5th Match, Melbourne, Feb 8 2020, Australia Tri-Nation Women's T20 Series
(19.4/20 ov, target 174)177/3
IND Women won by 7 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
player of the match
Ashleigh Gardner
Australia Women
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• The Report by Daniel Brettig

Shafali Verma's stunning 49 off 28 outshines Ashleigh Gardner's 93

Australia now need to beat England on Sunday to qualify for the final of the triangular series

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Scorer: @Diamond_Khaan
Commentator: Alex Malcolm
Scorecard summary
Australia Women173/5(20 overs)
India Women177/3(19.4 overs)

Sensational win by India. They win by 7 wickets with two balls to spare! That is the third-highest successful chase in Women's T20Is and India's highest. A sensational chase set up by India's openers in Shafali Verma and Smriti Mandhana. Rodrigues kept the rate going and Kaur and Sharma finished it off. Ash Gardner is Player of the Match for her 93 but India will celebrate.

jeet: "This win will be the one of the best win in Indian women cricket history .To beat Australia in their home grounds is very special . Congratulations to Indian women cricket team "

Bimal: "Perfect chase by India. All 5 of top order doing their job well under pressure. Good signs for India."

That's a big win in the context of the series. Australia must win tomorrow against England. If they do it will come down to net run-rate to decide who will play in Wednesday's final. Thanks for your company today at the Junction Oval.

Gardner to Sharma, FOUR runs

full and drifting into leg, she clips this behind square to win it!

Gardner to Sharma, 2 runs

tossed up, she slog sweeps up and over deep midwicket, there's no one there, they get two! Scored level

Gardner to Kaur, 1 run

short ball, she's back and pulling straight to deep backward square for single

Gardner to Kaur, no run

a length ball, she mistimes to midwicket! A dot ball to start

Ash Gardner will bowl the last over. India need 4 to win. Gardner around the wicket

end of over 1912 runs • 1 wicket
IND-W: 170/3CRR: 8.94 • RRR: 4.00 • Need 4 from 6b
Deepti Sharma5 (2)
Harmanpreet Kaur19 (18)
Nicola Carey3-0-27-1
Delissa Kimmince4-0-37-0
Carey to Sharma, FOUR runs

drilled wide of mid on! A length ball, she heaved across the line and picked the tight gap between mid on and midwicket at it races away!

Carey to Kaur, 1 run

106kph, good length, she tried to whip over the leg side, she got a top edge into her helmet and it bounces away safely for a single

Carey to Sharma, 1 run

full and angled into leg stump, she glances fine to fine leg

Deepti Sharma. Seven in the ring

Carey to Mandhana, OUT

given lbw! Wow. She shuffled down the track and tried to whip across the line but was hit flush on the shin. She was a fair way down the track but it looked like it hit in line and was unlikely to be going over. Brave decision.

Smriti Mandhana lbw b Carey 55 (48b 7x4 0x6) SR: 114.58
Carey to Mandhana, 2 leg byes

107kph, full angled into the pads, it rolls off the pad fine for two more

Carey to Mandhana, FOUR runs

flicked backward of square! She backed away, Carey followed her with a full length and she just picked it up and placed it behind square into the gap

Carey to bowl the second last

end of over 187 runs
IND-W: 158/2CRR: 8.77 • RRR: 8.00 • Need 16 from 12b
Smriti Mandhana51 (45)
Harmanpreet Kaur18 (17)
Delissa Kimmince4-0-37-0
Megan Schutt4-0-26-1

Devine: "What is with the singles and dots from these two? The most experienced players and they seem unable to just finish off this game despite having 8 wickets in the shed! Unless, of course, they are inspired by the great MSD!"

Kimmince to Mandhana, 1 run

full outside off, she drives to long off

Kimmince to Kaur, 1 run

slower ball, she slices this in the air forward of point, it lands safe and again she is stretched to beat Mooney's throw

Kimmince to Kaur, 2 runs

advances and whips this forward of square and this time they run very well to get two

Kimmince to Mandhana, 1 run

full outside off, she sits back and drives to long on. 50 for Mandhana. Excellent innings so far

Kaur has hurt herself in the dive. She may have just crunched her back. She seems ok

Kimmince to Kaur, 1 run

slower ball outside off, she pushes to point, they make a late call to run and Kaur is struggling, she puts in a dive and just gets home! A direct hit would have had her

Kimmince to Mandhana, 1 run

fuller outside off, she drives to long off


end of over 177 runs
IND-W: 151/2CRR: 8.88 • RRR: 7.67 • Need 23 from 18b
Harmanpreet Kaur14 (14)
Smriti Mandhana48 (42)
Megan Schutt4-0-26-1
Nicola Carey2-0-17-0
Schutt to Kaur, no run

another lbw appeal but given not out. Might have hit outside the line. She got down on one knee to sweep a length but was hit on the back leg

Schutt to Mandhana, 1 run

good length outside off, she pushes this with ease to long on

Schutt to Kaur, 1 run

length slower ball, she square drives to point but can't pierce the ring. They get one

Schutt to Kaur, no run

slower ball on off, she defends on the front foot

Match details
Junction Oval, Melbourne
TossIndia Women, elected to field first
SeriesAustralia Tri-Nation Women's T20 Series
Player Of The Match
Ashleigh Gardner
Ashleigh Gardner
Match numberT20 No. 840
Match days8 February 2020 - day match (20-over match)
Australia Image
Donovan Koch
Australia Image
Tony Wilds
TV Umpire
Australia Image
Claire Polosak
Reserve Umpire
Australia Image
Michael Graham-Smith
Match Referee
Australia Image
Bob Stratford
PointsIndia Women 2, Australia Women 0