2nd Test, Khulna, Nov 21 - 25 2012, West Indies tour of Bangladesh
387 & 287
(4.4 ov, target 27)648/9d & 30/0
West Indies won by 10 wickets
player of the match
Marlon Samuels
West Indies


Mushfiqur Rahim: In this Test, there were a couple of guys who put up their hand and did a good job, congratulations to Shakib for his 100th wicket and Nasir for his good form but we need to work harder to have more players performing like them. One of our challenges is to overcome our problems and bat much better. The ODI series will be a great series for the guys and the others who will be joining us.

Darren Sammy: Step in the right direction and the team played well, it was remarkable to see the way we played. Best has put us in good positions. Good to see everyone has put in a lot of hard work, we are taking steps to get going in Test matches as well. The guys are coming in for the ODIs, and they are practicing at Dhaka, hopefully it will be a step in the right direction. We won't take Bangladesh for granted in the series. Want to thank the crowd for coming out and supporting us.

Shakib al Hasan gets an award for his 100 Test wickets.

Marlon Samuels gets the man of the match award. He scored 260 in the first innings. He says, "Every innings if important, team management has been excellent. Kind of wicket, we needed to give ourselves some time and then we can start scoring fast. Enjoying the stay here and looking forward to the ODIs."

Shivanarine Chanderpaul gets the man of the series award. Not Tino Best, who would have gotten close too, with two successive five-wicket hauls.

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In the end, it has been an easy win for the West Indies, winning by 10 wickets, third time that Bangladesh have lost by that margin. It would be fair to say that Bangladesh were thoroughly outplayed, barring that one session on the opening day when debutant Abul Hasan smashed that superb century batting at number 10. The two sessions before that and the rest of them after that belonged to the West Indies.

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Md Naeem to Powell, FOUR runs

another one on the leg stump and swept away yet again for another four to win the second Test match and the series 2-0!

Md Naeem to Powell, FOUR runs

down the leg side and swept away by Powell to the fine-leg for four, scores are level now

Md Naeem to Powell, no run

flighted up to the bat, a full-toss but taps it to short cover

Md Naeem to Powell, no run

outside the off and lets it go through the keeper, no turn on that one

West Indies are five short of recording their second win this series.

end of over 412 runs
WI: 22/0CRR: 5.50 
Chris Gayle20 (16)
Kieran Powell1 (8)
Rubel Hossain2-0-14-0
Naeem Islam1-1-0-0
Rubel to Gayle, FOUR runs

and for the third time in the over, he tries to attempt one outside the off stump and Gayle thrashes it through the covers for the third four of the over, this is not going to last too long now

Rubel to Gayle, no run

bouncer attempted and Gayle goes down, lets it go through to the keeper

Rubel to Gayle, FOUR runs

short of length and the same result, cut hard and for four, this time he hits it over the in-field

Rubel to Gayle, no run

on the middle stump and on the length, Gayle pays respect by defending it back to the bowler

Rubel to Gayle, FOUR runs

outside the off and cut away from length through covers for a four

Rubel to Gayle, no run

outside the off, good length ball and pushed to the off side

Maiden from Naeem Islam that last over.

end of over 3Maiden
WI: 10/0CRR: 3.33 
Kieran Powell1 (8)
Chris Gayle8 (10)
Naeem Islam1-1-0-0
Rubel Hossain1-0-2-0
Md Naeem to Powell, no run

front round the stumps, the angle gets the ball in and turns very slightly away, beats the outside edge of the bat and almost takes the stumps along

Md Naeem to Powell, no run

fuller, outside the off and defended to the off side

Md Naeem to Powell, no run

outside the off stump and lets it go through to the keeper

Md Naeem to Powell, no run

slower and turn and bounce from off stump, was pushing at it and beats the outside edge

Md Naeem to Powell, no run

pitched up from round the stumps, driven to short cover

Md Naeem to Powell, no run

on the off stump and driven to the off side

Gazi is off and Naeem Islam comes on.