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England vs West Indies, 3rd Test at Manchester, WI in ENG, Jul 24 2020 - Match Result

3rd Test, Manchester, July 24 - 28, 2020, West Indies tour of England
369 & 226/2d
(T:399) 197 & 129

England won by 269 runs

Match centre 
Scores: Chandan Duorah | Comms: Matt Roller
Scorecard summary
England 369/10(111.5 overs)
91 (150)
4/72 (25.4)
67 (142)
2/36 (11)
West Indies 197/10(65 overs)
46 (82)
6/31 (14)
2/28 (16)
England 226/2(58 overs)
90 (163)
1/24 (9)
68* (56)
1/61 (14)
West Indies 129/10(37.1 overs)
31 (38)
5/50 (11)

3.35pm: That feels like a good place to sign off for the series. From our various commentators and scorers throughout the series - Alan, Miller, Karthik, Varun, Raghav, Chandan, myself and various others, thanks for tuning into our live coverage throughout. We'll be back with some more live cricket very soon, with England's first ODI against Ireland on Thursday, and we look forward to having you with us then. Cheers!

Root picks up the Wisden Trophy and holds it aloft, all on his own, as though it's the Champions League. No champagne, no big team photo, no autographs and selfies with fans. That's England's forever, with a Richards/Botham Trophy being commissioned in its place.

And eventually Joe Root is up. "The last two weeks we've been excellent. We set out a gameplan and executed it in both departments. Three 100 partnerships in the game which is a good step forward for us. [Bowling attack] You look at the talent among those guys... it offers a huge amount. [Broad] For him to come back into the team and have such an impact is testament to how good a player he has been for England over a long period of time. 500 Test match wickets is a phenomenal achievement. Really pleased for him to get to that milestone. Those big moments in series, he grabs them. He wants to take the ball when you're up against it. Very good with the younger bowlers, happy to pass on his experience and advice to them. It's a real privilege to play alongside both Jimmy and Stuart."

Here's Jason Holder: "We didn't get the runs we were looking for. We had plenty of starts, plenty of guys got half-centuries but didn't kick on. Our bowlers tried in some very tough conditions but credit to all of them, I must commend them for the effort that they made. [Run out of gas?] It's hard to say. We won the first Test with our best team. Trying to clinch the series, you try to put up your best team. You're trying to back the best team to do the job for you. We've got to wait and see what happens in terms of the calendar. It's been a blessing to get over here and get some cricket. I can't ask the bowlers to do much more. Well played to England. [The bubble] It's been challenging. Mentally some of the guys are a bit worn out. Same place, same rooms... it could be this way for a little while. We've got to find ways to make it work."

Roston Chase is West Indies' player of the series according to Chris Silverwood. Have the coaches not been watching?! "When you do well against England you get a lot of credit. That's an incentive in itself. From the beginning of the tour we spoke about plans for the series. We really wanted the batsmen to put their hands up. The batting hasn't come up to par for the last couple of years. The guys have shown signs of improvement but we haven't managed. I felt comfortable at the crease at Southampton but after that it was pretty challenging batting conditions. [Bowling role] I've been doing it for a while now, I'm quite confident in my bowling now, I've worked a lot on my control. Still not where I want it to be, but it's getting a little easier for me."

MitchA: "Has Ben Stokes spilled Simmons' pint at some point in the last few weeks?"

3.21pm: Wow, Simmons has picked Broad for England's player of the series ahead of Stokes. He's obviously player of the match, too. He's speaking again: "You want performances to lead to wins so to get to 500 on a day that we won a Test match and a series feels very special. I've learned a huge amount through my career. I feel so fresh and excited to play the game and I've done some technical work that makes me feel in great rhythm. Looking forward to getting back and playing against Pakistan. Competition keeps everyone performing strongly. It's unrealistic to think that all of us will play all three Tests against Pakistan with the workloads we've got. We got the most of the pitches, they haven't been quick but they have seamed. [Catching Anderson?] Jimmy's still at the peak of his powers and he turns 38 in this little break. It's a pleasure to be on the field playing with him. We've really enjoyed this week being back together."

Here is the stats index for this series if you fancy having a gander. The fact that West Indies' best batsman, Blackwood, averaged 35 probably tells the story. As for the player of the series award, you'd have to assume Stokes shades it ahead of Broad?

3.17pm: It's now absolutely pelting it down! If West Indies could only have held on for another 30 minutes...

