The Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) supervising the BCCI has asked the board's anti-corruption unit to investigate if Mohammed Shami collected money sent to him by a UK national through a Pakistani woman in Dubai. Shami's wife Hasin Jahan had alleged that Shami made that claim when she confronted him and accused him of committing adultery. Jahan released an alleged recording of that telephonic conversation, and the CoA has taken note of it.

Kolkata Police is currently looking into various criminal charges filed by Jahan against India fast bowler Shami and his family, including attempt to murder. Shami has rejected all the accusations and has pleaded with his wife to sort the issues out in private. A day after Jahan first made the allegations, the BCCI withheld Shami's annual contract, choosing to wait for the police probe.

Kolkata Police has been in touch with the BCCI, asking the board about Shami's travel schedule after India's recent tour of South Africa, and whether he extended his stay in Dubai, as alleged by his wife, while the rest of the team returned home. The CoA or the BCCI has not made any comment on the issue. However, the recording released by Jahan has led to the CoA calling for an internal probe.

In the alleged audio tape, the person claimed to be Jahan is heard asking the person claimed to be Shami why he met someone referred to as Alisba in Dubai. Shami allegedly tells Jahan that he had to collect money from Alisba, money sent by a certain Mohammed Bhai from the UK.

In a letter addressed to the head of the BCCI ACSU Neeraj Kumar, which ESPNcricinfo has accessed, the CoA has asked the board to submit a report "preferably" within a week. "The Committee of Administrators is concerned only with such portion of the said audio recording in which the person who it is claimed is Md. Shami is heard saying another person by the name of 'Mohammad Bhai' had sent money to Md. Shami through a Pakistani lady by the name of 'Alisba'," the letter said.

The CoA has asked the board to investigate whether Mohammed Bhai and Alisba exist, if any money was sent to Shami, and, if it was indeed sent, why. "Please investigate the above assertions/allegations under the BCCI Anti-Corruption Code and submit a report to the Committee of Administrators with your findings as to whether there is any basis to proceed further in terms thereof. The investigation should cover (i) the identity and antecedents of "Mohammad Bhai" and "Alisba"; (ii) whether any money was in fact sent by the said Mohammad Bhai through the said Alisba to Md. Shami; and (iii) if yes, the purpose for which the said money was received by Md. Shami."

The CoA has asked the ACSU to restrict the investigation to what might fall under the BCCI's anti-corruption code.