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Bangladesh vs West Indies, 2nd Test at Khulna, , Nov 21 2012 - Full Scorecard

2nd Test, Khulna, November 21 - 25, 2012, West Indies tour of Bangladesh
387 & 287
(T:27) 648/9d & 30/0

West Indies won by 10 wickets

Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
354 runs
Bangladesh 1st Innings
West Indies 1st Innings
Bangladesh 2nd Innings
West Indies 2nd Innings
Match Flow
Bangladesh 1st Innings 
b Sammy32701094045.71
c Powell b Edwards46111066.66
c †Ramdin b Sammy2649814053.06
b Edwards1622311072.72
c †Ramdin b Edwards1720263085.00
c †Ramdin b Edwards38811195046.91
c Edwards b Permaul5268888176.47
c & b Sammy76971759078.35
lbw b Edwards044000.00
c Sammy b Edwards11312316314391.86
not out 58111062.50
Extras(b 4, lb 3, nb 1)8
TOTAL91.1 Ov (RR: 4.24)387
Fall of wickets: 1-5 (Nazimuddin, 2.1 ov), 2-64 (Shahriar Nafees, 18.4 ov), 3-77 (Tamim Iqbal, 22.6 ov), 4-93 (Naeem Islam, 27.1 ov), 5-98 (Shakib Al Hasan, 29.2 ov), 6-185 (Nasir Hossain, 50.3 ov), 7-193 (Mushfiqur Rahim, 55.2 ov), 8-193 (Sohag Gazi, 55.6 ov), 9-377 (Mahmudullah, 88.5 ov), 10-387 (Abul Hasan, 91.1 ov)
2.1 to Nazimuddin, gone, caught at short-leg, out! It was a short ball yet again, cramping the batsman for room and Nazimuddin can only fend it away to short-leg! Yes, short-leg, they have one in place for such kind of bowling and he is immediately in action. The ball did not bounce as much as it could have from that length, but what counts for the visitors is that it got them a wicket!. 5/1
27.1 to Naeem Islam, gone, bowled! This is the second poor one of the session, off only the second over of the session. Pitched up and he went for the drive, gets an inside edge and chips the bails. Shakib had earlier survived his attempt at a drive, Naeem does not! The shot may have been on but given how early it was in the session and in his own innings, there was a scope to leave the ball.. 93/4
29.2 to Shakib Al Hasan, edged and gone! It seems to have taken the outside edge of the bat, the keeper collects it and immediately throws up the ball in celebration. The umpire also does not have any trouble in giving that out and while Shakib is disappointed, it does not seem to stem from the decision. It was a length ball, sucked the batsman into playing at it and it results in a very thin nick through to the keeper.. 98/5
55.2 to Mushfiqur Rahim, edged and excellently caught! a very good ball, Rahim had to play at it and manages only to take an edge of the bat, it was travelling to the right of Ramdin and would have beaten the first slip. The Trinidad and Tobago man dived in a flash and plucks it rather well, to send back the captain. 193/7
55.6 to Sohag Gazi, gone, lbw to an in-swinger! That was what he wanted to do, pitch it up and get it to swing enough to beat the inside edge of the bat. He does exactly that here and the batsman is caught plumb in front!. 193/8
91.1 to Abul Hasan, gone, out, fended off to the slips! It was a short one and the batsman wanted to sway out of the way, could not do so in time and it flies off his gloves to the slips where Sammy takes a simple catch. End of a superb knock from the debutant, while Edwards ends with six wickets too.. 387/10
18.4 to Shahriar Nafees, gone! caught behind, it is the batsman who blinks!. It was another one outside the off stump, but he made it to angle slightly in before it moves away, Nafees could have left it alone but he went for a forward defensive stroke, gets a feather and is caught behind!. 64/2
22.6 to Tamim Iqbal, bowled him! Whoa! That actually comes into the batsman from outside the off! The bowler had made Tamim leave all those deliveries and suddenly brought this one into the batsman from one that was slightly shorter. The angle ensured that it would jag back into the batsman and the lack of bounce allowed the ball to hit the stumps, of course aided by the batsman's decision to leave it alone! Intelligent stuff!. 77/3
