6th Match (D/N), Basseterre, Jun 15 2016, West Indies Tri-Nation Series
(38/50 ov, target 344)204
South Africa won by 139 runs
player of the match
Imran Tahir
South Africa
end of over 388 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 204/10CRR: 5.36 RRR: 11.66
Sunil Narine18 (13)
Imran Tahir 9-0-45-7
Kagiso Rabada 7-0-46-0

8.10pm Tahir continues to celebrate. He holds the ball aloft and poses for the photographers. Amla set up the visitors with his 23rd ODI century, before ceding the stage to the wristspinners. Tahir let it rip with his legbreaks, flippers, and googlies. Shamsi played an able sidekick with two wickets as West Indies slumped from 169 for 5 to 182 for 9. Fittingly, Tahir capped the massive win by bowling Taylor.


Jason Holder: Obviously disappointed. We were totally outplayed by South Africa. We leaked too may runs in the first 10 overs. Credit should go to Amla. I won't change my mind about the toss. We just din't bowl well.

AB de Villiers: Like I said at the toss, I wanted to bowl first. But we have a lot of talent at the top order. It went according to the plan today. We weren't 10/10 but much better performance than the last three games. We have played only 60% in the first three matches. Very chuffed about today. Tough for batsmen to pick both Immy and Shamsi. It's easy to captain both. We are 10 points and one [win] out of two [matches] will take us through.

Imran Tahir, Man of the Match: I am really pleased and my wife rang me and reminded me about the record [fastest South African to 100 ODI wickets]. I din't know in the first place. Shamsi bowled well and we were in the game most of the time. Shamsi is a great talent and is like a brother to me. I have been hearing Barbados is a batting track and looking forward to the challenge.

Mohammed Shijil: "SIX!!...then SEVEN. "

Massab: "Tahir now has best ODI bowling figures for SA "

Vishal Narine: "Both games SA win by bonus point. WI will have a hard time reaching the final since the other 2 teams have won with bonus points"

That is all we have for you from this match. Do join us for the Barbados leg of the tri-series. Until then, buh-bye. Cheers!

Tahir to Taylor, OUT

Tahir becomes the first SA bowler to take seven wickets in an ODI. South Africa earn a bonus-point win and go top of the points table. The legspinner plucks out a stump as souvenir. Slider at 94ks, breaches the defences and nails the stumps. Taylor played back and watched it shoot a bit low

Jerome Taylor b Imran Tahir 16 (9m 11b 2x4 1x6) SR: 145.45
Tahir to Taylor, SIX runs

googly goes wrong! Dragged down on middle, rocks back and drums a pull over midwicket

Tahir to Taylor, no run

looks like another googly, Taylor slogs and takes it on the thigh

Tahir to Taylor, no run

short legbreak outside off, chopped to covers on the back foot

Tahir to Narine, 1 run

flat and full on middle, whipped to long-on

Tahir to Taylor, 1 bye

googly, comes in, and nearly takes the leg stump. No.11 swings and misses, Qdk is beaten as well

end of over 379 runs
WI: 196/9CRR: 5.29 RRR: 11.38
Sunil Narine17 (12)
Jerome Taylor10 (6)
Kagiso Rabada 7-0-46-0
Imran Tahir 8-0-38-6

christian: "second straight match narine went wicketless. that hurts."

Rabada to Narine, no run

banged in and swerving away outside off, Narine sways his upper body out of the way

Cricstar07: "Motm award could be shared"

Rabada to Taylor, 1 run

short rising ball on off, top-edged pull over square leg

Rabada to Taylor, no run

yorker on middle, dug out down the ground

Rabada to Taylor, no run

full and tails in, defended back to the bowler

Rabada to Taylor, FOUR runs

dug in short and wide outside off, this is a proper cut past backward point for four

odrivel: "8 wickets for SA spin bowlers ! Who would ever imagined that to be a possibility? And still more to come?"

Rabada to Taylor, FOUR runs

length ball on middle, clubbed over midwicket. Good ol' slog from the No.11