Division 3 Group C, Bicester, May 5 2019, Royal London Women's One-Day Cup
(23.4/46.4 ov, target 149)151/0
Oxon Women won by 10 wickets (with 138 balls remaining)
Wiltshire Women INNINGS (46.4 overs maximum)
Emilia Powell (c) b Crook1877---23.37
Katie Dolman  b Crook1386---15.11
Rosie Pembroke st †Currie b Westbury3651---70.58
Lucy Wood c Crook b Norgrove419---21.05
Emily Wakeling run out (Wood)513---38.46
Lily Day c Oxton b Norgrove07---0.00
F Smith  b Westbury320---15.00
Freya Bollen c Oxton b Westbury01---0.00
Daisy Barrow  b Bartram010---0.00
V Davies not out 011---0.00
Extras(b 6, lb 4, nb 8, w 51)69
TOTAL(46.4 Ov, RR: 3.17)148/9
Fall of wickets: 1-81 (Emilia Powell), 2-82 (Katie Dolman), 3-93 (Lucy Wood), 4-116 (Emily Wakeling), 5-120 (Lily Day), 6-130 (F Smith), 7-139 (Freya Bollen), 8-147 (Rosie Pembroke), 9-148
Sophie Mitchelmore912803.11---56
Emilia Bartram7.421712.21---80
Sam Moore521503.00---110
Ellie Norton411203.00---100
Georgia Haworth511603.20---30
Bethan Crook502424.80---82
Abi Norgrove411223.00---10
Lottie Oxton411002.50---20
Chloe Westbury31431.33---30
Oxfordshire Women INNINGS (target: 149 runs from 46.4 overs)
Carla Wood not out 6677---85.71
Sophie Mitchelmore not out 6367---94.02
Extras(b 3, nb 2, w 17)22
TOTAL(23.4 Ov, RR: 6.38)151
Katie Dolman301304.33---60
Lucy Wood301906.33---10
Rosie Pembroke301605.33---10
Freya Bollen2030015.00---42
F Smith502705.40---00
Lily Day612704.50---40
Emily Wakeling1.401609.60---10
Akeman Street, Chesterton
TossWiltshire Women, elected to bat first
SeriesRoyal London Women's One-Day Cup
Match days05 May 2019 - day(50-over match)
PointsOxfordshire Women 18, Wiltshire Women 2
  • Wiltshire Women: 1 player unknown
  • Wiltshire Women Wicket-keeper not named