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6th Match, Harare, June 07, 2010, Zimbabwe Triangular Series
(47.5/50 ov, T:237) 240/2

Zimbabwe won by 8 wickets (with 13 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
119* (137) & 3 catches
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What stood out not only in this game but in all their wins so far in this tournament is how calm, collected, clinical, professional and in control they have been. The chases have been all done without any hiccups. Like a team that knows how to win.

Bonyongo: "Best of all - I think we can now stop using the term "shock win" when Zim wins a game....we're a decent team, and we can win games just like anybody else...fantastic!"

Nelson Maqandisa: "After this encouraging display by Zimbabwe, i hope the authorities will give us a half working day on Wednesday to watch the final like they did when Zimbabwe played Brazil in an international friendly soccer match."

Allen Robinson: "Call me a fair weather supporter but if Zim continue to play like this I will definitely be coming back to watch."

Dave: "This has been a clinical show up by Zim, just hope and prays that they can keep the consistency going into the final! None the less, good, spirited all round performance! Mugabe can be proud. "

Bryan Morton: "For those of us who have continued to support Zim through the hard times - *this* is the payback. Hugely proud of the guys for the way they've performed this series."

Don't know whether this is true but here is Kangon: "Actually Sri Lanka hate playing against Zimbabwe on 7th of the month, I guess.They've lost against Zim in 7th Nov 1998, 7th April 2003 and today, 7th Jun 2010."

Please to hang on for the quotes from the post-match ceremony.

Dilshan "They bowled well in the middle overs. When the ball got old. We were short of 30 runs. As I said in the morning, 260 would have been a good score to defend. Our bowlers did well. Main two bowlers didn't play today; they will come back for the final. Angelo also might be fit and make our middle order stronger. We can learn from this game for the final.:

Chigumbura: "Very happy. Fantastic performance from the batsmen, especially BT. We struggled with the new ball seamers but the spinners have bowled really well all through this season. We seamers have to work hard. If I lose the toss on the final, it's just the matter of doing well on field. Taylor is a fantastic player; I hope he does well in the final also."

Man of the Match is Brendan Taylor : "The pitch was slightly slow than the first game here against India. But it still played ok. We felt that they should have got more. So we just concentrated on getting a foundation for the batsmen coming in. I am trying to find some consistency with my batting and it's a nice feeling to get a few good scores here. Really pleasing with the wins. I try to tell myself that stay relaxed as much as possible; you have a job to do and go out there and do it. They [Sri Lanka] have rested some players in this game and so definitely the contest will be stiffer in the final."

That's it from us. Good bye and good luck

Thushara to Taylor, FOUR runs

Sizzling! Full delivery outside off and Taylor crashes it to the cover boundary. Zimbabwe win by 8 wickets.

BO J: "makes me wish I was back in Harare watching the match! I've been

really impressed with how quickly the Zimbabwe team is growing and improving as weget more and more match experience against better sides. Well done guys!! Let's keep it going for the final"

Thushara to Taibu, 1 run

low full toss on the off stump line, pushed to mid-off for a single

Thushara to Taibu, 1 wide

Another wide down the leg side. He was trying the slower one but the release went awry

Thushara to Taylor, 1 run

the slow bouncer around off, swatted behind square-leg

Thushara to Taylor, no run

good yorker on the middle and Taylor stabs it back down the track

Thushara to Taylor, 1 wide

Wide outside the leg stump. Just four more now

Thushara to Taibu, 3 runs

Thwack! Full pitched on the leg and middle and Taibu whips it to deep midwicket for three runs

Sandeep: "Taylor has been playing tournament of his life....With 3 man of the matches so far , he would be on his way to make a record for most number of man of the match in a tournament."

Faiz: "Now Taylor overtook Rohit Sharma as the highest scorer in this tournament. Well played"

end of over 4710 runs
ZIM: 229/2CRR: 4.87 RRR: 2.66
Tatenda Taibu38 (53b 1x6)
Brendan Taylor114 (134b 8x4 1x6)
Dilhara Fernando 9-0-37-0
Suraj Randiv 9-0-38-0
Fernando to Taibu, 1 run

fullish, just outside off, driven hard but straight to deep cover

Fernando to Taylor, 1 run

Fernando responds with a yorker, dug out towards third man. Just nine more now

Fernando to Taylor, SIX runs

Stunner! Fabulicious! What a hit. It was a full delivery around off and he punched it over long-off. Classy. Stylish. Superb timing.

Fernando to Taylor, no run

short in length, on the middle, pushed back to the bowler

Fernando to Taibu, 1 run

taps this to square-leg and they cross over

Fernando to Taylor, 1 run

goes for the yorker, dug out towards mid-on for a quick single

end of over 466 runs
ZIM: 219/2CRR: 4.76 RRR: 4.50
Brendan Taylor106 (130b 8x4)
Tatenda Taibu36 (51b 1x6)
Suraj Randiv 9-0-38-0
Thilan Thushara 9-1-39-1
Randiv to Taylor, 1 run

leans forward to nurdle it past square-leg

Randiv to Taylor, FOUR runs

And what a response from Brendan. The crowd roar. Taylor plays the reverse sweep - he leaned forward and swept it over backward point. Crash!

Randiv to Taylor, no run

stretches forward to turn it to short midwicket. Just a single so far

Randiv to Taibu, 1 run

leans forward to work it behind square-leg

Randiv to Taibu, no run

spins in from outside off, pushed down the track

Randiv to Taibu, no run

tossed full outside off, driven to mid-off

Batting Powerplay on

end of over 454 runs
ZIM: 213/2CRR: 4.73 RRR: 4.80
Brendan Taylor101 (127b 7x4)
Tatenda Taibu35 (48b 1x6)
Thilan Thushara 9-1-39-1
Suraj Randiv 8-0-32-0
Thushara to Taylor, no run

The slow bouncer.. Taylor was in two minds.. tries to pull but by then the ball had sailed over

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