One-day cricket has been a feature of West Indies cricket since 1972-73 when a knock-out tournament took place between Barbados (the winners), Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago took place. After a three-year hiatus, a more formal tournament - the Gillette Cup - was set up and the Leeward Islands and Windward Islands were added to the quartet. The format was two groups of three, and again Barbados won the final against Trinidada & Tobago, a result that was repeated in 1976-77. As happened around the world, sponsors for the one-day competitions came and went, although it was Jamaica who established dominance on the field. In the early 1990s, Leeward Islands took over, and in 1995-96 Canada and Bermuda were experimentally brought in - winless, both finished bottom of their groups. By then, the tournament was established as a curtain-raiser for the season, and in 2000-01 two more teams were added, with USA producing a major upset by defeating Barbados ... they still finished bottom of their group. All four non first-class sides were jettisoned in 2001-02 and instead Leeward Islands were divided into Antigua and Barbuda and the Rest, while the Windward Islands were divided into a North and a South group. The temptation to tinker continued, and in 2002-03 Windwards were divided into Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the Rest, a university XI was introduced, and Canada returned. In 2004-05 there was no sponsor, but KFC came on board in 2005-06.

Year Winner
1972-73 Barbados

Year Winner
1975-76 Barbados
1976-77 Barbados

Year Winner
1977-78 Leeward Islands / Jamaica
1978-79 Trinidad and Tobago
1979-80 Guyana
1980-81 Trinidad and Tobago
1981-82 Leeward Islands
1982-83 Guyana
1983-84 Jamaica
1984-85 Guyana
1985-86 Jamaica
1986-87 Jamaica
1987-88 Barbados

Year Winner
1988-89 Windward Islands
1989-90 Trinidad and Tobago
1990-91 Jamaica
1991-92 Trinidad and Tobago
1992-93 Guyana / Leeward Islands
1993-94 Leeward Islands

Year Winner
1994-95 Leeward Islands
1995-96 Trinidad and Tobago / Guyanas

Year Winner
1996-97 Trinidad and Tobago
1997-98 Leeward Islands
1998-99 Guyana
1999-00 Jamaica
2000-01 Windward Islands
2001-02 Guyana
2002-03 Barbados
2003-04 Guyana

Year Winner
2004-05 Trinidad and Tobago

Year Winner
2005-06 Guyana
2006-07 Trinidad & Tobago
2007-08 Jamaica

Year Winner
2008-09 Trinidad & Tobago
2009-10 Trinidad & Tobago
2010-11 Shared (Barbados/Leeward Islands)
2011-12 Jamaica
2012-13 Windward Islands
2013-14 Barbados
2014-15 Trinidad & Tobago
2015-16 Trinidad & Tobago