Come on then, let's have the presentation. Broad's been on for about an hour now. By the way, he's now England's leading fourth-innings wicket-taker of all-time. Look how high Moeen is on the list, wow!

Now a quiz for Broad: who each of his landmark wickets were. 1st - Vaas, 100th - [Thisara] Perera, 200th - Clarke, 300th - Rogers, 400th - Latham. He gets them all, fair dos. And now some video messages from elsewhere. This is a bit of a love-in. Here's our stats team's tribute. "It'll be great to have a little break," he says. England are leaving the bubble and back again on Sunday, he says, ahead of the Pakistan series.

Now they're showing him a montage of some highlights over the years. This really is like Big Brother: 'Stuart, here are your highlights from your time in the house'. "Watching the crowds make you feel a bit emotional. Really nice to watch that footage," he says. "It would be wrong of me not to say a huge thank you to the West Indies team. This summer wouldn't be possible without them. They've been heroes of this summer so far. Great to have dad here. It's a little bit of a shame that [family and friends] can't be here to give a little wave to. I'm sure they were watching at home. As soon as that ball kept low... how funny, that stat of Jimmy and I with Brathwaite [as their 500th wickets]. He said to me: 'You know who it's going to be, don't you?' That'll be a quiz question in a few years."

Stuart Broad is speaking to Sky: "We're delighted with that. The batsmen set it up for us again. When you've got scoreboard pressure it means so much to the bowling unit. We were relentless. Bowlers were able to have immediate impacts. We all bowled really well together as a group. It was so windy out there. We said this morning that we were going to have to bowl really well and be as disciplined as possible."

No overs of spin in the match for England, for only the second time since 2005 (excluding the abandoned Antigua Test). Poor old Dom Bess.

Matt: "Alternatively, even without Bravo and Hetmyer, how different might this series have been if the West Indies elected to bat first in both matches from a 1-0 lead?"

3.00pm: Stuart Broad will inevitably take the plaudits for his 10-for and his wicket of Brathwaite, his 500th in Tests, but Woakes was excellent today, too, extending his remarkable home record with 5 for 50.

S Rajesh notes that there were 19 LBWs in the series - the 2nd-most ever in a three-match series

Hypocaust: "This is the first time since 1912 that England's pace attack have taken a total of 50 wickets in a three-match men's Test series. This match also equals the record for most wickets taken by England's pace attack in an Old Trafford Test (19)" -- Great digging, as ever

2.58pm: Handshakes and fist-bumps all round between the two teams as they head off. A fairly tame end from West Indies today but they have played their part in a great series, and deserve a huge amount of credit for being here in the first place. How different might this series have been if they'd had Darren Bravo and Shimron Hetmyer available, I wonder?

Broad to Blackwood, OUT

strangled down the leg side, 10 for Broad! His first since 2013, would you believe? England win by 269 runs and take the series 2-1. This was dug in halfway down the pitch. Blackwood shapes to pull, got a fair bit of bat on it - or maybe some glove - and Buttler took a sharp catch down the leg side to finish things off

Jermaine Blackwood c †Buttler b Broad 23 (48b 2x4 0x6 78m) SR: 47.91

Stuart Broad hands his cap and jumper to 12th man Leach, and will get a go at his 10-for

end of over 379 runs
WI: 129/9CRR: 3.48 
Jermaine Blackwood23 (47b 2x4)
Shannon Gabriel0 (2b)
Chris Woakes 11-0-50-5
Jofra Archer 10-1-24-0
Woakes to Blackwood, 1 run

back of a length, punched down the ground to long-off. Anderson jogs half-heartedly after it, but it won't reach the boundary and Blackwood will retain the strike.

Broad warming up at mid-on. Blackwood will want a single here. Woakes moves round the wicket, leg slip comes in.

Woakes to Blackwood, no run

length ball, sits back and punches to mid-on off the back foot

Woakes to Blackwood, FOUR runs

length outside off, punched hard off the back foot through the covers for four more. Bess threw himself at it but Blackwood nailed this, and beat him to his left

Woakes to Blackwood, FOUR runs

back of a length outside off, Blackwood shapes to upper-cut and steers it straight over Buttler's head via the top edge

Woakes to Blackwood, no run

slower ball, slightly full of a length, Blackwood waits for it and pushes to mid-on. Down at 69mph/111kph

Woakes to Blackwood, no run

length on leg stump, clipped out to square leg and they don't take the single

Will Root give Broad a chance at his 10-for? Nope, still Woakes

end of over 361 run
WI: 120/9CRR: 3.33 
Shannon Gabriel0 (2b)
Jermaine Blackwood14 (41b)
Jofra Archer 10-1-24-0
Chris Woakes 10-0-41-5

