Contrary to earlier reports, Tatenda Taibu has missed Mashonaland's Logan Cup match against Matabeleland at Harare Country Club.

Earlier reports had stated that Taibu, who got married on Sunday, had forgone his honeymoon until the end of the season. But it subsequently emerged that Taibu and Loveness, his new wife, were out of the country.

Cricinfo was informed that Taibu was given a ten-day break by a Zimbabwe Cricket official, but that was only communicated to Kevin Curran, the Mashonaland coach, late on Monday. Sources said that Curran "was livid" when he was informed that his captain had been allowed time off at such a crucial stage of the season.

Stuart Carlisle, the former Zimbabwe captain, took over the reins on Tuesday morning.

Taibu will be available for Mashonaland when they host Midlands next week.