India vs Pakistan, 2nd QF at Bengaluru, , Mar 09 1996 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd QF (D/N), Bengaluru, March 09, 1996, Wills World Cup
(49/49 ov, T:288) 248/9

India won by 39 runs

Player Of The Match
93 (115)
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end of over 492 runs
PAK: 248/9CRR: 5.06 
Waqar Younis4 (21b)
Aaqib Javed6 (10b)
Venkatesh Prasad 10-0-45-3
Javagal Srinath 9-0-61-1

So that's your lot, it's been an enthralling contest, but India have prevailed, the World Champions have been defeated. And we have our first semi-final of the 1996 World Cup inked in, India v Sri Lanka at Calcutta. Australia v New Zealand, and South Africa v West Indies will complete the last eight match-ups. From myself and Sid Monga, and Chandan the scorer, thanks and goodnight, and see you again soon for another #RetroLive classic.

Navjot Sidhu is Man of the Match: "Well I think it's love and affection of the people of India that inspired me to play this knock. That's it. This is for them." Well, how nice. I'm sure they are very chuffed.

He hopes he'll be fine for the semi-final. And that is the end of that! Chappelli calls an end to the presentation before the podium collapses - there are about 50 people up there!

Mohammad Azharuddin is next onto the podium. "We got a very good total, especially at one stage it looked like we'd only get 240-250. But we batted very well, especially Ajay and Anil, they played very well at the end. At one point it looked like the game could run away from us, but we kept our pressure on and Anil and Raju played really well. And Prasad's wickets were tremendous.

On the Sri Lanka match, Azhar adds: "I'm playing at my luckiest ground."

Hugs and handshakes all round as India book their place in the last four for the second time in a home World Cup, can they go one better than in 1987? Or even two better, for that matter? Here's Ian Chappell with the presentations, and first up it's Aamer Sohail.

"Yeah it was [a big blow losing Wasim]. We believed that if we had restricted India to 250 we had a chance, but our bowlers couldn't bowl in the last few overs and that made the difference. But all I have to say now is good luck India in the finals.

"We always had a chance, but they played a better game. Good luck to them in the finals."

Cheers Monga. What scenes in Bangalore. India have preserved their proud record against Pakistan in World Cup contests, and few clashes have had more at stake than this.

Samrat Ahuja: "Miandad wanted to replicate Imran and wanted to end his career on a high note ...but alas!!"

Samrat Ahuja: "Template for India going ahead. Bat first, put runs on the board, and let the spinners and crowd take over from there!!"

Shake of hands between the players from the two teams, but no big celebration from India. They know they have a bigger task ahead at Eden Gardens, trying to beat a red-hot Sri Lanka to make the final of the event. However, it will be a big relief to have got one past their nemesis so often, Pakistan, who give them nightmares by having won many a close match. Police has made it to the playing area to prevent possible pitch invasions.I will leave it to Andrew Miller to bring to you the rest of the celebrations, and player interviews. Thanks everyone

Prasad to Waqar Younis, 1 run

slower legcutter, dabbed to third man. And it is official: the defending champions have been knocked out

Final ball coming up

Prasad to Waqar Younis, no run

length ball, into the pads, flicked to midwicket

Prasad to Waqar Younis, no run

slower legcutter that never arrives. He defends from the crease

Prasad to Waqar Younis, no run

short of a length, outside off, pushed to point

"This behavior from crowd in not acceptable. They should behave themselves. This is no way to celebrate. This should be checked. What if India is on verge of losing in an important match. Such uncontrolled crowds can go violent." Ravi Mittal, it sure is a dampener

Prasad to Aaqib Javed, 1 run

swings hard at a length ball, the mis-hit lands short of deep cover

Prasad to Aaqib Javed, no run

slower legcutter, beaten again. India five balls or one wicket away

end of over 483 runs
PAK: 246/9CRR: 5.12 RRR: 42.00
Waqar Younis3 (17b)
Aaqib Javed5 (8b)
Javagal Srinath 9-0-61-1
Venkatesh Prasad 9-0-43-3

Samrat Ahuja: "Spare a thought for Waqar! Missed 92 victory cap because of an injury, was taken apart by Jadeja today and didnt get support for Akram either! Might get a chance to redeem himself in next world cups!"

Srinath to Waqar Younis, no run

yorker outside off as Younis backs away too far. Squeezes under hit bat

Srinath to Aaqib Javed, 1 run

yorker, dug out past the bowler, takes a single

Srinath to Waqar Younis, 1 leg bye

Younis moves across the stumps to try to ramp this behind square on the leg side but he misses and is hit on the pad. Outside the line, though

Srinath to Waqar Younis, no run

another wild swing and a miss as Srinath stays on a length and outside off

Srinath to Waqar Younis, no run

swing and a miss as Srinath stays short of a length

Srinath to Aaqib Javed, 1 run

short of a length, on off, punched to deep cover. Another loud cracker goes off

Kumble is bowled out. Srinath will come back for one final over. Can see a lot of fires in the stands. Can't be safe out there. Surely all the 50000 people in the stands didn't come here to watch from such an unsafe environment?

end of over 471 run
PAK: 243/9CRR: 5.17 RRR: 22.50
Waqar Younis3 (13b)
Aaqib Javed3 (6b)
Venkatesh Prasad 9-0-43-3
Anil Kumble 10-0-48-3
Prasad to Waqar Younis, no run

misses out... regulation pace, half-volley on the pads with fine leg up, but Younis finds that man

Prasad to Waqar Younis, no run

slower legcutter, extra bouncer, into the ribs, defended

Prasad to Aaqib Javed, 1 run

tries the big hit, ends up chipping this down to long-on for one

Prasad to Aaqib Javed, no run

slower legcutter, too good for him, and he just pokes at the wrong line. Good for him that it bounces over the wicket

kashyap panwala: "the BAD BOY makes his final walk back. Whataa playaa. The agrresion, that fear in the opposition. Thanks Javed!"

Prasad to Aaqib Javed, no run

short of a length, wicket to wicket, defended back to him

Prasad to Aaqib Javed, no run

India nearly get the winning wicket. Azhar has a shy from extra cover but misses. But they can afford to wait. There is no way they are losing from here

end of over 463 runs • 2 wickets
PAK: 242/9CRR: 5.26 RRR: 15.33
Waqar Younis3 (11b)
Aaqib Javed2 (2b)
Anil Kumble 10-0-48-3
Venkatesh Prasad 8-0-42-3
Kumble to Waqar Younis, no run

another yorker, but this is not a wuick one. Younis has a swing at it, and is beaten

Kumble to Aaqib Javed, 1 run

full, outside off, driven to deep cover

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