Anton Roux will step down as coach of the Netherlands team to take up the role of assistant coach of Otago Volts. Roux will be assisting Rob Walter, who was appointed early last month.

"I feel the time is right for me to move on and continue my career elsewhere. To be a part of a team that has grown from crazy young boys, into grown young men, husbands, and even parents has been special to say the least," Roux said. "This experience, by far, outweighs any of our on-field successes, and has taught me a lot about how to manage the person before the athlete. As far as our on-field performances go, I believe our results speak for themselves, and I hope that the cricket world has enjoyed every single victory, and anguished, for every single loss, just as much as I have."

Netherlands enjoyed a good run under Roux, who was in charge for 52 games. Netherlands won 36 and lost 16 of those, but more than the wins and losses, Roux will be remembered for pulling them up to No. 11 in the T20 rankings. "I believe a T20 ranking of 11th in the world is something we should all be proud of. The quality of cricket in the world has risen so much in the last few years, and to think that Holland is 11th is quite staggering."

Under Roux, Netherlands failed to qualify for the 2015 World Cup, but were a part of the World T20 in 2014, when they stunned England, and in the following edition in India earlier this year. "As a young 35-year-old, to say that I have been to two World Cups as a head coach is an honour that I will forever hold dear to my heart," he said.

Before he leaves the Netherlands set-up, Roux will prepare a report for the KNCB, the Netherlands cricket board, on domestic cricket in the country and the way forward. The report will also include his thoughts on the importance of preparing players to get them technically ready for international cricket.