1st Semi-Final, Sydney, March 05, 2020, ICC Women's T20 World Cup

Match abandoned without a ball bowled

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4.26pm The first semifinal was quite literally a damp squib. India qualify to the final on virtue of collecting more points than their opponents in the group stage. The 2nd semifinal is scheduled at 7pm local, so we'll see you soon for South Africa v Australia. That game's at the same venue too, so fans would hope that the rain vanishes by then. If the 2nd semi is washed out too, then India will face South Africa in the final. But for all that to be confirmed, see you here in two hours. That's all from Alex Malcolm, Thilak Gowda and me, Sreshth Shah, and on behalf of ESPNcricinfo, we thank you for joining us. Once again, hard luck England and congratulations India...

4.19pm Some moist eyes in the England camp. The Bharat army celebrates. Here's what the two captains say

Harmanpreet Kaur, India captain: "Unfortunate we didn't get a game, but there are rules and we have to follow it. Having reserve days in the future will be a great idea. From day 1, we new we have to win all the games because in case the semis don't happen, that would be hard for us. In that sense, credit to the team for winning all the games. Everybody is looking in great touch - Shafali and Smriti. They are giving us good starts, and that helps. Me and Smriti are trying to spend more time in the nets. We are looking more positive now. Unfortunately we haven't come up with big innings, but our teammates are, and at the end of the day it's a team game. First T20 World Cup final means a lot for us. But as a team, we just want to play our best cricket in the final. If we can play our best cricket, we will be in a good position. We know both South Africa and Australia have done well so far, so we are not thinking about the other team."

Heather Knight, England captain: "Really frustrating. Not how we wanted the World Cup to finish for us. No reserve day, no chance of getting play, and ultimately that loss against South Africa cost us. Our aim was to get to the semifinals, which we eventually did. It's all very English isn't it, talking about the weather and getting knocked out. It felt that we gained a bit of momentum in the last few games and we were pumped up for the semifinals. The spin group has been outstanding. Glenn was great, Sophie's been around for a while. And the way Maddy has taken to international cricket, there are some good signs for the future. Lessons are to win the first game I guess (laughs). It's become a trend, not to start well in tournaments, and that has cost us. Natalie Sciver's been a real standout. Moving myself and her to No. 3 and 4 has been good. Thank you."

4.10pm The game has been called off! India reach their maiden T20 World Cup final! They qualify since they had more group-stage points (8) than England (6). Stick around for reactions from the two captains

Anonymous: "As an Indian fan I can't complain. This was the only way we were realistically gonna get past England"

Shalini: "Its pity that rain has robbed the most gripping semifinal"

Fergus: "If the 2nd semi-final is now played because the weather clears enough for a shortened game, that will be SO unfair!"

John Hughes : "Unfortunately if things pan out the way they are looking then there is no chance of a world record crowd at the G on sunday. Without either England or Australia in the final there just wont be enough interest." -- India will defo bring in the numbers, John!

Asif Ansari: "This is unfair to the teams, the spectators in the stadium, and fans around the world. All host countries should seriously consider investing in at least ONE stadium with a retractable roof where important matches can be played."

4.06pm We must have the toss inside the next 30 minutes for a game to happen. England's chances sinking by the minute. If only they didn't lose their group-stage game against South Africa. Still drizzling

Colby: ""The costs involved for of having a reserve day is massive". Sure. But what about the costs of NOT having a reserve day? No income from ticket sales for today, the embarrassment of looking stupid for not planning for poor weather, and so on."

4.01pm "The umpires are now chatting," says Andrew

Richard: "I thought there was a reserve day for the final in Melbourne?" -- Yes, there is a reserve day. But if no game is possible on both days then the trophy will be shared

3.51pm "It's lashing down", says Andrew McGlashan, who is at the ground

Ramesh: "What will happen if the finals too is washed away? Shared trophy?" -- Yes, the trophy will be shared if the final is washed out

Ishaan: "Here at UNSW 10 minutes away from the SCG... took an exam early to attend the semis but alas stuck at the library avoiding the torrential rain "

Sharal Deegoju: "Mr. Commentator, should I bunk another lecture to find some action or is the rain not ready to subside any time soon?" -- Bunk away, mate! Stick around for the chatter. The thing with the weather is that..... you never know

3.30pm Update: "Still raining," says a presenter on television. The England players look very grim, but all they can do is wait. There are quite a few methods of torture, but this must be up there. Waiting for something not in your control.... ack! Reminder: the latest we can have the toss is 4.36pm local

Sree: "Look, even If these both games washed out and India and South Africa to reach finals, it would be totally fine because both teams played exceptional cricket and won against last year's finalists and winners, they totally deserve to be in finals! I know it may not happen if both these games happen, but its ok with me!

