1st Test, Hamilton, Dec 2 - 6 2020, West Indies tour of New Zealand
(58.5 ov)(f/o) 138 & 247
New Zealand won by an innings and 134 runs
player of the match
Kane Williamson
New Zealand

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Jason Holder We just weren't good enough. We passed the bat quite a few times but credit to Kane, he made us toil. We still had some positive stuff with our bowling unit. Our batting wasn't good enough. I have to congratulate Blackwood and Joseph for their innings. But quite frankly our top order needs to do better. We're still scratching our heads. Our preparations has been good. We had two solid warm up games and although the surface was different, I think we need to show better application up top. This New Zealand team bowls in partnerships and we need to do that with the batting too. We need to hold them at bay and get some scoring shots and do those good things. We need answers and we need em quickly. Kemar pushed through this Test match but he'll be going home to be with his family now. Shane, we're not quite sure about the extent of his hand injury. Looking pretty doubtful for the second Test. As I said t other guys, it's time to deliver and stopped talking. We've talked a lot and we've promised a lot. Now it's time to look ourselves in the mirror and fight. We've thrown in the towel too easily. We need to change that.

Kane Williamson is Man of the Match: Obviously it was nice to spend time in the middle and build some partnerships. A surface if the ball was on the right area was passing the bat consistently. It was really challenging technically and mentally. So it was nice to spend time out there and get through those tough times but that's Test cricket. Tom Latham was outstanding. When you get put into bat and you see a wicket as green as that, you can have a few pre-empted ideas. Throughout the batting order, we had a number of valuable contributions. It was a really important collective effort to get to our first innings total.

We knew that West Indies coming here were going to be a tough challenge. We were fortunate to get off to a good start and hold that position. Coming into today, we knew it'd be tough. They bat deep and their middle order hit back really well. Jermaine scored a very nice hundred. So we had to be patient with the ball in hand and know that if we are in the areas for long enough, we'd get our opportunities. The wicket started to flatten out so it was important we put in a collective effort.

There's so many different bits and pieces you can look at but nothing gives you an answer as such. For us it was sticking to our plans. I think we saw some strong application from the batting and bowling groups to stay on task for long periods. I guess when the ball is moving around and missing the bat, you can try too hard. I guess our guys started like that but then settled in well. Our schedule is quite busy now and we know there's another game in Wellington now so we need to shift focus to that.

In this game we adapted quite quickly. That's always a challenge in Test cricket. We'll go to Wellington and we'll look to do that again. All in all, a really pleasing effort from out side. And a very good cricket wicket as well that offered to bat and ball

12.20 pm This game belongs to the New Zealand captain. Kane Williamson made his highest Test score (251) in difficult conditions. He was batting in long-form cricket for the first time in nine months. And the number of mistakes he made could be counted on one hand.

After his tour de force, New Zealand's bowlers, led by Tim Southee, fed off their captain's discipline. Their ability to put six balls in the same area and keep asking the same tough questions of the West Indies batsman was crucial to how this Test turned out.

Jermaine Blackwood and Alzarri Joseph are positive signs for the future of West Indies cricket, but unless they can find a working top order, their efforts in fast-bowler friendly conditions really won't be fun.

Rose: "Wagner took 6 wickets in the match and only 1 was a bumper! Who'd have thought it?"

Wagner to Gabriel, OUT

middle stump out of the ground. New Zealand win by an innings and 134 runs. Gabriel loads up a big swing down the ground. He misses. Wagner hits

Shannon Gabriel b Wagner 0 (3m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Wagner to Gabriel, no run

short and skiddy. Gabriel swivels on his back foot to try and work it behind square leg. Looks very awkward doing so

Wagner to Gabriel, no run

bouncer on middle and off, Gabriel gets out of the way

Wagner to Gabriel, no run

looks for the yorker this time, but it slides down leg

With it all coming to an end, Williamson takes a little time to talk to Roach, who lost his father a few days before the start of the game.

