6th match, Harare, Jul 6 2018, ZIM T20 Tri Series
(19.5/20 ov, target 152)154/5
Australia won by 5 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)
Player Of The Match

That's all we have for you today. Tune in on Sunday when we return for the final between Australia and Pakistan.

"I thought they bowled well towards the end and shows the value of having a set batsman at the end," Aaron Finch, the Australian captain, says. "I think its important to get some time in the middle, get batting rhythm [about the middle order]. They're hitting the balls well in training but nothing compares to match practices. The bowling was very good, we restricted Zimbabwe 15-20 runs short of what they'd have liked. We've been working up so far and hopefully we peak in the final"

Andrew Tye is the Man of the Match for his fourth successive three-for. He also wrapped up 50 T20 wickets in the year. "It's something I've been working on, taking wickets at crucial times. I've got lucky in this series, taking wickets in the death and stopping teams when they want more runs. Good that we got the win today, hopefully as a team we get a win on Sunday too. Just got to look at where the batsmen are trying to hit balls and then mix their rhythm up by changing pace, the line and length. So just trying to adapt to every batsman because they're all different. We've had a few troubles but I think we;re saving our best for the last"

"Fought well and took it to the end, which was good. The wicket played slower than expected and we couldn't quite kick on in the end even though we had a good partnership in the middle" Hamilton Masakadza, the Zimbabwe captain, says. "We spoke about coming back from the first two games and the guys expressing themselves and I think Mire did that brilliantly. We are on the up now and I'm sure we'll keep getting better and hopefully we'll get a W in the Pakistan one-dayers"

1.30 pm Zimbabwe - minus several of their best players and their premier fast bowler injured - have forced Australia to take a modest chase of 152 all the way to the penultimate ball of the match. The W won't be against their name, but Hamilton Masakadza's men have fought so very hard today; it was their last chance in the tri-series for a win and the bowlers were especially feisty. Blessing Muzarabani's bounce was always hard to deal with. Donald Tiripano and his slower balls were hard to read. And legspinner Brandon Mavuta's debut wasn't a bad one either

But Glenn Maxwell (56 off 38) and Travis Head (48 off 42) saw past their threat and will rightly be credited with this victory. Their 100-plus partnership after two early wickets stabilised the innings. But that collapse in the end would have sent a few nerves jangling. Three wickets in the last five overs, with a straightforward win in sight, will probably go down as an "x" in the coach Justin Langer's little black book.

Pyumba: "This is the reason y Zimbabwe is not in the world cup and Australia is......Handling the pressure!!!" --- Actually, they were only a couple of runs short of making it, so let's not point fingers.

Tiripano to Stoinis, FOUR runs

low full toss, which Stoinis smashes over square leg and it's Australia's game

Third man up. Square leg is up. Midwicket is up, but there's also one back.

Stoinis back on strike, with Australia needing two from two

Tiripano to Agar, 1 run

smacks it to mid-off and just sets off. Masakadza fumbles as well, allowing Australia's desperation move to succeed, despite his recovery and subsequent direct hit

Three from three now... and it's Agar on strike again

Tiripano to Stoinis, 1 run

slower short ball, which Stoinis pulls for a single to deep square leg

Fine leg up, third man back, midwicket up, square leg back.... Oh but wait, fine leg goes back now

Tiripano to Agar, 1 run

low full toss which Agar inside edges onto pad. Stoinis, the better batsman of the two, races away to steal the strike.

Ali cheema : "Just a reminder zimbabwe won't be playing world cup next year. " --- Meanwhile, Australia need five from five

Tiripano to Agar, no run

good length and it's the offcutter again. Agar pokes and misses

Tiripano to Agar, 1 wide

slower ball outside off, Agar flashes and misses as it spins away from him. Harsh call from the umpire to label that a wide though. Doubt it was.

Tiripano to Agar, 1 wide

starts with a short ball that goes way wide outside leg

Australia need seven off the last six balls. Ashton Agar will be on strike. Donald Tiripano will be the man with the ball. The head to head between these two teams in T20Is is deadlocked at 1-1. Long on and square leg are back, but midwicket is up inside the circle

end of over 197 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 145/5CRR: 7.63 RRR: 7.00
Ashton Agar3 (2)
Marcus Stoinis7 (5)
Blessing Muzarabani 4-0-21-3
Donald Tiripano 3-0-18-1
Muzarabani to Agar, 1 run

back of a length and outside off, steers it to deep point

Muzarabani to Agar, 2 runs

full and outside off, Agar drives to cover. Stoinis at the other end is looking for a single, which is why Waller takes a shy at the stumps and gives away two overthrows

Muzarabani to Stoinis, 1 run

goes straight up! Long-on is right on the edge of the boundary. Masakdaza, alancing himself as well as he could, takes the catch reverse cup. But he is starting to overbalance, so he flicks the ball back into the field of play. So close for Zimbabwe... So close...

Muzarabani to Stoinis, 2 runs

good length ball outside off gets Stoinis forward with a defensive push. It results in an outside edge that wanders away to deep third man

Ashton Agar is in with 14 needed off 11...

Muzarabani to Head, OUT

caught at long-on! Australia are goofing off with a win in sight! The set batsman - Head, who has been ever so careful to avoid any risk in his game today - goes for a big shot with the run-rate just barely over 6. And he finds Masakadza waiting to pounce on his mistake

Travis Head c Masakadza b Muzarabani 48 (42b 3x4 0x6) SR: 114.28
Muzarabani to Stoinis, 1 run

works a good length ball on leg stump out to deep square leg

Australia need 14 off 12 balls. Head is 48 not out off 41.