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1st Test, Auckland, March 09 - 13, 2006, West Indies tour of New Zealand
275 & 272
(T:291) 257 & 263

New Zealand won by 27 runs

Player Of The Match
2/57 & 5/69
New Zealand 1st Innings
West Indies 1st Innings
New Zealand 2nd Innings
West Indies 2nd Innings
Match Details
New Zealand 1st Innings 
Hamish Marshall c Edwards b Taylor1145691024.44
Jamie How run out (Bradshaw)1129441037.93
Peter Fulton c Ganga b Bradshaw1736532047.22
Stephen Fleming (c)c †Ramdin b Bradshaw1432463043.75
Nathan Astle c †Ramdin b Smith51577610089.47
Scott Styris not out 10312219215284.42
Brendon McCullum  b Smith19151840126.66
Daniel Vettori c Gayle b Smith614191042.85
James Franklin c sub (RS Morton) b Gayle1451581027.45
Shane Bond  b Gayle318150016.66
Chris Martin c †Ramdin b Bradshaw0615000.00
Extras(b 4, lb 2, nb 11, w 9)26
TOTAL69.1 Ov (RR: 3.97)275
Fall of wickets: 1-23 (Jamie How, 9.6 ov), 2-31 (Hamish Marshall, 14.6 ov), 3-54 (Peter Fulton, 21.4 ov), 4-69 (Stephen Fleming, 25.3 ov), 5-140 (Nathan Astle, 39.2 ov), 6-170 (Brendon McCullum, 43.1 ov), 7-199 (Daniel Vettori, 47.2 ov), 8-240 (James Franklin, 60.2 ov), 9-261 (Shane Bond, 64.5 ov), 10-275 (Chris Martin, 69.1 ov)
Fidel Edwards1517605.065912013
Ian Bradshaw23.137333.1510910122
21.4 to PG Fulton, Gone! pitched on middle and leg stump line and coming swinging in, Fulton tries to work it to onside, leading edge takes the ball to gully, Ganga takes the catch and Fulton departs. 54/3
25.3 to SP Fleming, Gone! good length delivery just outside the off stump and shaping away nicely, Fleming defends it on the back foot, ball took the outside edge and Ramdin does the rest, New Zealand in trouble here!. 69/4
69.1 to CS Martin, All over! good length delivery on the leg stump, Martin defends it away on the back foot, ball took the edge and Ramdin takes the catch, Styris remains unbeaten on 103 runs. 275/10
Jerome Taylor823914.87385025
14.6 to HJH Marshall, Gone! full toss on the stumps, Marshall drives it straight to Fidel Edwards at short mid-wickets, soft dismisal!. 31/2
Dwayne Smith1827133.948110120
39.2 to NJ Astle, Gone! good length delivery outside the off stump and swinging away, Astle goes for a drive, thin edge and Ramdin takes a simple catch, appeal made and batsman walks. 140/5
43.1 to BB McCullum, Bowled him! pitched outside the off stump and nipping back in, McCullam decided to leave that one, ball hits the top of the off stump, poor judgement by McCullam, Smith strikes!. 170/6
47.2 to DL Vettori, Gone! short and wide outside the off stump, Vettori went after it, cuts it off the back foot, thick outside edge and Gayle takes the catch, Smith on fire here!. 199/7
Chris Gayle501022.00241000
60.2 to JEC Franklin, Gone! fraction of short outside the off stump, Franklin moves back and cuts it hard, thick outside edge, substitute fielder Morton takes a excellent catch at slip. 240/8
64.5 to SE Bond, Bowled him! flighted delivery around the off stump line, Bond sweeps the across the line, ball took the inside edge and crashes into the stumps, Gayle strikes again!. 261/9
West Indies 1st Innings 
Chris Gayle c †McCullum b Styris2556674044.64
Daren Ganga c How b Martin2037584054.05
Ian Bradshaw c How b Styris046000.00
Ramnaresh Sarwan c Franklin b Bond621081519057.40
Brian Lara c sub (Carl Cachopa) b Bond512171041.66
Shivnarine Chanderpaul (c)c †McCullum b Franklin1323343056.52
Dwayne Bravo c Bond b Martin591291748045.73
Dwayne Smith c †McCullum b Martin3846617082.60
Denesh Ramdin c & b Vettori915202060.00
