Challenger Trophy

Challenger Trophy, 1994-95 to present day

The Challenger Trophy, a day-night limited-overs tournament featuring the best talent available, was introduced by the BCCI in 1994-95. The competition features three sides - India Seniors [India Blue], India A [India Red] and India B [India Green]. For first few years the three teams were picked on merit, but the emphasis shifted to selecting three well-matched teams, a move that resulted in closer and more popular matches.
From 1998-99 the tournament was known as the N K P Salve Challenger Trophy and it is now officially called Challenger Series, for the N K P Salve Trophy.
Year Winner
1994-95 India Seniors
1995-96 India Seniors
1996-97 India Seniors
1997-98 India Seniors
1998-99 India A / India B
1999-00 India Seniors
2000-01 India Seniors
2001-02 India A
2002-03 Not played
2003-04 India A
2004-05 India A
2005-06 India Seniors
2006-07 India Blue / India Red
2007-08 India Blue
2008-09 India Blue
2009-10 India Red
2010-11 India Blue
2011-12 India Green/India Red
2012-13 India B
2013-14 India Blue