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Did David Miller make his own DRS review?

The first signal came from the non-striker Faf du Plessis, before the umpire was satisfied that Miller's late gesture signalled his intent to review

Glenn Maxwell wasn't happy after a review saved David Miller, Australia v South Africa, 3rd ODI, Hobart, November 11, 2018

Glenn Maxwell wasn't happy after a review saved David Miller  •  Getty Images

Was DRS protocol correctly followed when Aleem Dar's decision to give David Miller out lbw was reviewed in the third ODI between Australia and South Africa in Hobart?
Miller, on 41, was given lbw to Glenn Maxwell and after considerable debate with the non-striker Faf du Plessis it was the South Africa captain du Plessis who first made a clear review signal to umpire Dar. Dar appeared to hesitate in signalling for the DRS until Miller himself made a half-hearted gesture of brushing his arm, after which Dar called in the TV umpire, satisfied with the striker's intent to review. The ball-tracking projection predicted the ball would have gone over the stumps and Dar overturned his decision.
The ICC playing conditions for ODIs state that only the batsman dismissed can request for a review. "Only the batsman involved in a dismissal may request a Player Review of an Out decision and only the captain (or acting captain) of the fielding team may request a Player Review of a Not-out decision."
The playing conditions also state that a "review request shall be made by the player making a 'T' sign with both forearms at head height," and while that is not strictly enforced Miller's gesture did not meet those standards.
There was also a question over whether the review request from South Africa had come within the permitted 15-second period. It was a borderline call with host broadcaster Fox Sports putting a stop clock on it which came to 18 seconds, although the time restriction is again not always enforced strictly.
Miller went on to make 139 off 108 balls and shared a partnership of 252 with du Plessis, leading South Africa to 320 for 5 in the series decider at Bellerive Oval.