.00
Mohammad Hasnain24 (14)
Shaheen Shah Afridi18 (24)
David Willey 9-1-55-1
Chris Woakes 10-2-54-5
Willey to Mohammad Hasnain, SIX runs

full toss, Hasnain shoots for the stars - and clumps six over extra cover! Pretty dirty cricket all round, a couple of England men were scurrying towards it in the deep but in the end the ball had enough to clear the rope!

Hasnain backs so far away he's got one boot off the cut strip, so Willey decides not to release... Although he does have all three stumps to aim at, should he choose

Willey to Mohammad Hasnain, no run

steps away to leg, Willey follows him... smashed into his front boot as he turns his back and swings for the pickets

Willey to Shaheen Shah Afridi, 1 run

digs this out into the covers for one

Willey to Shaheen Shah Afridi, no run

slower ball, big old heave from Shaheen, doesn't connect

"Why is Archer guaranteed a place in the squad? He's obviously talented, but he's completely unproven and has hardly been the stand out bowler in this series." I think those four overs at The Oval were enough to convince most of us, Matt

Willey to Shaheen Shah Afridi, no run

pitched up in the channel, 81mph and Shaheen now brings out the ramp, squirted to short fine leg - full marks for effort

Willey to Shaheen Shah Afridi, 2 runs

short outside off, humped over the infield and it rolls away towards deep extra cover for a couple

Willey again, the partnership now worth 33

end of over 4511 runs
PAK: 283/9CRR: 6.28 RRR: 13.80
Mohammad Hasnain18 (12)
Shaheen Shah Afridi15 (20)
Chris Woakes 10-2-54-5
David Willey 8-1-46-1
Woakes to Mohammad Hasnain, FOUR runs

gives it some more tap, walloped over cover for four! A further dent for Woakes' figures, as Hasnain continues to enjoy his big day out

Woakes to Mohammad Hasnain, no run

dug in short, 82mph and this time Hasnain bails out early, like a giraffe trying to do the limbo

Woakes to Mohammad Hasnain, 2 runs

slapped on the up, makes room again and lands it in the green acres, YJB chasing it down from deep cover

Woakes to Mohammad Hasnain, no run

back of a length over the stumps, Hasnain shuffles away and misses with a tentative dab

Woakes to Shaheen Shah Afridi, 1 run

slower ball, poked into the off side

Woakes to Shaheen Shah Afridi, FOUR runs

short ball, hooked into the air towards fine leg, Moeen goes for it... bounces just short and then skips for four! He made a terrific flying effort, to be fair, but the chance was always out of reach as he ran around

Woakes to finish his overs

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