Fidel Edwards c †McCullum b Vettori16120016.66
Jerome Taylor not out 4581080.00
Extras(lb 7, nb 13, w 1)21
TOTAL71.2 Ov (RR: 3.60)257
Fall of wickets: 1-47 (Daren Ganga, 14.3 ov), 2-48 (Ian Bradshaw, 15.4 ov), 3-49 (Chris Gayle, 15.6 ov), 4-60 (Brian Lara, 20.1 ov), 5-90 (Shivnarine Chanderpaul, 27.5 ov), 6-179 (Ramnaresh Sarwan, 50.3 ov), 7-237 (Dwayne Smith, 64.2 ov), 8-248 (Dwayne Bravo, 68.5 ov), 9-252 (Denesh Ramdin, 69.4 ov), 10-257 (Fidel Edwards, 71.2 ov)
Shane Bond1945723.00898003
20.1 to BC Lara, Gone! Short ball on the stumps, Lara moves back and pulls the ball in the air staight to substitute fielder Cachopa at mid-wicket, Lara war early into the shot, West Indies in deep trouble here. 60/4
50.3 to RR Sarwan, Gone atlast! short and raising delivery outside the off stump, Sarwan moves back and pulls it away to deep backward square leg, Franklin comes under the ball and takes the catch, Bond breaks the partnership!. 179/6
James Franklin2148313.959514016
27.5 to S Chanderpaul, Gone! good length delivery and drifting down the leg side, Chanderpaul tries to play it on side, thin edge and ball nicely carries to keeper, New Zealand in command now!. 90/5
Chris Martin1718034.707314003
14.3 to D Ganga, Gone! short and raising delivery just outside the off stump, Ganga defends on the backtoot, thick outside edge, easy catch for How at Gully. 47/1
64.2 to DR Smith, Gone! short and raising delivery on the stump, Smith goes for pull and stopped in half way, ball takes the leading edge and went straight to McCullam. 237/7
68.5 to DJ Bravo, Gone! fuller ball on the stumps, Bravo drives the ball uppishly towards mid-on, Bond timed his jump and takes the catch, good innings comes to end!. 248/8
Scott Styris712323.28302000
15.4 to IDR Bradshaw, Night watchman goes! pitched middle and leg stump and coming back in, Bradshaw tries to work it to onside, leading edge and ball goes straight to How at Gully. 48/2
15.6 to CH Gayle, One more! good length delivery outside the off stump and swinging away, Gayle tries to leave the ball, but ball took the outside edge and McCullam takes the catch, double strikes in this over!. 49/3
Daniel Vettori7.23720.95411001
69.4 to D Ramdin, Nine down! well tossed up delivery on middle and leg stumps line, Ramdin goes backfoot and tries to flick it, ball takes the top edge and flies straight back to the bowler, Vettori accecpted the catch. 252/9
71.2 to FH Edwards, All over! flighted delivery outside the off stump and straighten, Edwards defends it on the front foot, thin edge and McCullum takes the excellent catch, West Indies trail by 18 runs of New Zealand 1st innings total. 257/10
New Zealand 2nd Innings 
Hamish Marshall c Ganga b Bradshaw1460025.00
Jamie How c †Ramdin b Bradshaw3770855052.85
Peter Fulton  b Edwards2870993040.00
Stephen Fleming (c)lbw b Bradshaw3354806061.11
Scott Styris c Bradshaw b Edwards57201071.42
James Franklin  b Gayle20731101027.39
Nathan Astle run out (Ganga)1357840022.80
Brendon McCullum c Bravo b Gayle741261867158.73
Daniel Vettori c sub (DS Smith) b Gayle3380825041.25
Shane Bond not out 1881982022.22
Chris Martin  b Gayle025000.00
Extras(lb 3, nb 5, w 2)10
TOTAL103.1 Ov (RR: 2.63)272
Fall of wickets: 1-11 (Hamish Marshall, 1.3 ov), 2-66 (Jamie How, 20.2 ov), 3-73 (Peter Fulton, 25.5 ov), 4-88 (Scott Styris, 29.4 ov), 5-118 (Stephen Fleming, 36.4 ov), 6-143 (James Franklin, 53.4 ov), 7-146 (Nathan Astle, 56.2 ov), 8-210 (Daniel Vettori, 79.5 ov), 9-272 (Brendon McCullum, 101.5 ov), 10-272 (Chris Martin, 103.1 ov)
Fidel Edwards2136523.09987104
