Holding: King must go

Leeds - Michael Holding has identified Reon King's problem

Leeds - Michael Holding has identified Reon King's problem. 'He simply doesn't have the temperament to play international sport,' was Holding's comment on the young fast bowler who has struggled for form and consistency in the four Tests of the series and who sent down four no-balls, three wides and several wild deliveries in his 11 overs in England's only innings of the two-day fourth Test loss.
'King has to be dropped for the final Test because he cannot bowl, bat or field,' Holding added.
'Even if there are no fast bowling replacements available, Mahendra Nagamootoo, the leg-spinner, would surely contribute more.'
Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Holding termed King's bowling in the fourth Test as 'just pathetic'.
He bemoaned the sub-standard fielding and noted that 'even something as simple as backing up, which ought to be learned in school, appears to be beyond the West Indies'.
'It is hard to understand how two coaches, one of whom, Roger Harper, was one of the West Indies' best ever fielders cannot teach them the basics,' he added.