Archer can't believe his luck. Think he was convinced that was crashing into off

Archer to Gabriel, no run

slightly full of a length on off stump, Gabriel jams his bat down just in time

Archer to Blackwood, 1 run

short ball at the left shoulder, fended awkwardly behind square on the leg side. 85mph/137kph

Field comes up to save one

Archer to Blackwood, no run

back of a length, outside off, punched out to the man running round from deep point to cover. They don't take the single, with two balls left in the over

Simon Woodford: "Get Broad on! Won't take him long to get his 10th"

Archer to Blackwood, no run

short outside off, sways inside the line and ducks underneath it. 86mph/139kph

Kieran: "Blackwood said he wanted to be there at the end..."

Archer to Blackwood, no run

outswinger on a length, punched to short extra cover while jumping onto the back foot

Archer to Blackwood, no run

unfurls an on-drive, but can't beat mid-on

Jofra Archer, into his 10th over. Blackwood will surely have a swing here?

end of over 352 runs • 2 wickets
WI: 119/9CRR: 3.40 
Shannon Gabriel0 (1b)
Jermaine Blackwood13 (36b)
Chris Woakes 10-0-41-5
Jofra Archer 9-1-23-0

Hawk-Eye confirms the Cornwall lbw shout was smashing into the top of leg

Woakes to Gabriel, no run

a fraction full of a length, pretty straight, struck on the pad but only a stifled appeal. Looked like it was too high, striking Gabriel on the thigh pad.

Shannon Gabriel comes in at No. 11. He's usually one for a good time, not a long time.

Woakes to Cornwall, OUT

and Woakes has five! Another plumb lbw, slightly full of a length. Pitching off, hitting leg. No foot movement from Cornwall who looked to work into the leg side, and he doesn't bother reviewing. Slightly bizarre decision not to, with two left, but it looked as out as it gets

Rahkeem Cornwall lbw b Woakes 2 (4b 0x4 0x6 4m) SR: 50

Sam: "I remember Graeme Swann always seemed to take a wicket with his first over of a session/spell... any stats on text commentators doing the same, Roller?" No stats, I'm afraid, but my hunch is that I get more than my fair share

Woakes to Cornwall, no run

full on leg stump, looks to whip into the leg side but inside-edges into the pad

Hawk-Eye confirms that lbw was absolutely stone-dead

Woakes to Cornwall, no run

length outside off, 84mph/135kph, left alone with a flourish. Late movement on its way through to Buttler

Woakes to Cornwall, 2 runs

length outside off, stands tall and crunches it through wide mid-off. Sibley gives chase, and Cornwall ambles back for a couple

Two slips and a gully. Five men on the single

Adrian: "Woakes showing the value of hitting the stumps, brings every type of dismissal into the game."

Cornwall is in at No. 10. Time for the Rahk Attack?

Woakes to Dowrich, OUT

struck on the pad, dead-straight, and the finger goes up! Woakes has four, England have eight. Doesn't bother reviewing, since this was about as plumb as it gets. Dowrich is only a small man and was struck on the knee roll right in front. A bit of nibble in off the seam, Dowrich went back instead of forward, looked to jam the bat down but got nowhere near it

Shane Dowrich lbw b Woakes 8 (13b 1x4 0x6 22m) SR: 61.53

Thanks, KK. These two have bowled very long spells, admittedly with some breaks - Woakes into his 10th over unchanged now.

end of over 344 runs
WI: 117/7CRR: 3.44 
Jermaine Blackwood13 (36b)
Shane Dowrich8 (12b 1x4)
Jofra Archer 9-1-23-0
Chris Woakes 9-0-39-3

It's time for a bit of Matt Roller.

Archer to Blackwood, no run

bouncer over middle and off, Blackwood crouches down low and evades it

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
OJ Pope
91 runs (150)
11 fours0 six
Productive shot
19 runs
0 four0 six
RJ Burns
90 runs (163)
10 fours0 six
Productive shot
25 runs
2 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
SCJ Broad
CR Woakes
Match details
Old Trafford, Manchester
TossWest Indies, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series resultEngland won the 3-match series 2-1
Match numberTest no. 2390
Hours of play (local time)11:00 start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 16.20-16.40, Close 19.00
Match days24,25,26,27,28 July 2020 - day (5-day match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsEngland 40, West Indies 0
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