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2nd ODI, Birmingham, July 04, 2007, West Indies tour of England and Ireland
(46/50 ov, T:279) 217

West Indies won by 61 runs

Player Of The Match
116* (122)
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end of over 462 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 217/10CRR: 4.71 RRR: 15.50
Stuart Broad22 (19)
Fidel Edwards 10-0-43-2
Dwayne Smith 9-0-54-0

So there we have it. West Indies are victorious by 61 runs, they have drawn level at 1-1 in the three-match series, which means that there is everything - and I mean absolutely everything - to play for in the series decider at Trent Bridge on Saturday.

Thank you and goodnight. We've been Andrew Miller, Jenny Thompson and Will Luke, with Gnasher on the drums. We're off to move seamlessly into oche-by-oche coverage of the Las Vegas Darts classic at Mandalay. Double tops

Edwards to Anderson, OUT

full length outswinger, Anderson is drawn into the stroke, and the thin edge is pouched by Denesh Ramdin. West Indies have won a handsome victory, as Edwards strikes with the final ball of his spell. Excellent effort from him, both here and at Lord's

James Anderson c †Ramdin b Edwards 3 (19m 18b 0x4 0x6) SR: 16.66
Edwards to Anderson, 2 runs

steered backward of point

Sadly it's not

Edwards to Anderson, no run

watchful stuff from Jimmy. If this was a Test match I'd be gripped

Disco Bob, who seems to be the only person left watching this match, is sending us lots of anagrams for players. They are all too rude for publication though. DIY

Edwards to Anderson, no run

another bouncer. Anderson getting some medicine after a touch of argy-bargy with Runako Morton earlier today

Edwards to Anderson, no run

swish. Miss. Oooh

Edwards to Anderson, no run

dead-batted like a vampire slayer. Watchful stuff in a lost cause

end of over 458 runs
ENG: 215/9CRR: 4.77 RRR: 12.80
Stuart Broad22 (19)
James Anderson1 (12)
Dwayne Smith 9-0-54-0
Fidel Edwards 9-0-41-1

Sky Sports are itching to switch to their coverage of the darts, which says it all really. England have over-stayed their welcome. I love a bit of 'arras, me.

Smith to Broad, 2 runs

jogs back for the second to complete the over

Smith to Anderson, 1 leg bye

massive appeal for lbw, and it looked pretty close. Full length, but swinging away late and would have missed off. Good call umpire

Smith to Anderson, no run
Smith to Anderson, no run

short, and sails through to the keeper via a no-stroke-offered

Smith to Broad, 1 run

carved through point to the boundary sweeper

Smith to Broad, FOUR runs

okay, I take that back. That was worth hanging around for - a baseball slog over the infield, one bounce on the rope at long-on. Marvellous connection

end of over 444 runs
ENG: 207/9CRR: 4.70 RRR: 12.00
James Anderson1 (9)
Stuart Broad15 (16)
Fidel Edwards 9-0-41-1
Daren Powell 10-0-45-2

Okay, this is officially tedious now

Edwards to Anderson, no run

another full-toss, and fielded in the covers

Edwards to Anderson, no run

right idea, wrong execution. Attempted yorker comes out as a full-toss. And goes through to the keeper

That's the length for tailenders

Edwards to Broad, 1 run

attempted yorker, well watched and squirted down to third man

Edwards to Anderson, 1 run

short again, and steered off the back foot. More sloppiness in the field, but it's forgivable. West Indies have administered a righteous whupping today

Edwards to Anderson, 1 wide

short, too short

NB - cut/driving. Tailenders can get away with doing both shots in one shot. I mean, look at Darren Gough

Edwards to Anderson, no run

he likes that shot. Up on his toes and cut/driving straight to point.

Edwards to Broad, 1 run

another nicely timed square drive off the back foot. A misfield at point gifts a single

It's probably minging out there now. Damp sogginess abounds

end of over 433 runs
ENG: 203/9CRR: 4.72 RRR: 10.85
James Anderson0 (5)
Stuart Broad13 (14)
Daren Powell 10-0-45-2
Fidel Edwards 8-0-37-1
Powell to Anderson, no run

full this time, and Anderson is drawn into a bona fide swing-and-a-miss

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