Match reports

India v Australia

At New Delhi, December 12, 13, 14, 16

At New Delhi, December 12, 13, 14, 16. Australia won by an innings and 127 runs. Splendid spin bowling by their captain, Benaud, and fast scoring by Harvey and the tail-enders, Grout and Meckiff, were chiefly responsible for Australia's winning with just over a day to spare.
Benaud gained the unusual figures of three wickets for no runs in India's first innings and with Kline, the left-arm spin bowler, dismissed them cheaply when they batted again 334 behind. Only Contractor showed much resolution in India's first innings.
Australia, despite losing their opening batsmen, McDonald and Favell, to Surendranath, with only 64 runs scored, soon took the lead and Harvey and MacKay put on 132 in ninety-seven minutes. Harvey went on to score his 14th Test century in three hours and twenty minutes. India's fielding was poor, and Grout, 42, and Meckiff, 45, took
advantage of it. Roy and Contractor gave India a good start when they replied, scoring 121 before being separated, but Benaud and Kline hustled the next nine batsmen out for the addition of 85 runs and at the end disappointed spectators threw bottles on the field as India crumbled to an ignominious defeat.