3rd T20I (N), Chennai, November 11, 2018, West Indies tour of India
(20 ov, T:182) 182/4

India won by 6 wickets

Player Of The Match
92 (62)
Player Of The Series
5 wkts
Full commentary
end of over 205 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 182/4CRR: 9.10 
Manish Pandey4 (6)
Dinesh Karthik0 (0)
Fabian Allen 3-0-23-1
Keemo Paul 4-0-32-2

10:49pm That is all from our live coverage of this game. It has been a long, packed tour, and we've enjoyed bringing it to you. Watch out for one last round of analysis from our experts. Good night, we'll see you soon!

Meanwhile, don't forget the world of sports has a lot more to offer tonight. For starters, the Manchester derby has already produced a goal -- and you can follow all the action here.

Rohit Sharma: I've been part of games like these with Mumbai Indians. Great effort to cross the finish line. We spoke at the start of this game that we wanted to be ruthless. There were chances of us being complacent and turing up at the ground. As a team, there is always a chance of improvement moving forward. Especially handling pressure. When bowling there will be times when the batsmen will put you under pressure and it is important to stick to your strengths. These guys will learn that, when they play games like this. They will mature. Overall in the series, we ticked a lot of boxes, especially with fielding.

Kuldeep Yadav is the Man of the Series.

Shikhar Dhawan: Today I finally got a big score. Even last match I was happy with the 43. I knew I had to stay till the end when we lost two wickets. Really happy with the way Rishabh and I played. I knew that he was going after the bowlers and I had to make sure to keep one end safe. He hit some amazing sixes and then I joined the party. It is a big score, I'm very happy. It doesn't matter to me what people say, I just back myself and my batting.

Shikhar Dhawan is the Man of the Match.

Carlos Brathwaite: Happy with the effort. We saw a few balls grip. We didn't switch quickly enough to the yorkers but when we did, we brought it down to the last over. We have a lot of young promising talent. We have to manage them. Once we do the right things and the management staff and the administrators plan right, then we can get these guys in a position to not just challenge but win the upcoming World Cups.

Atul Gandhi: "@Nagarjan Well technically, if that ball was never called a wide, India wouldn't have had played the last ball and WI would have won the match. Oh cricket, you beauty!"

Nagarajan Sivar: "Now, the wide given by the umpire at 17.3 overs does the important impact for the result of this match!! If the wide is not given, then it will be super over!! "

10:27pm Sheepish smiles from Pant and Dhawan! It was such smooth sailing about 15 minutes ago, but neither of them could finish it off. Pandey covers his face, he knows he nearly fluffed that. Brathwaite covers his for different reasons. About two weeks ago, West Indies were training in Pune when Allen and two others were getting balls whacked at them by Nic Pothas. He was stressing on them the importance of picking up cleanly, not just getting to the ball and stopping it. Such are the margins. A good game overall. Pooran kept West Indies in this with a stunning half-century. It was a nice strip to bat on and in hindsigth, he kept West Indies in this with that cameo. But Dhawan was sublime today. Knew at every moment what he wanted to do and set his own pace. Aside from that, he talked Pant through his innings and stitched a nice partnership together with him. India lost two of their elite strokemarkers early, but there is depth and quality a long way down in this team. It's a 3-0 sweep and West Indies will go home with one win and several nearly-theres.

Allen to Pandey, 1 run

misfield from the bowler! And they run through! Oh Fabian Allen nearly had it. The best fielder in the West Indies side can't quite wrap his hands around this. Length ball at leg stump, Pandey taps gently towards mid-on and Allen does superbly to lunge and get across to his right. DK has long begun running and is halfway down the pitch as Allen gets a hand on it. But he only parries it past midwicket, who is running in towards him and therefore won't be around to cover. Allen is devastated, his team-mates console him.

Four infielders on the leg side, close. Long-off in. Point and short third.

Karthik has come running out to big applause from his home crowd, but it will be Pandey on strike

Allen to S Dhawan, OUT

clubs it straight to long-on! Oh dear! How has it come to this? Length ball lobbed up outside off. Steps out and pummels this, flat and straight to Pollard who is ten yards in from the rope. What an innings from Dhawan, but will this shot end up haunting him?

