Division 1, Taunton, May 20 2018, Royal London Women's One-Day Cup
(41.3/50 ov, target 213)149
Middx Women won by 63 runs
Middlesex Women INNINGS (50 overs maximum)
Naomi Dattani (c) b Szczepanski2859-5047.45
Natasha Miles c & b Szczepanski1324-2054.16
Fran Wilson lbw b Richards2138-1055.26
Sophia Dunkley c S Hamilton b Richards17-0014.28
Beth Morgan st †Adcock b Richards2747-1057.44
Maia Bouchier run out (Luff)7682-7092.68
Emma Albery st †Adcock b Szczepanski316-0018.75
Gayatri Gole run out (Luff)28-0025.00
Iqraa Hussain c Hawker b Tulip712-1058.33
Katie Wolfe not out 69-1066.66
Rebecca Tyson not out 12-0050.00
Extras(b 1, nb 4, w 22)27
TOTAL(50 Ov, RR: 4.24)212/9
Fall of wickets: 1-44 (Natasha Miles), 2-65 (Naomi Dattani), 3-71 (Sophia Dunkley), 4-90 (Fran Wilson), 5-146 (Beth Morgan), 6-160 (Emma Albery), 7-172 (Gayatri Gole), 8-200 (Iqraa Hussain), 9-206 (Maia Bouchier)
Cassie Coombes5.502003.42---32
Georgia Tulip804615.75---30
Lorraine Szczepanski1012532.50---00
Lauren Filer603205.33---40
Nicole Richards1004334.30---31
Jackie Hawker1004104.09---11
Sophie Luff0.104024.00---00
Somerset Women INNINGS (target: 213 runs from 50 overs)
Georgina Adcock c Dattani b Wolfe48-0050.00
Emma Godman c †Hussain b Gole412-1033.33
Sophie Luff (c)run out (Dattani)4775-4062.66
Olivia Hamilton c Dattani b Morgan4464-5068.75
Nicole Richards lbw b Albery1224-0050.00
Sophie Hamilton c Morgan b Albery14-0025.00
Cassie Coombes run out (Wolfe)720-1035.00
Jackie Hawker c Wilson b Albery325-0012.00
Georgia Tulip c Morgan b Albery814-1057.14
Lorraine Szczepanski c Wolfe b Dunkley14-0025.00
Lauren Filer not out 01-000.00
Extras(nb 2, w 16)18
TOTAL(41.3 Ov, RR: 3.59)149
Fall of wickets: 1-8 (Emma Godman), 2-10 (Georgina Adcock), 3-108 (Olivia Hamilton), 4-127 (Nicole Richards), 5-127 (Sophie Luff), 6-129 (Sophie Hamilton), 7-135 (Cassie Coombes), 8-146 (Georgia Tulip), 9-148 (Lorraine Szczepanski), 10-149 (Jackie Hawker, 41.3 ov)
Gayatri Gole822913.62---10
Katie Wolfe601111.83---20
Naomi Dattani402406.00---02
Sophia Dunkley913714.11---30
Beth Morgan612914.83---70
Emma Albery8.311942.23---10
Taunton School Ground
TossMiddlesex Women, elected to bat first
SeriesRoyal London Women's One-Day Cup
Match days20 May 2018 - day (50-over match)
England Image
Bernard Critchley
PointsMiddlesex Women 18, Somerset Women 6