Justice Ahmed Ebrahim , the Zimbabwe Cricket vice-chairman, said Wednesday's follow-up crisis meeting should find a lasting resolution to the meltdown blighting the game in the country.
"When you have a crisis situation, you have to take action, and those are the sort of decisions we may have to make," Ebrahim said. "I am very worried about what is happening. That is one of the reasons I called for this crisis meeting. Since the first meeting was held on Monday some circumstances have changed. So we are meeting tomorrow for these issues to be discussed and decisions to be taken on what the board should do.
"I am concerned about our international well-being, and the very least of what came out of the Monday meeting is a significant commitment from the players to serve the country. I regard the players as the core product in our effort to have the game survive in this country. I am very much confident that the quality we have in these players is very much good enough to compete on the international stage."
Justice Ebrahim's comments comes in the wake of Zimbabwe's national team players making a resolution at the Monday meeting that they still had their hearts behind Zimbabwe cricket. "I am very pleased to indicate that that the national team captain [Tatenda Taibu] and the players' representatives indicated their total commitment, and recognition of their responsibilities to the game of cricket in this country. The players that are present in the country would participate in squad training in preparation for our future commitments."
Ebrahim, a retired Supreme Court judge, also spoke of the departure of Taibu to play domestic cricket in Bangladesh, saying it was a positive move for the former national skipper. "I think it's very good that Tatenda has been given an opportunity to play in Bangladesh," he said. "He is one of our national heroes, but he also has a tremendous following in the international arena, especially in Bangladesh, where he scored his maiden Test century."
The stakeholders meetings, which were called partly because of the 11th-hour cancellation of the board meeting which was due to be held last Saturday, also tasked Ebrahim to resolve the problems existing in the provinces, especially the infighting in Mashonaland that has impacted heavily on the national set-up in Zimbabwe.