Shikhar Dhawan c Pollard b Allen 92 (62b 10x4 2x6) SR: 148.38
Allen to S Dhawan, no run

straight to square leg. Length ball flat at a length, runs down the track and flicks straight to the fielder

Allen to Pandey, 1 run

length at off stump, dipping sharply as he opens the face and slices this past point

Short third, backward point, short fine, short midwicket.

Allen to S Dhawan, 1 run

short of a length at middle stump, pulled straight to deep midwicket

Highest score for Dhawan

Allen to S Dhawan, 2 runs

short and wide outside off, sliced to sweeper's right. Hetmyer sprints to his right and tumbles as he gets his right hand down at this. He loses balance and as he rolls over, his shoe inadvertently stops the ball from rolling into the rope.

Allen will try and defend 5

end of over 193 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 177/3CRR: 9.31 RRR: 5.00
Manish Pandey2 (4)
Shikhar Dhawan89 (58)
Keemo Paul 4-0-32-2
Carlos Brathwaite 4-0-41-0

Siddhesh v: "@Kaushik Hoysala: I think it's the general impression that's been anointed on the Chennai crowd, where you can find good patronage even for test matches and highly animated technical discussions in the stands. Being a chennaiite who has seen his fair share of games from the stadium, I can certainly attest to that. "

Paul to Pandey, 2 runs

yorker length at off stump, drilled firmly back at the bowler who parries it towards long-off. They get two to long-off's left

Paul to Pandey, no run

inswinging yorker at middle stump. Jams it to midwicket

Paul to Pandey, no run

full at middle stump, clears the front leg and looks to drill it wide of long-on. Gets an inside edge onto pad

Paul to Pandey, no run

yorker at middle stump, digs it out into the leg side

Paul to Pant, OUT

smashes middle stump. Pant wants to open the face and ramp this through the gully region. Gets the front leg well out of the way and pokes at it with the face open. The physics just won't work on that. It's a yorker aimed in at middle stump from around the wicket. But it's been that kind of innings, and it has been rewarding for him.

Rishabh Pant b Paul 58 (38b 5x4 3x6) SR: 152.63

Kaushik Hoysala: "What do commentators mean when they say, knowledgeable crowd? Have they come inside the stadium after giving a CAT exam?"

Paul to S Dhawan, 1 run

full and wide outside off, controlled drive to sweeper's left

end of over 1811 runs
INDIA: 174/2CRR: 9.66 RRR: 4.00
Shikhar Dhawan88 (57)
Rishabh Pant58 (37)
Carlos Brathwaite 4-0-41-0
Oshane Thomas 4-0-43-1
Brathwaite to S Dhawan, 1 run

yorker at the toes. Clipped along the floor to deep square

Brathwaite to Pant, 1 run

yorker just outside leg stump. Backs into the off side to try and heave behind square on the off side. Inside edge onto pad and a single at fine leg

Brathwaite to S Dhawan, 1 run

length at middle stump, runs it to short third man off the outside half

Brathwaite to Pant, 1 run

length down leg side, follows the batsman who shovels this into the leg side

Brathwaite to Pant, 1 wide

oh that's harsh from the umpire. Pant walks down the pitch and skips away from this yorker headed for his heels. It goes by leg stump, where Pant was originally standing. Brathwaite not impressed with the wide call. He has a case.

bkrip: "@Brutus_Shylock - you have already anointed Pant as success with one inning. Seems a bit unfair to call that. Lets talk after he proves a consistent success like Dhoni. "

Brathwaite to Pant, 2 runs

another full toss that he can't get a hold of. Drags it to deep midwicket's left with a slog off the inside half

Brathwaite to S Dhawan, 1 run

yorker at off stump. Clears the leg and swings for it, but he can only get it out to long-off

Free hit still

Brathwaite to S Dhawan, 1 wide

attempted yorker is a full toss down leg side. Looks to paddle this but can't connect

Free hit for Dhawan, got a six off his last one

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