From Darrell Hair
Sent Tuesday 22nd August 2006
To Doug Cowie
Subject The way forward
Just to firm up what we discussed earlier this evening. I appreciate the ICC may be put in a untenable position with regards to future appointments and having taken considerable time and advice, I make this one-off, non-negotiable offer.
I am prepared to retire/stand down/relinquish my position on the elite panel to take effect from 31st August 2006 on the following terms:
1 A one-off payment to compensate the loss of future earnings and retain a payment over the next four years which I believe would have been the best years I have to offer ICC and world umpiring. This payment is be the sum of [US dollars] 500,000 - details of which must be kept confidential by both parties. This sum to be paid directly into my account by 31st August 2006.
2 ICC may announce the retirement in any way they wish, but I would prefer a simple 'lifestyle choice' as this was the very reason I moved from Australia to settle in the UK three years ago.
3 No public comment to be made by me as to possible reasons for the decision.
4 This offer in no way precludes me taking legal action and/or instigating libel suits against various sections of the electronic and print media for comments made either previously or in the future.
5 This in no way precludes me taking civil action (and exercising my rights as a resident of the UK in any court of law and by any other avenue open to me) against any organisation or persons currently part of ICC and in particular, members of the Pakistan cricket team and the Pakistan Cricket Board.
I reiterate this is a once only offer and if I fail to obtain your agreement I shall continue to be available under the terms of my current contract till March 31 2008 to fulfil umpiring appointments as and when ICC sees fit in any country at any time in any series or matches involving any affiliated teams.
I would also insist that my ongoing contracted employment continue in its current form until such time as an ICC performance assessment deems me to be no longer able to perform the duties to the high class expected of an international umpire.
Would you please let me know at your earliest convenience of your acceptance or otherwise of this offer.
Darrell Hair
From Doug Cowie
ToDarrell Hair
CC David Richardson
Sent Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Subject Re: The way forward.
Darrell, Your offer may have merit and is acknowledged and under discussions with ICC management. Your timeframes seemed impractical at first glance even if agreement were achieved on the suggestion. Will discuss this further tomorrow. Doug
From Darrell Hair
SentTuesday, August 22, 2006
To Doug Cowie
Subject Re: The way forward
Doug, Phones have been ringing off the hook (or out of the mobile charger anyway!) since early this morning - ICC are not the only ones marshalling legal counsel. It appears from overnight developments that the issue of racism has arisen and from advice I have just received, the sum indicated in my release offer is being revised. Therefore the offer is withdrawn until I have had the chance to take further advice. Hope to get back to you within the next 24 hours. Cheers, Darrell.
From Malcolm Speed
To Darrell Hair
SentTuesday, August 22, 2006
Subject Letters
Dear Darrell, I have been given copies of letters that you have forwarded to Doug Cowie today concerning the current issue. The matters raised by you concerning your future employment are entirely inappropriate. There is a clear process that is to be followed and it is in place. I will call you tomorrow to advise as to progress. Yours sincerely, Malcolm
From Darrell Hair
SentTuesday, August 22, 2006
To Malcolm Speed
Subject Re: Letters
Thanks Malcolm, I have revoked the email. As you say it is inappropriate and we will see how things unfold over the next few days. It would appear that life will go on regardless. I have just sent Doug another message with you and David copied in about events under my control and some others that are not! Cheers, Darrell.