Cricket Australia will consider sanctions on a number of players from the Under-19 squad after a post on Instagram by batsman Jake Fraser-McGurk invited comments that seemingly mocked non-native English speakers.

The image Fraser-McGurk posted of himself batting and captioned "Quarter Finals here we come" shortly after Australia's victory over England prompted a series of replies from team-mates, which have subsequently been removed and commenting has been disabled.

"Sir great player, big fan and will play for India one day," wrote Oliver Davies.

"Sir, give me WhatsApp number, I want to be friend," commented Liam Scott.

Lachlan Hearne, Tanveer Sangha and Sam Fanning also posted similar comments.

Sean Carroll, the board's integrity chief, said in a statement provided to ESPNcricinfo that "some of the language could be interpreted as ridiculing non-native English language speakers".

"We are extremely disappointed that some of the Australia under-19 squad members have used inappropriate language in posts on social media, which we reported to the ICC as soon as it came to our attention," Carroll said.

"I have spoken to the players this morning and have expressed in no uncertain terms that such language has no place in society and falls well short of the standards we expect as Australian cricketers. The players have apologised for the language and taken down the posts.

"Cricket Australia will consider sanctions upon their return from South Africa, which will include but not be limited to education and cultural sensitivity training. Most of the players do not have their parents present with them in South Africa and some of them are minors. Accordingly, we believe it is appropriate to consider their sanction upon their return home."

Fraser-McGurk, one of the players involved, has already flown home to receive treatment after being scratched by a monkey at a nature reserve during a team outing in Kimberley.