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Colour 'em appropriate

Eight things the uniforms at this year's IPL reveal about the men who wear them. As disclosed by leading spectrumologist Marcia Nicholas

Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hughes
Praveen Kumar demonstrates why his team's virile red uniforms are particularly apt  •  AFP

Praveen Kumar demonstrates why his team's virile red uniforms are particularly apt  •  AFP

Deccan Chargers
Ah, now these guys mean business. They've chosen a distinctive shade of blue known as Mechanic's Oily Overalls. It tells me that they are industrious, mechanised and well-oiled. They will get the job done, but they may not always wash their hands.
Chennai Super Kings
The canary is an attractive bird, with bright yellow plumage and a cheery, optimistic tune. But in mimicking the songbird, the man who sports this vivid shade will also turn out to be easily dislodged from his perch and prone to fly north for the summer.
Mumbai Indians
A lovely, soothing, calming blue, evocative of summer skies. This tells of a team relaxed and completely at ease with themselves, serenely going about their business. They may be so relaxed in fact, that they are in danger of falling asleep on the job.
Royal Challengers Bangalore
Now these shirts tell a story. At first glance, Ferrari red appears the epitome of virility, power and success. In reality, it usually masks deep-seated insecurities. Men who wear this shade are likely to have performance issues.
Kings XI Punjab
I like these Preity shirts, they put me in mind of red and white roses; of romance. However, the men who wear them are easily distracted by a pretty face and are likely to spend their time in the field composing sonnets or picking daisies.
Delhi Daredevils
English red and blue. I can only foresee bad luck for the wearers of these ill-fated shirts. They should change them immediately.
Kolkata Knight Riders
These colours trouble me. Every time I look at them, I am reminded of burning effigies. The abundance of black is also deeply symbolic; suggestive of secretive plotting and dark intrigue.
Rajasthan Royals
Electric blue shirts are a sign of sparky confidence. This team will have a lot to say for itself and be full of energy. They will be the life and soul of the party at first, but eventually everyone will get sick of them.

Andrew Hughes is a writer currently based in England