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1st Test, Lord's, May 06 - 08, 2009, West Indies tour of England
(T:32) 377 & 32/0
(f/o) 152 & 256

England won by 10 wickets

Player Of The Match
63*, 3/16 & 3/39
ENG 2nd Innings
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Well, that just about wraps it up from this first Test of the English season. A confident performance from a new-look England team and this series now moves north to Durham. The West Indians had better get all their sweaters ready, it could be chilly. Cricinfo will be back next Thursday to bring you all the action, but from Andrew McGlashan and Will Luke it's goodbye and thanks for joining us.

The Man of the Match goes to Graeme Swann for his fantastic all-round efforts of 63 not out, six wickets and two catches. "I wish the world could be left-handed," Swann jokes in relation to his success against the West Indies' batting. "I've been working hard on my batting and Mushy [Mushtaq Ahmed] told me to enjoy it."

"We had a tough winter," says Andrew Strauss, "so it was important to get over the line. I thought the way we played was excellent. Ravi's knock was fantastic then the attack worked hard. There are areas to work, but happy to come away with the win."

"It was a fantastic effort from Graham Onions to get five on debut and it was great to see Ravi take his chance so well."

Mike Atherton kicks off the post-match proceedings...a few medals for the officials first, so bear with us.

"Give credit to England, they played some good cricket and we only have ourselves to blame," says Chris Gayle. "We dropped too many catches. Fidel put us in a good position but the fielding wasn't good enough.

"Myself, Shiv and Sarwan didn't get any runs with was disappointing, but hopefully we can in Durham. It won't be easy, but we have to go out there and fight."

The presentation will follow shortly and we'll bring you news of the Man of the Match and anything else of interest.

Well, that's the way to do it and West Indies look disconsolate and dismayed. They have barely any time to regroup - the second Test is in Durham on Thursday - and England look fresh, confident and quite exciting. A beaming Strauss heads off to the pavilion with Andy Flower applauding him from the balcony - and it's a been a great start for him, too, in his first Test as the official coach. A fine effort allround. Don't forget to have a read of the bulletin, and keep your eyes on the series homepage.

Edwards to Strauss, FOUR runs

drilled emphatically through cover to seal the most convincing of win by 10 wickets

end of over 613 runs
ENG: 28/0CRR: 4.66 
Alastair Cook14 (17)
Andrew Strauss10 (23)
Jerome Taylor 3-0-20-0
Fidel Edwards 3-0-8-0
Taylor to Cook, 2 runs

attempts a booming drive but gets a thick inside edge which scoots past the stumps

Taylor to Cook, FOUR runs

oh lovely shot from Cook, driving straight down the ground for four

Taylor to Cook, no run

pushed out to the off side

Taylor to Cook, FOUR runs

short and straight and pulled and hammered for four. In front of square, too

Taylor to Cook, no run

guided out to the off side

Taylor to Cook, (no ball) 2 runs

sweetly stroked out to the off side

Taylor to Cook, no run

defended on the back foot

end of over 51 run
ENG: 15/0CRR: 3.00 
Alastair Cook2 (10)
Andrew Strauss10 (23)
Fidel Edwards 3-0-8-0
Jerome Taylor 2-0-7-0
Edwards to Cook, 1 run

flipped down to fine leg to steal the strike

Edwards to Cook, no run

defended on the front foot

Edwards to Cook, no run

and Cook plays and misses outside off

Edwards to Cook, no run

flicked to leg

Edwards to Cook, no run

flicked to leg

Edwards to Cook, no run

angled out to point

end of over 42 runs
ENG: 14/0CRR: 3.50 
Andrew Strauss10 (23)
Alastair Cook1 (4)
Jerome Taylor 2-0-7-0
Fidel Edwards 2-0-7-0
Taylor to Strauss, no run

beaten! Good delivery outside off

Taylor to Strauss, no run

defended on the front foot

Taylor to Strauss, no run

left alone

Taylor to Strauss, 2 runs

a short-arm pull through square leg for two

Oh come on, England. Just whack it.

Taylor to Strauss, no run

and again he leaves it alone

Taylor to Strauss, no run

left alone outside off