25.5 to PG Fulton, Bowled him! fuller length ball and swinging in, Fulton drives the ball and got inside edge, ball crashes into the stumps, Edwards takes his first wicket of the match. 73/3
29.4 to SB Styris, Gone! short ball around the off stump, Styris rocks back and hooks the ball in the air, ball travel towards fine leg, Bradshaw takes the stunning catch in the deep, a much needed wicket for West Indies. 88/4
Ian Bradshaw34108332.4416610011
1.3 to HJH Marshall, Gone! over pitched delivery outside the off stump and swinging away, Marshall went for expensive drive, thick edge and ball flies towards gully, Ganga takes the simple catch. 11/1
20.2 to JM How, Gone this time! short pitched delivery on the stumps, How hooks it on the back foot, ball takes the leading edge and loops over fine leg, Ramdin runs backwards and takes the well judged catch, Bradshaw strikes again. 66/2
36.4 to SP Fleming, That's out! good length delivery just outside the off stump and nipping back in, Fleming offered no shot and shows his pads in front, ball raps the pads infront of the off stump, loud appeal and Umpire Harper raises his finger. 118/5
Jerome Taylor10606.0031000
Chris Gayle30.157142.351356010
53.4 to JEC Franklin, Bowled him! fraction of short on the stumps and quicker one, Franklin moves back and pulls it, beaten by the pace, ball takes the off stump, Gayle "the partnership breaker" done it again!. 143/6
79.5 to DL Vettori, Gone! quicker one outside the off stump, Vettori drives up in the air towards backward point, substitute fielder Devon Smith takes the catch. 210/8
101.5 to BB McCullum, Atlast! flighted delivery on the leg stump, quicker through air, McCullam tries to steer it to third man, edged it, Bravo takes the excellent catch leaning to his right, the great fighting innings comes to end. 272/9
103.1 to CS Martin, All over! quicker ball on the stumps, Martin didn't read it properly, blocks the ball without any footwork, ball crashes into the stumps, Gayle ends up taking 4 wickets. 272/10
Dwayne Smith1764402.58816000
West Indies 2nd Innings (T: 291 runs)
Chris Gayle c Fleming b Astle8214119712258.15
Daren Ganga c How b Astle9523131016041.12
Ramnaresh Sarwan c Styris b Bond418260022.22
Brian Lara  b Bond012000.00
Shivnarine Chanderpaul (c)c Fulton b Vettori1530422050.00
Dwayne Bravo lbw b Bond1753712032.07
Dwayne Smith c Fleming b Bond075000.00
Denesh Ramdin c Franklin b Vettori1552611028.84
Ian Bradshaw c Fleming b Vettori1055650018.18
Jerome Taylor  b Bond1324371054.16
Fidel Edwards not out 28340025.00
Extras(b 1, lb 3, nb 5, w 1)10
TOTAL102.3 Ov (RR: 2.56)263
Fall of wickets: 1-148 (Chris Gayle, 49.2 ov), 1-157 (52.5 ov), 2-157 (Brian Lara, 52.6 ov), 3-182 (Shivnarine Chanderpaul, 63.4 ov), 4-211 (Daren Ganga, 75.2 ov), 5-216 (Dwayne Smith, 76.5 ov), 6-218 (Ramnaresh Sarwan, 78.1 ov), 7-221 (Dwayne Bravo, 80.6 ov), 8-246 (Denesh Ramdin, 93.4 ov), 9-251 (Ian Bradshaw, 95.2 ov), 10-263 (Jerome Taylor, 102.3 ov)
Shane Bond27.376952.501299000
52.5 to RR Sarwan, One more wicket! fuller ball outside the off stump and shaping away, Sarwan drives the ball, thick outside edge and Styris takes brilliant catch diving to his right, West Indies in deep trouble!. 157/1
52.6 to BC Lara, Bowled off the first ball! good length delivery on the leg stump, Lara shuffels across the tries to work it to onside, ball raps the thigh and crashes into the stumps, Bond gets his man, West Indies in bit of trouble here!. 157/2
76.5 to DR Smith, Excellent delivery! pitched outside the off stump and swinging away, Smith defends it and edged, Fleming takes sharp catch in the slip, West Indies are 5 down now. 216/5