Manish: "Well, it's easier to point fingers in hindsight. And I do not believe it's the players but administrators and captions who sign off. Someone had signed off boundary count back rule so the more we do not give Men's world cup as an example, the better."

Rajesh : "If progress to the finals in the event of a washout was a boundary count, then England would have progressed on the basis of 72 hits to the fence, as opposed to India's 59! Junk food for thought! :)"

3.20pm Thank you, Alex. I was just wondering how every team in the World Cup agreed to no reserve days! For something to come under 'playing conditions', every participating team needs to sign off on it. Might come back to hurt the 2018 World Cup finalists (England) and winners (Australia). There were similar concerns before the India-Pakistan semifinal at the U-19 World Cup recently in South Africa but the skies had cleared up that day. Unfortunately for the women's World Cup, it does't look like the Sydney weather will be as kind. For those joining in late, the latest start for a game is 4.51pm local, and for that we must have toss by 4.36pm

John: "With regards to how the teams could sign off on having no reserve days, I wonder whether it came down to money. Having reserve days would cost money, even if they weren't used. Maybe that would mean that prize-money and the like would have been reduced had reserve days been in effect." -- Finances definitely play a role in such decisions. The costs involved for having a reserve day is massive, yes, but let's not forget that the Men's 50-over World Cup in England last year had reserve days for the semifinals...

3.15pm Spencer : "If it's a complete washout, the team mascots should engage in a no-holds barred fight on the pitch with the winning mascot's team progressing..." That would keep us amused.

Sreshth Shah will step in to fill the time while the rain falls.


Annesha also wrote this piece about India's star opener Shafali Verma.

Andrew McGlashan had the chance to speak to England allrounder Nat Sciver about her consistency at No.3.

3.00pm Akhil K: "What percentage chances would you give for the second match to happen today ?" Better than the first.

Ashish Bhinde: "Explainer says if both the semis are washed out the team which toped respective group will move to final. But what if first semi gests washed out and second one has a result. Which will be the second team to reach final?" If the second has a result then the winner of the game progresses.

Chris: "For the sake of "fairness", the ideal would be both matches washed out or both getting a result. "

2.35pm The toss has obviously been delayed.

Kranthi: "How is the forecast for Ind vs SA final this Sunday at Melbourne?" I see what you did there, Kranthi. Weather looks good for Sunday in Melbourne. Although it is raining in Melbourne today but it's not heavy.

Vikas Arya: "Well its even raining here in Marsfield which is a good 20km north of SCG. No chance of a game today me thinks!"

Patch: "I'm looking at the radar and forecast, mainly for the later game tonight - 7pm appears to be when it's lightening off, so we might be able to get away with one semi final... SCG dries bloody quick, so still hoping. " It is possible for the second game to get on if it lightens up. The BBL final was a good example of how well the SCG drains. It rained much harder than this in the lead up and they played a 12-overs-a-side game.

2.25pm Atul: "Sitting in my office at Darling Harbor, its raining as far as you can see and no sign of rain slowing down." For those unaware, Darling Harbour is roughly 3km north-west of the SCG. The weather is coming from the north east but the rain has enveloped the city.

2.15pm It's thumping down with rain at the SCG.

vaibhav: "what will be the cutoff time for the first match?" The official cut off time for the first game is 4.51pm. The latest the toss can happen is 15 minutes prior to that at 4.36pm.

Vikram: "It's pouring down in Sydney. Would have loved India going into final with the win. But credit to them for their consistent performances throughout the tournament. They deserve to be in the finals."

Vidyasagar: "I just work few hundred metres away from SCG and the its still raining heavily. Unfortunate that after buying tickets and getting half-day off, still cant enjoy a good match due to this rain. Glad that my boss allowed me to cancel my leave request, unlike ICC who are rigid in their stance "

2pm Hello and welcome to a very wet SCG for the Women's T20 World Cup semi-final double header. India and England are the first match at 3pm with the toss due in 30 minutes but we have very bad news from Andrew McGlashan who is at the ground.

Andrew McGlashan: "Wet and miserable at the SCG. Would say prospects for the first match are very slim. Rain very heavy now."

It has been raining consistently throughout the day and the radar looks terrible for the next few hours at least.

We feared the worst and now we have it. There are no reserve days for the semi-finals. Here is the key information for what will happen in the event both semi-finals are washed out.

Alex Malcolm and Sreshth Shah in commentary today for this first game.

While we wait, here is the preview for this clash between India and England.

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Sydney Cricket Ground
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Series resultIndia Women advanced
Match numberWT20I no. 000864b
Hours of play (local time)14.00 start, First Session 14.00-15.30, Interval 15.30-15.50, Second Session 15.50-17.20
Match days5 March 2020 - day (20-over match)
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