5th Match, Bulawayo, Nov 23 2016, Zimbabwe Tri-Nation Series
(50 ov, target 331)329/9
Sri Lanka won by 1 run
Player Of The Match
94 (73)
end of over 508 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 329/9CRR: 6.58 
Jason Holder45 (46)
Shannon Gabriel0 (0)
Nuwan Pradeep 10-0-65-1
Suranga Lakmal 10-0-67-2

5.55pm Terrific death bowling from Sri Lanka's seamers. They conceded just two boundaries off the last five overs. Pradeep defended nine off the last to seal SL's passage to the final. The performance at the slog overs starkly contrasted with that in the early exchanges when the seamers sprayed the ball all around the shop, and sent down a volley of wides. Lewis' maiden ODI ton brought West Indies two runs of a win, but the side's unsuccessful streak chasing 300+ scores continues. It was good fun. The winner of the last league game on Friday - West Indies v Zimbabwe - will join Sri Lanka in the final on Sunday. Thanks for reading. Cheers

Hisham: "Lewis 148 (122) and rest of the team managed only 160 (178). "

Holder: It was a good effort, well played Lewis. He batted deep in the innings, the run-out between me and Lewis was unfortunate. Going forward we must be a lot more precise in our calling to avoid run-outs. This is not over, and we have one more game against Zimbabwe.

Tharanga: Luckily, the game ended in our side. The batsmen batted really well, and the bowlers did a decent job. The only disappointment was our catching. Close game, bowling too many wides brought it close.

Kusal Mendis, Man of the Match: I enjoyed the innings. Very good, close game. Myself, Dhanajaya, and Dickwella all did well. [Mendis doing an Azhar here]

Hamid: "Magnificent effort by Lewis. Gotta feel for him. But still not enough to change the history of chasing 300 for West Indies. "

Pradeep to Holder, 1 run

Pradeep nails a middle-stump yorker, 144ks. Top ball, again. Holder, having backed away outside leg, can only jam it out to extra cover. You can't do much against pinpoint yorkers. He manages only a single. Sri Lanka win by one run and qualify for the final

Will it be a wide full ball, which Tiripano banked on?

Three needed off the last ball.

Pradeep to Benn, OUT

Holes out to deep cover, running to his right. But they have crossed over. Near yorker, very, very full and outside off. Benn carves it in the air.Terrific take under pressure from de Silva

Sulieman Benn c de Silva b Pradeep 11 (10m 6b 1x4 1x6) SR: 183.33
Pradeep to Benn, no run

very full and wider than a set of stumps outside off, 148.1ks, like the last ball Tiripano bowled to Holder in that tied match. Drives and only connects with thin air

Three needed off three

Luckwin: "That's Big Ben for you."

Pradeep to Benn, SIX runs

Benn connects with a slog now and dumps Pradeep into the bleachers at deep midwicket. Back of a length and angling away outside off, clears his front leg and clubs it with all his might

Pradeep to Benn, no run

Benn showed his ace early. Stepped out and Pradeep dragged his length back. Angling away outside off. Benn attempts a massive swipe and misses

Nine needed off five balls. Benn under pressure

Pradeep to Holder, 1 run

yorker bang on middle, what a ball. Holder aims a hack across the line, and inside-edges to short fine leg. He takes the single

WI need 10 off the last over. Tie, anybody? Pradeep to bowl it

end of over 4910 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 321/8CRR: 6.55 RRR: 10.00
Jason Holder43 (44)
Sulieman Benn5 (2)
Suranga Lakmal 10-0-67-2
Nuwan Kulasekara 10-0-73-2
Lakmal to Holder, 1 run

low full-toss on leg stump, hit down to long-on. Holder gets the strike

Lakmal to Holder, 1 wide

Holder shimmies down the pitch, the bowler strays a full ball down leg, following the batsman. Dickwella throws himself to his left to collect the ball

Lakmal to Holder, 2 runs

too full on middle and leg, Holder, who is standing deep in the crease, whips it away to deep square leg. The race off for the second. The throw from the deep is towards Benn's end. He makes it

Lakmal to Benn, 1 run

yorker on middle and leg, jammed out to midwicket, a misfield allows a single

Lakmal to Benn, FOUR runs

full and angling away outside off from over the wicket, fortunate boundary for WI. Benn pushes with no feet, and nicks it through where first slip may have been. The edge streaks away to the boundary, the first since the 44th over

Benn, with snazzy sunglasses on, joins his captain

Lakmal to Nurse, OUT

yorker shading just outside the leg stump, wild swing and a miss. Has Nurse inside-edged it onto the thigh pad, before the keeper collected it? Dickwella goes up for an appeal. The umpires Illingworth and Matibiri converge and the soft signal is out. Holder isn't amused. Lakmal's front foot is fine. Nurse attempts a cross-batted slog, having dropped to one knee. Nicks it onto the back thigh, replays confirm it; I can spot the deflection. TV umpire Gough rules Nurse out after much deliberation. Clean catch from Dickwella behind the stumps. Terrific bowling from SL's seamers under pressure. Nurse drags himself off the field

Ashley Nurse c †Dickwella b Lakmal 2 (9m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66
Lakmal to Holder, 1 leg bye

Holder backs away outside leg, nails a yorker following the batsman, off the pad and squirts away to square leg


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