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FICA statement on future tour cancellations

Full statement from FICA chief executive Tony Irish in response to the ICC's warning to players over the possible consequences of future tour cancellations

In response to the ICC's warning to players over the possible consequences of future tour cancellations, Tony Irish, head of the Federation of International Cricketers' Associations (FICA) released a statement, the full text of which published here:
"FICA, like the ICC, believes players should be deterred from collectively deciding to abandon a tour, especially mid-series. But this looks to deal with only part of the problem.
In most countries there are labour procedures which players and their players' associations need to follow before they make a decision to stop playing. If these aren't followed then one can expect repercussions.Without judging the West Indies situation, we think it's important in all circumstances that international cricket has reasonable protection against arbitrary and unexpected player action.
However if the ICC really wants to deal with the whole problem then it should look to do more than simply taking action against players. The recent de-regulation of the FTP has unfortunately taken the playing schedule out of the structural framework and rules which used to exist for international cricket. In the past, when the FTP rules were applied, a country Board couldn't just withdraw its team from a tour, or suspend future tours to another country. Countries had to operate within the rules of the FTP framework. So we think the ICC should also look at how it can re-introduce some kind of framework rules for the FTP which the ICC can effectively apply and enforce. International cricket should not be based simply on bilateral agreements.
Getting back to any action against players I'm not sure that effectively banning any individual from a T20 league is a reasonable way to punish collective action taken in another context and such ban may well constitute an unlawful restraint of that player's employment rights. We hope that won't happen."