88.5 to Mahmudullah, gone, caught and bowled by the captain! That is almost against the run of play, fuller from Sammy and drilled back to the bowler. It was going to Sammy's right, above his head and he puts his hand out, does not take it cleanly, but it lobs up and back to the bowler who does a good job in taking the rebound. 377/9
50.3 to Nasir Hossain, That is the end of that, and on expected lines. Play well, spank everyone out of the attack, get to an attractive half-century and then throw it away. Nasir Hossain tries to go down the track and hit the bowler over mid-on, he fails to execute it well and is easily caught at mid-on. 185/6
West Indies 1st Innings 
c †Mushfiqur Rahim b Sohag Gazi2547523053.19
c Shakib Al Hasan b Rubel Hossain1322402059.09
lbw b Sohag Gazi12728841110044.09
c sub (Elias Sunny) b Rubel Hossain26045561831357.14
not out 15028237512153.19
c †Mushfiqur Rahim b Shakib Al Hasan31931232033.33
c Mahmudullah b Shakib Al Hasan034000.00
c Sohag Gazi b Shakib Al Hasan1315161186.66
c Shahriar Nafees b Shakib Al Hasan011000.00
c Shakib Al Hasan b Sohag Gazi2580040.00
Extras(b 10, lb 7, nb 8, w 2)27
TOTAL200.3 Ov (RR: 3.23)648/9d
Did not bat:
Fall of wickets: 1-37 (Kieran Powell, 9.5 ov), 2-43 (Chris Gayle, 12.4 ov), 3-369 (Darren Bravo, 110.4 ov), 4-546 (Marlon Samuels, 164.4 ov), 5-621 (Denesh Ramdin, 193.2 ov), 6-621 (Daren Sammy, 193.5 ov), 7-639 (Veerasammy Permaul, 197.5 ov), 8-639 (Sunil Narine, 197.6 ov), 9-648 (Fidel Edwards, 200.3 ov)
12.4 to CH Gayle, gone, out, caught behind! It was sliding down the leg side and Gayle could have either left it alone or swept it to the fence, he chooses to do the latter but does not get it off the middle of the bat, and nicks it to the keeper, who does well to hold on to it on the leg-stump. The Bangladeshis are excited and go up, the umpire upholds the appeal. 43/2
110.4 to DM Bravo, yes, finally, lbw, Bravo has been given! It was quicker on the middle stump and he was going on the back foot to cut it, misses it and the ball hits the pads first, before hitting the bat, the umpire gives him out and rightly so, was hitting the leg stump. 369/3
200.3 to FH Edwards, edged and caught in the slips, it was fuller on the off stump and he wafted at it, gets an outside edge and the slip takes a sharp catch there. 648/9
9.5 to KOA Powell, gone, caught off a short one! continues to pepper him with the short one and this has been pulled away well, off the middle of the bat, but he finds the fielder at deep square-leg, Shakib jumps forward and takes a good catch!. 37/1
164.4 to MN Samuels, finally! gone! out! Samuels has been dismissed, which one never thought would happen today, the way he was going! It was a quick one, reared up from length and took the shoulder of the bat, flies to point where he takes an easy catch. 546/4
193.2 to D Ramdin, gone, finally another wicket for the Bangladeshis! Ramdin did not look too solid throughout, went for a slog sweep here and this turned away from the bat, gets an outside edge of the bat and Rahim juggles with it on a couple of occasions before grabbing it. Shakib shows relief by shaking his head. 621/5
193.5 to DJG Sammy, gone, 100 for Shakib, caught in the slips! Captain Sammy is gone, tries to go for a heave before deciding to defend it, gets an outside edge that hits the wicket-keeper and flies off to the slips, well taken!. 621/6
197.5 to V Permaul, outside the off stump and he tries to drive it down the ground, gets the outside half of the bat and goes straight to the short cover, simple catch to get Shakib his third!. 639/7
197.6 to SP Narine, gone, on a hat-trick! floated up, went for a drive, takes an inside edge to short-leg, who takes a good catch there!. 639/8
Bangladesh 2nd Innings 
b Best2833414084.84
lbw b Edwards012000.00
c Sammy b Best2130614070.00
b Best2330066.66
c Best b Permaul9711720510182.90
b Permaul1021212047.61
b Best9415720811159.87
c †Ramdin b Permaul2420050.00
b Best714251050.00
not out 724461029.16
c Bravo b Best1418303077.77
Extras(lb 3, nb 1, w 1)5
TOTAL70.1 Ov (RR: 4.09)287
Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Nazimuddin, 0.3 ov), 2-49 (Tamim Iqbal, 8.1 ov), 3-51 (Naeem Islam, 8.4 ov), 4-62 (Shahriar Nafees, 12.4 ov), 5-82 (Mushfiqur Rahim, 17.2 ov), 6-226 (Shakib Al Hasan, 56.1 ov), 7-228 (Mahmudullah, 56.5 ov), 8-254 (Sohag Gazi, 62.1 ov), 9-269 (Nasir Hossain, 64.4 ov), 10-287 (Rubel Hossain, 70.1 ov)