78.1 to RR Sarwan, One more wicket! fuller ball outside the off stump and shaping away, Sarwan drives the ball, thick outside edge and Styris takes brilliant catch diving to his right, West Indies in deep trouble!. 218/6
80.6 to DJ Bravo, Oh dear! inswinging yorker on middle and off stump, Bravo gets back and digs it, inside edge into the pads, huge appeal and Umpire Harper raises his finger. 221/7
102.3 to JE Taylor, Bowled him! good length delivery outside the off stump and cutting back in, Taylor cuts it without much footwork and drags the ball into the stumps, Bond scalps his fifth wicket. 263/10
James Franklin1414603.28657003
Chris Martin1653902.43796012
Daniel Vettori35119232.6216711200
63.4 to S Chanderpaul, Gone! flighted ball outside the off stump, Chanderpaul comes down the track and tries to loft the ball over mid wicket, not a timed shot, ball went straight to Fulton at short mid wicket, excellent catch. 182/3
93.4 to D Ramdin, Gone! tossed up delivery outside the leg stump, Ramdin knees down and sweeps the ball, top edge takes the high in the air to backward square leg, Franlin running from fine leg takes the well judged catch. 246/8
95.2 to IDR Bradshaw, Nine down! flighted delivery outside the off stump, Bradshaw leands forward and defends the ball with bat and pad close togeather, ball raps the pads and kisses the bat, Fleming takes the catch comfortably. 251/9
Nathan Astle1041321.30521000
49.2 to CH Gayle, Astle does it! good length delivery outside the off stump and little movement of the seam, Gayle slashes the ball hard, thick edge and Fleming this time takes the catch, Astle breaks the partnership. 148/1
75.2 to D Ganga, Gone! fuller ball outside the off stump, Ganga drives it in the air to gully, How takes the catch, Ganga just short of 5 runs for his 3rd century. 211/4
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Eden Park, Auckland
TossWest Indies, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
New Zealand
Shane Bond
Series resultNew Zealand led the 3-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 1787
Match daysday (5-day match)
Test debut
Jamie How
Jamie How
Peter Fulton
Peter Fulton
Ian Bradshaw
Ian Bradshaw
Daryl Harper
South Africa
Rudi Koertzen
TV Umpire
New Zealand
Gary Baxter
Match Referee
South Africa
Mike Procter
Thu, 09 Mar - day 1 - West Indies 1st innings 51/3 (Ramnaresh Sarwan 3*, Brian Lara 0*, 17 ov)
Fri, 10 Mar - day 2 - New Zealand 2nd innings 98/4 (Stephen Fleming 19*, James Franklin 3*, 34 ov)
Sat, 11 Mar - day 3 - West Indies 2nd innings 48/0 (Chris Gayle 28*, Daren Ganga 20*, 18 ov)
Sun, 12 Mar - day 4 - West Indies 2nd innings 246/8 (Ian Bradshaw 8*, Jerome Taylor 0*, 94 ov)
Mon, 13 Mar - day 5 - West Indies 2nd innings 263 (102.3 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
  • West Indies: 50 runs in 19.3 overs (117 balls), Extras 0
  • CH Gayle: 50 off 90 balls (10 x 4)
  • West Indies: 100 runs in 35.2 overs (215 balls), Extras 4
  • Drinks: West Indies - 100/0 in 35.2 overs (CH Gayle 58, D Ganga 38)
  • D Ganga: 50 off 138 balls (9 x 4)
  • West Indies: 150 runs in 50.3 overs (308 balls), Extras 6
  • RR Sarwan (2) retired hurt on 4* from 157/1 (52.5 ov) to 216/5
  • Tea: West Indies - 160/2 in 55.0 overs (D Ganga 68, S Chanderpaul 0)
  • West Indies: 200 runs in 69.1 overs (420 balls), Extras 6
  • Drinks: West Indies - 211/3 in 75.0 overs (D Ganga 95, DJJ Bravo 9)
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