Match reports

India v Kenya

At Bloemfontein, October 12 (day/night)

At Bloemfontein, October 12 (day/night). India won by ten wickets. India 5 pts. Toss: Kenya.
India completed a crushing win in less than 49 overs' play. The pacy Agarkar removed Shah and David Obuya before a run was scored off the bat; when he added Tikolo, Kenya's best batsman against South Africa, respectability became their main target. Even that was denied them by an immaculate, unbroken spell from Kumble, who duped all three of his victims with deliveries that hurried straight on. One of them, Odoyo, had already been resurrected after umpire Orchard gave him run out. As Odoyo traipsed off, the television umpire Wilf Diedricks got on the radio to Orchard, who promptly recalled Odoyo to the field. Ultimately, it made little difference: Kenya slumped to 90, their lowest total in international matches, and India knocked off the runs inside 12 overs.
Man of the Match: A. B. Agarkar.