1st T20I, The Oval, Jun 28 2007, West Indies tour of England and Ireland
(20 ov, target 209)193/7
West Indies won by 15 runs
player of the match
end of over 207 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 193/7CRR: 9.65 
Stuart Broad1 (1)
Michael Yardy23 (18)
Dwayne Bravo 1-0-6-0
Ravi Rampaul 4-0-26-0

And West Indies roar their delight. They've done brilliantly tonight, outplaying England from the first over. England just never left the traps, in spite of Collingwood's breezy knock. They lacked the fire and inventiveness of West Indies' batsman - Smith and Samuels both played magnificently well. So, a tough introduction for England's new captain, Collingwood, but they have a chance to level the series tomorrow, here at The Oval, for the second and final Twenty20. Do join us tomorrow for another 40 overs of entertaining mayhem but, from me Will Luke, and Andrew Miller, it's good night.

Bravo to Broad, 1 run

down the leg side Broad clips it to fine leg

Yardy and Broad have a chat. England need 17 from one ball. What on earth can they be talking about? Broad nods his head furiously, listening to Yardy

Good knock from England's new captain, but he looks mighty angry

Bravo to PD Collingwood, 1 run, OUT

bashed down the ground for a couple. Collingwood races back, but the throw from Dwayne Smith is quick and accurate, replays confirming Collingwood's fate

Paul Collingwood run out (Smith/†Ramdin) 79 (47m 41b 5x4 4x6) SR: 192.68

It's all over

Bravo to Yardy, 1 bye

a slower ball which completely foxes Yardy, trying to slash this outside off but missing it

And he's absolutely fuming, furious with himself and he practises the stroke, lambasting himself for not going over the top

Bravo to PD Collingwood, 1 run

another non-boundary, Collingwood flinging it over midwicket without timing

"Come on, Bravo," sings an English voice in the crowd somewhat confusingly.

Bravo to PD Collingwood, 2 runs

mistimed to mid-off; Collingwood's quick between the wickets but he's going to be short of his ground here. In comes the throw, and the stumps are broken...but replays show he's safe

The physio had told Bravo not to bowl. He might be in for a rollicking later.

Bravo to Yardy, 1 run

full, well bowled, Yardy drives it down to long-off

Collingwood has a wry, resigned look on his face. Interesting...Bravo's coming on to bowl, when we were told he isn't fit enough (selected as a batsman only).

end of over 197 runs
ENG: 186/6CRR: 9.78 RRR: 23.00
Paul Collingwood75 (38)
Michael Yardy22 (16)
Ravi Rampaul 4-0-26-0
Daren Powell 3-0-39-0
Rampaul to PD Collingwood, 2 runs

again, fabulous ball which is too full for Collingwood to do anything with, clumping it through midwicket

Six or nothing for England

Rampaul to PD Collingwood, no run

Collingwood steps down the pitch, Rampaul simply drops it a touch shorter and it swings past Collingwood's flashing blade. Brilliant bowling

25 from 8. They really do need a rather large six

Rampaul to Yardy, 1 run

Yardy does a little jig to try and put Rampaul off, but he can only slash it off an inside edge to midwicket

Rampaul to Yardy, no run

oh well bowled, Yardy steps outside leg but Rampaul sends it wide of the off stump. Very clever, very alert

54 from the last 20 balls

Rampaul to Yardy, 2 runs

sponged down to third man for two

Carnage out there. What a mess

Rampaul to Yardy, 2 runs

full, straight, Yardy doesn't know what's going on, hammering it into his pads and they scamper for a single. Rampaul tries to throw down the stumps but misses by a country mile

Okay. 30 needed from 12. Yardy on strike and his eyes are on stalks

This is getting interesting..."Sidebottom's in the dugout with his pads on. He's not quite looking nervous... yet," Jen notes. Chris Gayle is laconic as ever, putting his arm around Rampaul's shoulder as though about to break into song, or see if he fancies a beer this evening. No beer for Rampaul just yet, though, as Gayle hands him the ball