Pat Cummins vs Joe Root - a hallmark of greatness

The Australia captain claimed England's best batter twice in the game at Headingley

ESPNcricinfo staff
07-Jul-2023 • Updated on 09-Jul-2023
Pat Cummins struck second ball of day two to send Joe Root packing, England vs Australia, 2nd day, 3rd Test, Headingley, July 7, 2023

Pat Cummins struck second ball of day two to send Joe Root packing  •  Getty Images

We've had the re-run of Stuart Broad vs David Warner, but Pat Cummins vs Joe Root is catching up with the Australia captain now reaching double-figures of dismissals against England's best batter. Here's a look back at how he's done it, with some outstanding deliveries among them...
Massive moment! Huge appeal for lbw, given not out by Erasmus, and Smith has called the review. Root falling across a full delivery, trying to play it too square, the bat got caught behind his pad. This looks very good. Smashing middle!
Full in the channel, Root goes hard... and slices to third slip! What a moment, England's captain gone! Cummins is stoked, Australia are in their element, a second wicket of the morning and it might be the nail in England's chances. Short and then full and Root wasn't in synch, thick-edging an ambitious drive.
Perth, 2017-18 (Root 20)
Gottim, tickled down the leg side! Root fails to calm the roiling waters as Cummins gets him again, 146kph and it just flicks the gloves on its way through as he looked to turn off his hip! What a way to go, a huge breakthrough for Australia.
The breakthrough! That's a shocker from Root. Dropped in short, Root goes for the pull and just offers a top edge to deep square leg who is about two-thirds of the way to the boundary.
Lord's, 2019 (Root 0)
Gone, first ball! It's all happening. Perfect length outside off, Root pushes forward, gets a thick edge through to Paine. Australia know they have a big chance now.
BOWLED 'IM! Absolute ripper from Cummins, England are in disarray! This is more or less the perfect delivery for a right-arm seamer to a right-hander. On a length, nips away off the seam, kisses the top of the off stump past Root's defences, and Cummins wheels away in celebration. What a start for Australia!
The Oval, 2019 (Root 57)
Bowled him! Another cracker from Cummins. Wider on the crease, angled in, it hits a good length, straightens a touch and Root is squared up on the crease, beaten on the outside edge and it crashes into off stump! Three quarters of the way up! Not dissimilar to the Old Trafford delivery.
Hobart, 2021-22 (Root 34)
Big appeal and given lbw! Brilliant bowling from Cummins. A length delivery, nips past the inside edge and slams into the pads. That has come back a long way. Slightly surprised Root didn't review. Height, maybe? Well, umpire's call on height. Clipping the bails.
Lord's, 2023 (Root 18)
Fended to first slip! A brute from Cummins! Warner pouches it. Back of a length, fifth stump, Root tried to play his trademark push to point with an open bat face but this reared up sharply and he jumped with it and could only edge it to first slip from infront of his face. Easy catch for Warner.
Nicked to first slip! Warner pouches it! Cummins strikes. Back of a length, climbing on a fourth stump line, no seam movement, maybe some extra bounce, Root just pushes at it as is his penchant and he nicks it straight to first slip. Warner snares it as it swung and dipped in the air. Good catch. Not dissimilar to Root's dismissal at Lord's!
Short, down leg... and Root has gloved a pull! That's the 11th time Cummins has got England's top dog with the bat! Headingley is silenced as the Australians leap and whoop in celebration. Not Cummins' best ball by any stretch, but Root miscued the shot and walks off despondent