Sloppy at first

1.4 Schutt to Wyatt, 1 run, fractionally short and outside off, Wyatt leans back and carves it in the air behind point. Haynes throws herself to her left and drops a tough catch but saves three runs for Australia

2.2 Perry to Wyatt, 1 run, edged and dropped by Healy Would you believe it? This flies to the right of the keeper. She's late to react and the ball clangs out of her gloves. Short and outside off, Wyatt flashes and gets away

Then the sublime

4.5 Perry to Jones, OUT, Direct hit at the non-striker's end, and Jones is gone. Bulls Eye: Wareham collects the ball at mid-on and nails the stumps. Full-toss on middle, hacked away to the right of Wareham, she swoops down on the ball and catches the in-form Jones short. Miles short

Back to the slip-ups

7.5 Kimmince to Wyatt, no run, Kimmince drops a return catch. Fairly tough chance as it has hit hard. Pushed through outside off, drilled back to the bowler, she's late to react and lets it burst through her hands

8.2 Molineux to Knight, no run, Australia miss a run-out chance. Their fielding has veered from sublime to sloppy. This is tapped to short third man, the fielder collects the ball and throws it to Healy, the keeper, who turns around rather slowly and gets into a rather side-on position. Too slow and England get away again

10.2 Gardner to Wyatt, FOUR, steps out to have a wild wallop, but ends up toe-ending it. Rolls to long-on alright but Mooney in trying to get to the ball slips, perhaps because of the dew, and the ball skids to the boundary. Australia have been quite poor on the field

Captain says this is how it's done!

10.6 Gardner to Wyatt, OUT, absolutely drills this to cover and Lanning takes an excellent catch airborne. Wyatt has run out of luck, finally. This was nicely tossed up by Gardner, Wyatt couldn't hold back when she saw the flight and absolutely went after that one.

Healy's poor day continues

12.4 Wareham to Winfield, 2 byes, another miss by Alyssa Healy behind the stumps! Drifted in and spun away between the gap between bat and pad as she looked to flick across the line. Oh, dear.

Lanning successfully reviews

12.5 Wareham to Winfield, OUT, excellent delivery, the flipper this time. Winfield lucky to get some bat on it as she tried to make room and cut. Just as the 15 seconds were about to lapse, Lanning asked for a review despite there not being an appeal of any kind. Replays confirm there was pad before it smashed the bat. It comes back with ball tracking confirming the ball would've smashed middle. Great review by Australia!

Perry switches on and off

15.2 Gardner to Shrubsole, 1 run, the drops continue, it's Perry this time!This was whipped uppishly, Perry coming in from deep midwicket miscalculated a little as it was dying on her

17.5 Gardner to Knight, SIX, muscled and this one bursts through Mooney's hands at long-on! Strong bottom-hand as she got to the pitch to drill this down the ground.

18.3 Molineux to Ecclestone, 2 runs, hit hard, hit flat, long-on comes around but Kimmince misfields to concede the second to raise England's 100

18.5 Molineux to Ecclestone, 1 run, hit hard, a direct hit at the bowler's end from mid-off and Ecclestone would've continued to run to the dug out. Also, the bowler didn't put her left hand out to try and catch that.

19.2 Schutt to Ecclestone, 1 run, OUT, drags this slower delivery down to long-on and looks to scamper a second, but can't beat Perry's rocket throw as she comes around from deep midwicket to intercept that. Straightforward decision for the third umpire as Healy collects the throw and whips the bails off.