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How Ajaz Patel created history by bagging all 10 in an innings

Here is the ball-by-ball account, and the pictures, of all ten wickets

New Zealand left-arm spinner Ajaz Patel scripted history on the second day of the second Test against India at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai as he became only the third bowler ever to pick up all ten wickets in a Test innings. Here's ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball commentary on his spectacular feat:
27.3 to Shubman Gill, he's caught at slip. One ball after a let-off, Gill goes. Ajaz gets a nice loop going on this one too, Gill tries to push-drive from the crease, gets an edge that settles into Ross Taylor's extremely safe hands at slip. Important breakthrough for New Zealand with India having looked so comfortable. 80/1
29.2 to Cheteshwar Pujara, he's got him bowled! One ball after a missed stumping he got Gill. One ball after a failed lbw review, he gets Pujara - who has to go for a duck. Pujara coming down the track - he's rarely ever even beaten coming down the track to a spinner - but this one is flighted perfectly and dips below his bat, spins viciously away from leg stump to knock back off-stump. Pujara has a slightly stunned look as he walks off. 80/2
29.6 to Virat Kohli, massive appeal for lbw given and Kohli reviews. What an over this is turning out to be for Ajaz. What a spell. This is really close on whether he's inside edged it or not. The ball is fitting perfectly between bat and pad as he's on the front foot to defend. One half of the ball is near the inside edge, the other on the pad. And there's a spike, but is it due to ball hitting bat first or only with ball hitting pad? There doesn't seem to be conclusive evidence of bat first, though the seam does wobble a bit when it passes the bat. Third umpire says no conclusive evidence of bat first. Ball tracking has it hitting the stumps flush. And that means Kohli has to go for a duck on his return. He has a word with the umpire for a moment before walking off. This match has turned, and how. 80/3
47.4 to Shreyas Iyer, Ajaz provides NZ with another breakthrough. Full, slides in from left-arm around, as opposed to turning away. Ajaz finds some extra bounce to boot. Iyer has an uncertain prod at it, searching for turn, and ends up inside-edging it onto his thigh pad. The ball lobs up to Blundell who collects it cleanly, having fluffed a stumping earlier in the day 160/4
71.4 to Wriddhiman Saha, Ajaz has five. Strikes in the first over of the day. This was plumb enough that Saha opts not to review after a brief discussion with Agarwal. This one went with the arm, Saha misread the length and was moving back to cut, it skids on from a length on off and hits him on the knee roll. Replay show that was umpire's call on impact but was hitting the stumps 224/5
71.5 to R Ashwin, what a beauty. That is a peach to get first up and nothing much Ashwin can do about it. Ajaz turning things around for New Zealand within an over, once again. Perfectly geometric arc to the ball, Ashwin is a tall man, stretches forward to defend but the loop is perfect so he cant quite get to the pitch, it lands in front, spins just enough to beat bat, but not too much, so it shaves off-stump. Ashwin didn't realise he was bowled, it was that fine a margin for the spin. Ajaz got it inch-perfect. Ashwin was actually making the signal to review because he thought he'd been given caught behind. 224/6
99.5 to Mayank Agarwal, he's got him. Ajaz on track for the magic ten. Crucial, crucial strike and a great ball to get it. A bit of a misjudgement in length perhaps from Agarwal after exemplary concentration throughout. Ajaz gets this to dip and drift again like he has all through, Agarwal goes on the back foot, but the grip and turn mean his hands follow the ball a bit, just enough to snaffle a thin edge that is well caught by the keeper standing up. The end of a fantastic knock. 291/7
107.5 to Axar Patel, pads up to one outside off, turning in. Ajaz appeals. No shot offered so he can be given lbw. They take the review. He stretched his front leg out a fair way so that has to turn a bit to threaten the stumps. And it is! three reds on the review. Turning enough to take out off stump full. Stunning review from Ajaz, and he has eight now. He can smell that ten-for, as can everyone else. End of an important innings by Axar. 316/8
109.2 to Jayant Yadav, he's holed out to long-off and Ajaz has nine! We are one step away from history. Jayant looking for quick runs, dances down the track, gets to the pitch too and was hitting with the turn. Right idea perhaps, but wrong execution. Can't time it well and the ball goes flat. There's a fielder right there and he gobbles it up. 321/9
109.5 to Mohammed Siraj, history! Ajaz becomes the third bowler in Test cricket to take all ten. Ajaz Patel has joined Jim Laker and Anil Kumble. Stunning, stunning feat and even the Indian dressing room is applauding. Ajaz roars out and pumps his fist. A Mumbai-born boy, coming to Wankhede and making history. What a moment. This was tossed up on the stumps and Siraj slogged across the line, got a steepling top edge as he sliced it. Hearts in mouths moment as the ball swirls high, but mid-on calmly takes it. Rachin Ravindra the man. The duo that had denied India victory in Kanpur combines for another historic moment. 325/10