With nine new teams added to the roster from this season, the movement of players across teams has been particularly hectic. When the domestic season began, Sikkim were the only team to rely wholly on homegrown players. But after losing every single match of the Vijay Hazare Trophy and finishing at the bottom of the Plate Group, they too have drafted in three professional players.
Puducherry, meanwhile, had signed up several players under their domestic quota, being allowed special leeway by the CoA to do so past the normal deadline since their association had come into being later, but with other teams protesting, the rule was reversed and they had to let go of several of those players and field a more homegrown squad. They retain the three professionals they had signed up.
Full list of domestic transfers:
Karn Sharma - Andhra (from Vidarbha)
Harpreet Singh Bhatia - Chhattisgarh (from MP)
Krishna Das - Goa (from Assam)
Amit Verma - Goa (from Assam)
Urvil Patel - Gujarat (from Baroda)
Irfan Pathan - J&K (from Baroda)
Chandrakant Sakure - Railways (from MP)
Madhur Khatri - Railways (from Rajasthan)
Rajat Paliwal - Services (from Haryana)
Arjun Sharma - Services (from HP)
Abhishek Tiwari - Services (from UP)
Harmeet Singh - Tripura (from J&K)
Bravish Shetty - Tripura (from Mumbai)
Professionals and transfers for new teams:
Puducherry: Fabid Ahmed (from Kerala)
Professionals - Abhishek Nayar (from Mumbai), Pankaj Singh (from Rajasthan), Paras Dogra (from HP)
Bihar: Ashish Sinha (from Jharkhand), Keshav Kumar (from Jharkhand), Samar Quadri (from Jharkhand)
Professionals - Ashutosh Aman (from Services), Pragyan Ojha (from Hyderabad)
Nagaland: Rongsen Jonathan (from Railways), Nitesh Lochab (from Delhi), Hokaito Zhimomi (from Assam)
Professionals - Abrar Kazi (from Karnataka), KB Pawan (from Karnataka), Pawan Suyal (from Delhi)
Arunachal Pradesh: Professional - Kshitiz Sharma (from Delhi)
Uttarakhand: Saurabh Rawat (from Odisha)
Professionals - Rajat Bhatia (from Rajasthan), Malolan Rangarajan (from TN), Vineet Saxena (from Rajasthan)
Manipur: Professionals - Yashpal Singh (from Tripura), Hrithik Kanojia (from Delhi), Lakhan Arjun Rawat (from UP)
Meghalaya: Mark Ingty (from Assam), Raj Biswa (from Tripura), Jason Lamare (from Assam)
Professionals - Puneet Bisht (from J&K), Gurinder Singh (from Tripura), Yogesh Nagar (from Delhi)
Mizoram: Professionals - Taruwar Kohli (from Punjab), Akhil Lalchand Rajput (from Mumbai) Sinan Abdul Khader (from Karnataka)
Sikkim: Professionals - Bipul Sharma (from Himachal Pradesh), Milind Kumar (from Delhi), Ishwar Chaudhary (from Gujarat)