Rahul Dravid said that the appeal against Inzamam-ul-Haq was not against the spirit of the game© AFP

Rahul Dravid has defended the decision to appeal against Inzamam-ul-Haq for obstructing the field in the first ODI at Peshawar while adding that the team has decided not to react to allegations of "unsportsmanlike" behaviour.

The umpires upheld the Indians' appeal after Inzamam fended off Suresh Raina's throw from mid-off with his bat while still out of his crease. Inzamam had written in a syndicated column that the appeal made by the Indian fielders was "against the spirit of cricket" and added that dismissals like "obstructing the field", "handled the ball" and "hit the ball twice" went against the spirit of the game. Terming the appeal "unsportsmanlike" he went to the extent of saying that it could have an "adverse affect on the relations between the two opponents".

Dravid read out a statement to the press, clearly suggesting that India had no intention of taking the issue up with the concerned authorities. "In my opinion, and in the opinion of the umpires and match referee, both of whom I have spoken to, the Indian team did not act in any manner that was unsportsmanlike or against the spirit of the game," he said. "If it was the case, the umpires and match referee would have taken action. We had the option of taking up the issue with relevant authorities but keeping the relevance, importance and context of this series in mind we would like the issue to pass and put it to rest."

Moin Khan, a former Pakistan captain, also wrote in his column for Press Trust of India that Dravid's decision to back the appeal was "deplorable". He also said that it appeared as though India wanted to win "by hook or by crook" and Dravid should have realised what bearing his action would have on the series.