0.3 to Nazimuddin, gone, first ball, lbw! it was the first ball, straight ball, hits on the middle and would have hit the leg at worst with the bit of an angle, a golden duck for Nazimuddin. 1/1
17.2 to Mushfiqur Rahim, gone, bowled, poor, poor shot! this is wicket thrown away, not a shot you would expect a captain to play in this position, it was on the middle stump, not really flighted up to the bat, he goes down the track to probably deposit it in Dhaka, the ball keeps a tad low and he misses, bowled.. 82/5
56.1 to Shakib Al Hasan, how do you describe that, he's gone! This is a brain-freeze moment, batting on one of the better made near-centuries you would see, Shakib goes down the track and tries to slog Permaul away, he does not get it off the middle of the bat and the top edge of the bat and flies up to mid-off for a simple catch.. 226/6
56.5 to Mahmudullah, gone, out, caught behind! he was trying to sweep the ball, he does not get it anywhere off the middle, probably brushes the bat or gloves on its way through to the keeper, who had by then moved to the leg side and held well!. 228/7
8.1 to Tamim Iqbal, first ball and bowled! what a ripper from a bowler who was not expected to bowl. On the middle stump and a hint of inswing, Tamim misses it and it sneaks through to hit the stumps, gone!. 49/2
8.4 to Naeem Islam, gone, bowled again, this is Best at his best! this one cut in a big way, Naeem Islam was shouldering arms and that nips in so sharply that it takes the off stump bail from there, three down and in more than a spot here the home team. 51/3
12.4 to Shahriar Nafees, short ball, fended and caught in the slips! this was a nasty bouncer on his body, Nafees neither ducks nor sway and there is no pull attempted either, it hits his gloves and rears up to the slips for an easy catch, four down and a defeat looks imminent, unless they find a way to bat like the way West Indies did. 62/4
62.1 to Sohag Gazi, out, bowled, first ball! straight ball, no swing, no seam, and a gentle loosener, the batsman wanted to defend but plays down the wrong line and is cleaned up, Best is on his way to a second successive, five-wicket haul in the second innings!. 254/8
64.4 to Nasir Hossain, bowled for 94! it was straight and fast and full and Nasir is cleaned up by that one! That is his second 90 in the series, and one has to feel for him, it has been an amazing series with the bat for him and with some support Bangladesh could have pushed this further.. 269/9
70.1 to Rubel Hossain, gone, caught, Bravo gets it this time! digs it in very short, he is on the back foot, wants to slash it away but does not get too bat on it and it pops up to the right of the fielder at mid-off, catches it this time. 287/10
West Indies 2nd Innings (T: 27 runs)
not out 20161850125.00
not out 912182075.00
Extras(w 1)1
TOTAL4.4 Ov (RR: 6.42, 18 Mins)30/0
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Wed, 21 Nov - day 1 - Bangladesh 1st innings 365/8 (Mahmudullah 72*, Abul Hasan 100*, 86 ov)
Thu, 22 Nov - day 2 - West Indies 1st innings 241/2 (Darren Bravo 85*, Marlon Samuels 109*, 82 ov)
Fri, 23 Nov - day 3 - West Indies 1st innings 564/4 (Shivnarine Chanderpaul 109*, Denesh Ramdin 4*, 172 ov)
Sat, 24 Nov - day 4 - Bangladesh 2nd innings 226/6 (Nasir Hossain 64*, 56.1 ov)
Sun, 25 Nov - day 5 - West Indies 2nd innings 30/0 (4.4 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
  • Bangladesh: 250 runs in 61.4 overs (371 balls), Extras 4
  • Drinks: Bangladesh - 283/9 in 67.0 overs (Abul Hasan 5, Rubel Hossain 13)
  • Innings Break: Bangladesh - 287/10 in 70.1 overs (Abul Hasan 7)
Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium, Khulna
TossBangladesh, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series resultWest Indies won the 2-match series 2-0
Match numberTest no. 2060
Hours of play (local time)9.30am start, Lunch 11.30-12.10, Tea 14.10-14.30, Close 16.30
Match days21,22,23,24,25 November 2012 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee