Moeen Ali has admitted he was surprised by the level of abuse from the Edgbaston crowd on Sunday and hopes it "never happens again" but reiterated his desire not to make more of the issue.
Moeen was able to enjoy the more relaxed surroundings of New Road on Tuesday, but the events of the weekend continued to swirl around after the PCA chief executive, Angus Porter, was forced to respond to earlier comments about the booing that seemingly downplayed the issue of racism while yesterday Moeen's father had called the abuse "disgraceful".
"Sunday's gone now and I don't really think about it. Hopefully it'll never happen again," Moeen said after making 54 against Surrey. "A small group just booed and then more people jumped on the bandwagon a little bit it built up from there. I would prefer that people were cheering rather than booing us but it doesn't bother me one bit."
"I just tried to do the best I could for the team and I wasn't too fussed to be honest with you. I expected it a little bit, but not as much as it was. It's one of those things and hopefully it won't be as bad. [Hopefully] it'll slowly die down and you will see the same guys supporting England.
Throughout his first season in the national side Moeen has spoken about wanting to be seen as a role-model for young British Asians and his desire to see more of them supporting England, which is being suggested as one of the triggers for the vocal reaction from the crowds in Birmingham.
"I do not care really," he said. "I do not know the reason for it. I do not want to cause controversy and say too much, I just want to get over it and I just look forward to playing again for England."