Dravid's three strikes
Who would have bet on Rahul Dravid hitting the first six of the match? He did exactly that. In fact he hit three consecutive sixes off the last three balls of left-arm spinner Samit Patel's third over. For the first one, Dravid cleared his front leg to swat the ball high over long-on. Off the next delivery he stepped out to clear long-on again, this time with a straight bat. He finished the over by sweeping fine, sweeping nice, sweeping strong over the deep square-leg boundary. Twenty-two runs came off the over. Dravid's Twenty20 international batting career lasted 21 deliveries and 23 minutes, yet nobody will forget it easily.

Swann stumps Kieswetter
Keep an eye out for a tweet from Graeme Swann on Craig Kieswetter, the England wicketkeeper. Kieswetter could not read a Swann arm ball that had already beaten Rahul Dravid and got a thin edge. Kieswetter was caught squatting and staring in disbelief as he not only missed the catch but also an easy stumping. Then on the final ball off his third over, Swann lured Rohit Sharma out of his crease, beat him with his off break, but once again Kieswetter failed to collect the ball at the first go. Luckily he managed to collect the ball on the second attempt and knock off the bails before Rohit could get back home. Swann did not believe Kieswetter had managed a stumping. "Was it bowled?" he asked Kieswetter?

Turning point of the day
MS Dhoni had hit his first boundary, a smash to wide long-on off Jade Dernbach that nearly carried for six. The next ball, Dhoni, standing deep in his crease to begin with, skipped out a couple of yards to try and clear long-off. Standing there was the 6'2"-tall debutant Alex Hale. He positioned himself nicely under the ball, turned his hands so his fingers were pointing up but in doing so inadvertently covered his face so he could not see the ball as it bounced off his palms. Thankfully for him, the ball rolled onto his long arm and after a couple more juggles a smiling Hale finished the catch. That wicket triggered a collapse as India lost their final five wickets for seven runs in 13 deliveries.

Miss of the day
In the fourth over of the game, Ajinkya Rahane tried pushing Stuart Broad to the leg side as he advanced out of the crease. He didn't connect and the ball went off the pad and straight to the bowler who was in his follow through. Rahane was halfway down the pitch already, but his opening partner Parthiv Patel sent him back. Rahane, desperate, turned back and retreated to his crease, but Broad had already thrown himself forward and only had to underarm the ball onto the stumps to run Rahane out. But he missed and Rahane was home. Rahane was on 15 then, and went on to get 61

Take of the day
MS Dhoni might be keeping with tired, hurt, taped fingers. But he is one of the best wicketkeepers at stumpings, equipped with a fast pair of hands. Virat Kohli's first ball was a terrible one, sprayed down the leg side. But Kevin Pietersen had lunged too far forward to play a defensive prod and was caught out of his crease and overbalanced when the ball went past his pads. Dhoni, having read the ball quickly, moved to the leg side swiftly to collect it in both hands before brushing off the bails from in front of the stumps with, as Ian Ward in the Sky Sports commentary box aptly described it, "a dismissive flick." Pietersen walked back, embarrassed, out off a ball the umpire had called wide.

Shot of the day
R Ashwin could not believe it. He had pitched the ball outside Eoin Morgan's leg stump. But Morgan, playing it late, surprised the bowler and the two fielders at gully and short third-man by tucking a reverse sweep between them, using his wrists to generate velocity behind the stroke.

Moment of the day
Morgan, one short of a deserved half-century, drove in the air towards Rohit Sharma at short point. The ball was dying on him but Rohit plunged forward to pick it up half an inch above the turf. Rohit did not even look for the umpire's decision as he ran towards his team-mates to celebrate. But Morgan stood his ground, shaking his head, saying he did not believe the ball had carried into Rohit's hands. After repeated replays Morgan was adjudged out and forced to leave. He could not believe it. In the end he would not mind it as his was the winning innings.

Over of the day
England needed 13 from the final two overs. Dhoni asked Munaf Patel to bowl the penultimate one. His first over had cost 17. But Munaf bowled full, kept it in the channel around off stump and gave no room to Ravi Bopara and Samit Patil, who ridiculously were trying to play across the line when there was just one fielder in the ring on the off side. Munaf's last three overs went for just eight runs. Unfortunately for him Samit Patel hit three consecutive fours in the final over to seal the victory for England.

Nagraj Gollapudi is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo