2nd Test, Cape Town, January 02 - 05, 2008, West Indies tour of Zimbabwe and South Africa
243 & 262
(T:185) 321 & 186/3

South Africa won by 7 wickets

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SA 2nd Innings
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And that's a seven-wicket win for South Africa - an excellent win, levelling the series at 1-1 with one Test to play. It's been a cracking Test, see-sawing nicely through the first three days. But West Indies' batting, particularly in the second innings, really let them down and South Africa's doggedness and determination saw them home. The bowling from West Indies this afternoon was particularly dire, though they'd clearly given up all hope of winning - in spite of a wonderful 70 from Chanderpaul earlier in the day, and Gayle's blitzkrieg 38.

South Africa were out of the blocks in chasing 185 - and Smith worked his way into form with a very fine 85. And it is his team who have the momentum going into the third test at Durban on Thursday.

We hope you've enjoyed our coverage. From Martin Williamson, Andrew Miller, Andrew McGlashan and me, Will Luke, do join us again on Thursday.

Lewis to Kallis, FOUR runs

Kallis clips this through midwicket with immense authority and style, to take South Africa home

Lewis to Kallis, no run

Kallis blocks

Around the wicket

end of over 359 runs
SA: 182/3CRR: 5.20 
Ashwell Prince12 (24b 2x4)
Jacques Kallis18 (24b 2x4)
Daren Powell 11-0-57-0
Rawl Lewis 8-0-38-2
Powell to Prince, FOUR runs

four more as Prince hooks for four through midwicket

Seven needed to win

Powell to Kallis, 1 run

dropped out to cover. Very well run

Powell to Kallis, FOUR runs

a petulant Kallis swings this through midwicket for four. He's had enough of this blocking lark

Powell to Kallis, no run

angling into the batsman who defends

Powell to Kallis, no run

half a step down the pitch and he steps outside leg, Kallis clatters it with a thick inside edge back to the bowler

Powell to Kallis, no run

drifting into his pads, Kallis tries to smite this through midwicket but finds the fielder

end of over 342 runs
SA: 173/3CRR: 5.08 
Ashwell Prince8 (23b 1x4)
Jacques Kallis13 (19b 1x4)
Rawl Lewis 8-0-38-2
Daren Powell 10-0-48-0
Lewis to Prince, no run

hammered to a deep silly point (yes, quite) where Ganga does well to prevent four

Lewis to Prince, no run

short of a length and he strokes it off the back foot

Lewis to Prince, no run

another defensive

Lewis to Prince, no run

crikey - that was such a Graham Thorpe stroke. He shuffled forward, head right over the ball and defended

Lewis to Kallis, 1 run

back and across, he whips it off his hip

Lewis to Prince, 1 run

Prince is back, very late, and cuts

end of over 332 runs
SA: 171/3CRR: 5.18 
Jacques Kallis12 (18b 1x4)
Ashwell Prince7 (18b 1x4)
Daren Powell 10-0-48-0
Rawl Lewis 7-0-36-2
Powell to Kallis, no run

Kallis is back and defending. Powell is livid. There's a bit of bad blood between these two, and it's great to watch. It hasn't spilled over or anything - it's just spicy.

Powell to Kallis, no run

Kallis goes for a walking defensive nudge, and misses. Powell can't resist the opportunity to sprint down and collect the ball himself, while inquiring on Kallis's good health and fortune in life

Powell to Prince, 1 run

punched out to the off side for a quick single

Powell to Prince, no run

Prince drives nicely but straight to the man at cover

Powell to Kallis, 1 run

guided out to cover

Powell to Kallis, no run

calmly defended off the back foot