Wagner to Blackwood, OUT

taken at square leg! The Wagner short ball finally takes down the man it was after for all innings. It's too close to his body. It doesn't give him the room to free the arms and add power into the pull shot. It also hits the bat very high and as a result Blackwood only picks out backward square leg. Still, a beautiful counterattacking hundred and Hamilton stands up to applaud his effort.

Jermaine Blackwood c Southee b Wagner 104 (239m 141b 11x4 2x6) SR: 73.76
end of over 585 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 247/7CRR: 4.25 
Kemar Roach0 (2)
Jermaine Blackwood104 (140)
Kyle Jamieson12-2-42-2
Neil Wagner13-0-66-2
Jamieson to Roach, no run

back of a length and outside off, no shot

Jamieson to Roach, no run

outside edge doesn't carry to third slip. It's that fuller length from Jamieson again, causing problems

Jamieson to Blackwood, 1 run

full on middle, he pushes to mid-on

Saoirse: "Finally a catch! How many drops has it been? I accept most were very hard (except Blundell, Young's first and possibly Latham) but it feels like a lot of drops"

Jamieson to Blackwood, 2 runs

dabs a shortish delivery outside off to the sweeper

Jamieson to Joseph, OUT

taken at deep point! His strokeplay has been stunning. His drives fluent. His pulls downright dominant. But here he goes after a full and wide delivery and gets pretty much the bottom of the bat on it. Santner runs up off the boundary and takes a simple catch. That's the end of a special innings and a partnership that will give West Indies momentum going into the next Test

Alzarri Joseph c sub (MJ Santner) b Jamieson 86 (167m 125b 9x4 3x6) SR: 68.8
Jamieson to Joseph, 2 runs

one-handed effort, but he can't hold on! Joseph clearly has no problems playing his shots even as his hundred looms. This one is an expansive off drive that goes to the left of mid-off. Kane Williamson is there, racing towards the ball, he's never gonna get there, he dives, wanting to put two hands to it, but then he realises he has to stretch so he goes one-handed - his strong hand, the left hand - and somehow gets his fingertips to it

Scott: "I really hope Joseph puts his head down here and concentrates to get his century. He has all the time in the world, can do it in singles if he wants!"

end of over 573 runs
WI: 242/6CRR: 4.24 
Alzarri Joseph84 (123)
Jermaine Blackwood101 (138)
Neil Wagner13-0-66-2
Kyle Jamieson11-2-37-1

AmericanCricket: "Great knock by Blackwood, but one of the things that might limit his conversion rate in FC is the fact that he's a middle order batsman and probably has to bat a lot with the tail. A good partner and some application goes a long way for making those bigger scores"

Wagner to Joseph, 1 run

half a pull shot, virtually nothing more than him protecting his body from being hit by the bouncer. That's why there's no power in the shot as he lobs it over short leg, but it doesn't carry to leg gully

Wagner to Joseph, no run

bouncer down leg, he gets out of the way

Wagner to Blackwood, 1 run

shifts across his stumps as he pulls a short ball down leg stump to long leg.

Short leg added to the mix

Viral Bulsara: "If Alzaari will cross 89, that will be his highest run, even more than his first class score."

Wagner to Blackwood, no run

short and on leg stump, doesn't need to play

Wagner to Joseph, 1 run

mis-hit pull shot. He's been very good at picking those up, but this is a Wagner short ball. It's on him too quickly. It's at chest high. It gets a top edge but doesn't carry through to backward square leg

Wagner to Joseph, no run

ducks under a short ball on middle and off

A fightback that at one point looked only fanciful is now flourishing. The pitch has calmed down. New Zealand are dropping catches. They may even be feeling the lack of a spinner. This is a good place to be for a batting side (if only they had managed a better start in this innings and a better first innings altogether). West Indies still trail by 142 so these two still have a lot of work to do