1st Semi-Final, Delhi, Mar 30 2016, Women's World T20
(20 ov, target 133)127/7
AUS Women won by 5 runs
Player Of The Match
55 (50) & 2 catches
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• The Report by Shashank Kishore

Australia Women surge into fourth straight final

Australia entered their fourth straight final of the Women's World T20 with a five-run win over England in Delhi

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Scores: Gopi Rangarajan
Comms: Deivarayan Muthu
Scorecard summary
Australia Women132/6(20 overs)
Meg Lanning55 (50)
Alyssa Healy25 (15)
Nat Sciver2/22(3)
England Women127/7(20 overs)
end of over 207 runs
ENG-W: 127/7CRR: 6.35 
Danni Wyatt10 (9)
Lydia Greenway3 (4)
Rene Farrell 4-0-26-1
Megan Schutt 4-0-15-2

5.30pm: England's misfiring middle order was brutally exposed today. Edwards, perhaps in her final WT20 match, looks despondent. Australia, on the other side, are one step away from sealing their fourth straight WT20 title.

From 67 for 0 to 117 for 7, there is no other way to explain England's implosion. Their running between the wickets was also sloppy.

Edwards, England captain: We know a lot about each other. There is no secrets between us. Australia held their nerve and that was the difference. We did not start well with the ball, but dragged it back. It was not meant to be for us today. It was great to see Marsh come in for Hazell. She has done well.

Lanning, Australia captain, again: We knew the Powerplay was crucial and that got us ahead. We were able to build on the momentum. I thought the bowlers did a great job. We don't mind facing New Zealand or West Indies. Should be a great match tomorrow.

Meg Lanning, Player of the Match: I thought it was a fantastic start from the openers. It was a decent wicket - straight on the stumps was hard to hit. We tried to execute that. With the platform we had, we could have got more. We were about par at the halfway. We stuck to our guns and if we did that, we knew we would be alright at the end.

That is all we have for you from this match. Can England Men do better? Alan Gardner is running the rollercoaster for the Eng-NZ clash. Ciao.

Daniel Jourdain: "England need 45 off 42 with 9 wickets in hand. From that point they lost 6/39."

Hypocaust: "Edwards and Beaumont contributed 340 runs in the tournament. The rest of the team combined managed 256."

Gaurav: "No excuses, the middle order batted poorly."

Farrell to Wyatt, 2 runs

Defending champions Australia progress to the final. Farrell is getting mobbed in the middle. England have lost it again, under pressure. Pitched up and outside off, smeared over the covers

Farrell to Wyatt, 2 runs

nice and full on off, dragged past midwicket for two

Farrell to Greenway, 1 run

The left-hander backs away outside leg, this is a blockhole ball on middle and leg. Dug out

Farrell to Wyatt, 1 run

full toss outside off, down the track and flapped in front of mid-on

Farrell to Wyatt, no run

full and outside off, drops to one knee for a slog sweep. No dice. Beaten

Farrell to Greenway, 1 run

length on off, heaved only as far as mid-on

Farrell will bowl the final over. She has a chat with Lanning. The seamer has 12 to defend

end of over 198 runs • 2 wickets
ENG-W: 120/7CRR: 6.31 RRR: 13.00
Lydia Greenway1 (2)
Danni Wyatt5 (5)
Megan Schutt 4-0-15-2
Rene Farrell 3-0-19-1

Karl Rocks: "When I left to go buy my lunch England were cruising.....What has happened??"

Schutt to Greenway, 1 leg bye

back of a length, cuts in to beat the leg-side slog. Off the pad and wanders away behind square on off

Schutt to Wyatt, 1 run

full on off, swished to mid-off

Schutt to Greenway, 1 run

back of a length on off, jabbed towards mid-on

Schutt to Gunn, 1 run, OUT

back of a length and outside off, chopped to backward point. They push for a second run off a overthow at the bowler's end. Schutt recovers and flings a throw to nail the stumps down at the keeper's end, sums up England's late implosion. Gunn appears and disappears for 1

Jenny Gunn run out (Schutt) 1 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100
Schutt to Brunt, OUT

bowled'em! The middle stump is sent for a walk. Full length and attacking the stumps, Brunt goes for a massive leg-side heave and does not put bat on it. Glum faces in the England camp

Katherine Brunt b Schutt 11 (4m 5b 1x4 1x6) SR: 220
Schutt to Brunt, FOUR runs

beats deep cover to her right! Full on off, she manufactures the length by skipping out. Belted away for four

Nish: "England imploding quickly, the Aussies have this in the bag."

Rushdi: ""Villani tells Taylor--- Now whos dropping the WC mate??? ;)""

end of over 1810 runs • 1 wicket
ENG-W: 112/5CRR: 6.22 RRR: 10.50
Katherine Brunt7 (3)
Danni Wyatt4 (4)
Rene Farrell 3-0-19-1
Erin Osborne 1-0-5-1
Farrell to Brunt, 1 leg bye

she user her feet again, yorks herself. Quietly diverted off the pad to short fine leg

Farrell to Brunt, SIX runs

clears deep midwicket for a six! Brunt advances to meet a fuller ball, slogged away

Farrell to Wyatt, 1 run

slower on off, dragged to cow corner

Farrell to Brunt, 1 run

back of the hand slower ball, tapped to the covers

Farrell to Taylor, OUT

soft, soft dismissal. Soft as wax. Taylor has popped a reverse sweep into the gloves of the keeper. Cutter outside off, she shapes up and lobs it to Healy. She hops and snaffles it. England are fading in the slog overs

Sarah Taylor c †Healy b Farrell 21 (33m 23b 0x4 1x6) SR: 91.3

Neeraj: "Taylor has played well under pressure in past. With 4 wkts down, can she do it this time as well? "

Farrell to Wyatt, 1 run

floated full and outside off, cracked to deep coer

end of over 176 runs • 1 wicket
ENG-W: 102/4CRR: 6.00 RRR: 10.33
Danni Wyatt2 (2)
Sarah Taylor21 (22)
Erin Osborne 1-0-5-1
Kristen Beams 4-0-23-1

Mani: "Aus showing y they are back to back champions.."

KL: "Brilliant gamble by Lanning with Osborne at this situation"

Osborne to Wyatt, 1 run

full and flat on off, drilled to long-off

Osborne to Taylor, 1 run

length ball on off, swept to deep square leg

Match details
Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi
TossEngland Women, elected to field first
SeriesWomen's World T20
Player Of The Match
Meg Lanning
Meg Lanning
Series resultAustralia Women advanced
Match numberWT20I no. 360
Hours of play (local time)14:30 start First Session 14.30-15.55, Interval 15.55-16.15, Second Session 16.15-17.40
Match days30 March 2016 - day (20-over match)
New Zealand Image
Chris Gaffaney
India Image
Sundaram Ravi
TV Umpire
West Indies Image
Joel Wilson
Reserve Umpire
Sri Lanka Image
Ranmore Martinesz
Match Referee
New Zealand Image
Jeff Crowe
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